Top 10 Board Games of 2023 -

Top 10 Board Games of 2023

Foster the Meeple
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Welcome to Foster the Meeple, a channel dedicated to board games and all board gamey things! Join us as we chat about our favourite games from 2023!

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  1. I am new at board games and only want to start with games that are very easy with minimal instructions.

  2. Merry Christmas Jeff and Jamie!! I feel like after watching the video I have not played a lot of new games this year but I really want to try white castle! Hope you guys have a great newyear!

  3. Love the love for Hooky! I'm bringing it on the Dice Tower Cruise to spread the word!!

  4. YO – yalls chemistry is through the roof. GREAT STUFF.

  5. TY > We only share the Star Wars deck Builder > The rest nope sorry > But very attracted by Thunder Roads !

  6. Love you two and yes, people out there…stop being mean to content providers! Be kind to all. I loved your list but yes, it's YOUR list and I love that you shared it with us!

  7. I've had my Freelancers for too long and have yet to take it out of shrink because we have been in the whirlwind of selling the house and soon to be moving, but this is the first game I want to play when we move! So great!

  8. I only actually only played fourteen 2023 titles, and two of them were expansions. 😂 But here are my top 10 of them:

    10. DEEP DIVE: The first game I played in 2024 (right after the stroke of midnight!). Fun little push-your-luck filler.

    9. DARWIN’S JOURNEY: I want to play this more so I understand it more. I feel like it’s a bit too intense with all the races to all the various things, but I could be convinced otherwise.

    8. DISTILLED: An enchanting theme and fairly enjoyable gameplay.

    7. EXPEDITIONS: I like Scythe a tiny bit more but this is so much easier to get to the table so I think Scythe is not long for this world!

    6. EARTH: This has become a fairly regular game in one of my weekly groups. Similar to games like Evergreen, you can learn it fairly easily but you can also really game it if you’re a heavy gamer.

    5. GREAT WESTERN TRAIL: NEW ZEALAND. I only played the original game once and thought it was okay. I really liked the New Zealand version; it seemed tighter.

    4. THE WHITE CASTLE: Crossover! I have only played it once but I really like it! Look forward to playing it more!

    3. NUCLEUM: Like Power Grid gave Brass Birmingham a very special hug. Love this game!

    2. AGE OF INNOVATION: Just reconnected to the Terra Mystica series in 2022 after years of neglect, and then I tried Gaia Project and thought it was awesome. Then I played Age of Innovation and thought it was the best of the three (I also recently got a copy of Terra Nova for cheap and it’s a decent simplified version).

    1. DELTA: For a game that’s so simple to learn and teach, it’s phenomenal the depth of the decision space this game has, and the degree to which sequencing can make a huge difference. Huge hit in all three of my game groups, and the steampunk theme is interesting and beautiful (even if the application of the theme doesn’t make a ton of sense to the gameplay). A surprise win!

    By the way, I wish you folks on the east coast could get FreshPrep, because I switched from HelloFresh and I have never regretted it. They give you a cooler with reusable ingredient containers that they swap for a different one when you get your next order, so there’s way less packaging waste (they even recycle any soft plastics for you, except meat packaging). The prices are pretty much the same and the recipes are so much more interesting, in my opinion. The only things I miss from HelloFresh are the random perks.

  9. Jeff, I usually laugh out loud at your facial expressions during Jamie's picks. But Jamie's facial expression when you said that you like Wild Tiled West more than Planet Unknown 😂😂😂

  10. Jamie, I think you just talked me into using one of my Christmas gift cards to get Hooky. It sounds awesome. Jeff, which entry in the Undaunted series would you suggest for someone (me) who has never played any of them, and has reached the point where they (still me) can no longer resist all the glowing word of mouth about the games and is looking to jump in?

  11. “Yeah I’m aware” is the most husband phrase out there lmaoooo

  12. Wow, Earth not in the Top 10 or in the Honorable Mentions 😮

  13. Yes! Wild Tiled West! Santa's Workshop! So good! Great list to both of you! What a great year for board gaming! Sky team is my number 1. I have over 100 plays most are on BGA.

  14. Absolutely love Slay the Spire so I’ll have to check out kinfire!

  15. Thanks for a year full of fun and interesting videos. You guys can really put a smile on my face. Enjoy the end of year festivities! 😊

  16. Great lists! Have you ever played Lords of Waterdeep? We call Santa’s Workshop “Christmas Waterdeep”. They are very similar. 😊

  17. Would love if you published your top 20-30 in video or text for the BGG meta-compilation!

  18. And my number one: drops the Limp🍪

  19. Devir Games is on fire! I loved The White Castle this year. Have yet to play Bamboo…need to get it off the "to be played" shelf! Fun list, guys.

