Top 10 Board Games of 2022... So Far -

Top 10 Board Games of 2022… So Far

The Brothers Murph
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We’re just past the halfway mark on the year and it’s time to look back at the games that have come out/we have played and we will make bold predictions about which games will be atop our list when the year winds down! What games from this year have you tried and enjoyed?? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Not sure anyone has brought it up but Chaos Order is also really good and designed by Sam

  2. Lots of great looking games here. I backed Return to Dark Tower and I love it. Paint the Roses sounds like a lot of fun to have with my Alice loving grandaughter.

  3. I was hoping you’d give Planet Unknown some love. And you did!!! My favorite game of 2022 so far!!

  4. Decorum looks super fun, but I can not understand why it looks the way it does. Why do you go graphic design minimalist on a game about decour? Someone explain this e decision to me. It would be so cool if, at the end of the game, you actually had an image of a decorated room instead of some icons that indicate that decour has been aplied to the whiteboard.

  5. My top games for the year:
    8. New Unmatched content (Marvel, Jurassic Park, BoL v.2)
    7. Libertalia Winds of Galecrest
    6. Return to Dark Tower
    5. Caper Europe
    4. Caesar
    3. First Empires
    2. Carnegie
    1. XMen United (My favorite game made better)
    (I have played more games from this year, but they don't get mentioned.)

  6. "Whyyyy? I think the lamp is great." 😂

    Kidding aside, I like this idea of co-op deduction. I'd really be interested in a game of this type with a more mature theme. Maybe something like a Sherlock Holmes murder mystery though I'm not sure how exactly it would work.

  7. Favorite game of the year so far is 'Before the Guests Arrive' — another great Saashi & Saashi game

    I've also really been enjoying the new improved version of Sentinels of the Multiverse

  8. Planet unknown looks good. The rest on your list…..hmm,no, not for me. Power to your channel guys, all the best!🇬🇧

  9. Wayfarers #1 for sure. I am forcing myself to stop playing it on tts so I don't crush my friends in my game group when I finally get to show it to them haha. But I wanna play it so badly!

  10. No love for Wonderland's War?? Such a fun game!

  11. It may be technically a “sequel” but I never played ❤️ or 🍊but Bullet ⭐️ just arrived and man, it is so much fun. All the heroines are so different and each have a Boss evil side.

  12. Really appreciate your comment about Mombasa, that you decided to not play this because of the theme. Thank you for caring and being outspoken about this!

  13. May need a combo video for Decorum and Paint the Roses. Both similar co-ops. I've played Magic Maze and didn't like the sitting in silence with people being angry at you because you can't see which meeple you can even interact with, also the real time part. I think I might enjoy either of these more.

  14. Love the look of planet unknown – gutted that one passed me by on ks! ❤️

  15. Wholeheartedly agree on Wayfarers of the South Tigris!

    Hope we get to play it together soon!

  16. Have you guys played or reviewed Return to the dark tower on the channel? I'm thinking of getting it but it's pretty pricey to get it here in the UK.

  17. This is a first time I visit this channel. I saw a logo with two dudes in no sleeve tshirts so my expectations were low. However you guys are wholesome, I really enjoy and share your fascination with our hobby. Subscribed.

  18. What was this "Sovereignty" you mentioned at the start?

  19. I have backed Wayfarer in KS and can’t wait to get it..!!

  20. Great list and video.
    But again as all top 10 around the world… how many games did you play from 2022?
    11 or 100? It matters.
    Rahdo ranks all his games, so sometimes his nr 24th from the month is a bad game because… he only played 25.

  21. 1 in 20 homes has a copy of Shania Twain's 'Come On Over'… one of those homes could have been mine… Really makes you think.

  22. Burncycle seems really cool. I've been seeing it at my local game store but didn't know anything about it. Hopefully it's still there next time I go.

  23. I wonder how planted compared to Little Flower Shop… I also have sushi go as my go to light drafting game

  24. I backed Planet Unknown and I NEED to get it to the table asap!

  25. I almost backed Wayfarers but I already have all three WK games and his games tend to be leaning toward fairly heavy games for us and I don’t need them all lol

  26. Get Blood On The Clocktower on that list ASAP. Immediately my favourite game ever, I'm absolutely obsessed with it.

  27. Carnegie is my favorite so far. Euro fans should like it. Strogonov is great as well.

  28. My wife LOVES plants. So she tried to sneak Planted in our shopping cart. I had to remind her No New Games 2022 💔

  29. Murph-tastic as always. Some nice picks on there although unfortunately Planted is a Target exclusive so difficult for anyone outside the US to get at the moment.

  30. Great list and yes, wayfarer's is also my favorite. Have to see if anything from Spiel or new releases in the rest of the year can kick it from spot 1. Now I hope my friends will like it as well when my copy arrives at the end of the year

  31. What are the games that only 1 of you played that you would have included in the 10? I haven't played enough 2022 games to make a top 10, but Paint the Roses and Planet Unknown are both very good and games that I want to play more. I just received Stroganov and hacked my way through a couple of solo plays. Very much want to introduce that to my game group.

  32. Great video, love doing this half way through the year, means ones or two great games that may not make the final best of list still get a good shout out.

  33. Would y’all call Paint the Roses a Cryptid-killer? How similar are they?

  34. I haven't played many 2022 games but I do love mountains out of molehills and love your game haus of it!

  35. Great list. Why do you say Praise B for Phil. Just curious 🤔

  36. A few days ago. Mike makes video of I'm not going to play any new games for a year. Then this video comes out. This makes me think Mike isn't going to play any more 2022 games.

  37. Praise be, indeed – and Planted was only $20 when I bought it. It’s a nice notch above Sushi Go and has enough to keep me engaged while playing with non-gamer friends/family. I’ve enjoyed Knizia’s Mille Fiori and Witchstone a lot this year.

  38. The playthroughs y'all did of Long Shot Dice sold me on it, and I backed it immediately. Can't wait to see everything about Wayfarers!

  39. Love the hat.

    Your obedient servant,
    A. Ham

  40. Great vid! My top 5 from 2022 so far:
    1. Merchants of the Dark Road
    2. Perseverance: Castaway Chronicles
    3. Return to Dark Tower
    4. Dead Reckoning
    5. Carnegie

  41. My favorite games so far from 2022 are Creature Comforts, Long Shot the Dice Game, and Sniper Elite.

  42. You guys get a little cull happy sometimes, but don't get rid of Creature Comforts! It'd be the perfect game to play with Lil Logan down the road. (I just know she'll be a worker placement/resource management boss by the time she's in first grade!)

  43. For all the hype Ark Nova got I'm surprised it's not on the list. Have you tried Honey Buzz?

  44. Nice list! I'm going to have to check some of these out. Can't wait for the South Tigris Trilogy! Thanks Brothers Murph!

  45. Burncycle would definitely be my No1, very likely of hole 2022! Wayfarers is really cool! A lot of anticipated games to come this year!

  46. I got to demo Long Shot TDG at my FLGS, and then I made the mistake of not buying it immediately. Went back for it the next day, and they were sold out, and haven't gotten it back in stock since. I have to admit, Wayfarers had not been on my radar at all, but it sounds so good I added it to all of my wishlists.

  47. Have most of your plays of Creature Comforts been at 2-3 players or at 4-5? Do you have any concerns about the length at higher player counts?

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