Top 10 Board Games of 2023 -

Top 10 Board Games of 2023

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Get ready to discover the best board games of 2023! From cooperative party games to strategic deck builders, this video has it all. Join the Game Boy Geek as he counts down his top 10 picks and find your next favorite game. Don’t miss out – subscribe now to stay up to date with the latest gaming recommendations.

My top 10 Board Games of 2023!

0:00 – Introduction
0:32 – 10
2:18 – 9
4:04 – 8
5:39 – 7
7:11 – 6
9:06 – 5
11:01 – 4
13:23 – 3
15:18 – 2
18:07 – 1

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  1. 3 of these games are from 2022 according to BGG, but they change release dates so often it is hard to be guided by it anymore…

  2. Oh no, he unsubbed. An angel has lost its wings now lol

  3. Thank you for sharing.. So many games to choose from… I have 100’s of games that do not hit the table, because I never looked in to them But your in put has help stop that from happening. Happy New Years 🎉

  4. Sorry is the number 10 the number 1? 😅

    Happy New Year 🎉

  5. One of the most unique top 10 lists I've seen lately. In preparing to learn Last Light I rewatched your review. Actually, your review is one of the reasons why I bought it in the first place which is why I went back to watching it. How is it not on your top 10 list? With all the enthusiasm you had in that video I'm kind of disappointed it didn't make it. We'll see how it goes for my group this weekend.

  6. The good thing about Ticket to Ride is that you KNOW what can expect…. playing it to compete. I would of course add Lacuna to the top 10 best games from 2023.

  7. For someone who's never played a ticket to ride game before, which version of the game would you recommend that plays best at 2 players?

  8. Yep it is pointless for me to come back to this channel because we DO NOT like the same type of games, seriously not one dungeon crawler FFS. Unsubbed

  9. Glad to see Revive is still top of mind for people. I really want to try this one out!!

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