  20. Thanks for a great year of board game videos. Have enjoyed them all so much. Can’t wait for the new game room!

  21. Wild tiled west was one I was excited to try but fell flat for me. May have been because first play was at 5 which is always a mistake for me. Just felt too long for a polyomino game for my tastes. I think I max out at like 60-90 for Tetris. Thunder road is my favorite for the year from your lists but haven’t played most of these games since we slowed down slightly on buying new releases

  22. Hooky is all about eliminating the impossible while narrowing in on the most probable. It took me a few games to settle into the correct way to play it, and score 75 out of 80 points. I say "correct" because there are a couple of things that you have to learn, in order to get high scores. I won't say any more, because it's fun to figure out how to play it well.

  23. Great list both of you. Couple real winners on there. Couple I haven’t seen/played. I think my favorite 3 this year were Kutna Hora, Castles of Burgundy special edition (feels like a brand new game), and Art Society. Fox experiment and Unmatched Tales to amaze also made a nice top10 for me.

  24. Its funny that you guys have to remind people that your top 10 is YOUR top 10 😂

  25. happy holiday & wish u a bigger success in the new year! ❤

  26. my top 3 of 2023 1. Oathsworn (my kickstarter shipped to me this year) also, it has become my favorite game of all time. 2. Thunder Road…every time we play this everyone has a blast. Embrace the chaos 3. Planet Unknown. Everyone we've played this with wants to play it again, and again….Happy New Year my friends to the North!

  27. I've got Santa's Workshop on order, can't wait for it to arrive and your list gives me even more excitement for that one. My top 5 for 2023 releases (using geekgroup's "sort by published" feature):
    1. Unmatched Adventures: Tales to Amaze (love Unmatched!)

    2. Ra (25th Century Games edition) (a classic I had never played until this year)

    3. Looney Tunes Mayhem (listed as 2023, pretty sure Kickstarter delivered in 2022, lots of fun esp. with the extra characters)

    4. Diced Veggies (fun game to play with my son)

    5. Isle of Trains (multi-use card game with interesting considerations)

  28. Guys, it looks like you’re ones of the best with your top 2023 I’ve seen yet 😊 Cool games, cool vibes and nice speech. Thank you 🙏

  29. For fans of Undaunted, you really need to check out General Orders. Quick 2-player awesomeness. Probably my favorite game of the year, although I haven't played a ton of new games. Thunder Road, Seas of Havoc, and Wild Tiled West are all great. Sounds like I really need to try Kinfire Delve.

  30. Are you guys doing okay, relationship-wise?

  31. Are you sure this is YOUR LIST?? Wasn’t clear enough!!😂 For the Thunder Road one, is it just a luck based fun game!? Would you say play it as an appetitizer before a heavy strategic game?

  32. Not sure if "The Fox Experiment" is a game for people who love foxes.
    Great list though. Didn't play enough new games this year, even though BGA was on a crazy roll this year with all the new games.

  33. Jeff you should look at Bot Factory if you like Santas Workshop. It's litterally Kanban Lite

  34. Jeff: “if you don’t like it, make your own list!”

    Jamie: “White castle didn’t make my top 10.”

    Jeff: “EXCUSE ME?!” 😂

    The eyes say it all brother haha

  35. I guess Hooky can’t be played by kids? Too thinky?

  36. Love to see the 3 ring circus as Jeff’s number 1 and also high on Jamie’s list! I love that game! I want to try focusing more on my player board to maximize those points. I feel like I sometimes focus too much on getting the specific performers for the big cities but, you do need points.

  37. Cheers to another year with FTM! I love this channel and the content you put out. I am definitely in need of Wild Tiled West!

  38. Good lists. Still haven’t played White Castle and think it might have made my top ten if I had. My top ten:

    10. Beer & Bread. Replaced Targi as our go-to two player game.
    9. Stationfall. Chaotic hilarity.
    8. Sail. Replaced Fox in the Forest Duet as our go-to cooperative two player game.
    7. Earth. Like Wingspan, but with no downtime.
    6. Barcelona. Elements of this reminded me of Lisboa – crunchy goodness.
    5. Come Sail Away. Saashi & Saashi do a big box game and knock it out the park.
    4. Taiwan Night Market. This feels like a really good gateway to Food Chain Magnate.
    3. Hegemony. Asymmetrical heavy gaming doesn’t get much better (or more thematic) than this.
    2. Horseless Carriage. This hurts my brain in all the best ways.
    1. Nucleum. Like a more forgiving and more sandboxy Brass: Birmingham.

  39. So happy to see your love for HOOKY! 34:13 I absolutely love it – such a brilliant deduction game. I don't think it's an exaggeration to call it an all-time great. Thank you!!

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