Top 10 Board Games of 2023! -

Top 10 Board Games of 2023!

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I played 130 new games in 2023. Which ones were the best? Here are my 10.
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Time Stamp:
00:00 – MY best of 2023
01:01 – #10
02:57 – #9
05:26 – #8
08:23 – #7
11:56 – #6
15:38 – #5
18:58 – #4
22:27 – #3
26:21 – #2 (ok, ok only I misspoke the player count!!)
29:17 – #1


  1. My box corners have tears in it too (Summoner Wars)… unfortunately it came like that!

  2. Very refreshing list – great reviews / picks

  3. Why are all your videos blue/green. Mess with that hue slider

  4. Good picks, maybe some pictures or videos wich show the game more when you talk about them.

  5. Chris…can you please do something with your lighting???!! Your content is awesome but the tone is so grey and cold…it hurts my eyes to watch

  6. Thunder Road Vendetta quite the achievement considering how dated the original was. I'd definitely recommend paying it for the cinematic giggles, than any sense of optimisation, as the experience rewards such recklessness.

  7. Tamashii!!!! 😢 It’s ok, you’ve still given it more love than most reviewers…

  8. Strongly disagree with the statement "If you are looking to get into the hobby, RA is a game you must own." There is simply no board game that exists that everyone should own. We each have our own interest and playgroup. Switch "own" with "try" and then its an okay statement.

  9. imagine owning old ra, thunder road, summoner wars, quo vadis and dune xD I must be a time traveller, i played the best games of 2023 years ago!

  10. The only 2023 game I got was 20 Strong, which is pretty awesome. None of this list interests me, or is basically a reprint / reskin.

  11. I recently got summoner wars and havent played it yet,the moment u mention gosu i was like "damn,maybe i should have gotten it instead" , then u drop the mic at SW2 and i was like "i guess im good"
    How do these games compare? Im unmatched fan, do u think my group will like GOSU aswell?

  12. Loved this list and excited in particular for the back half of the list with the games I'd completely never heard of. Really cool that Thunder Road is good. I was a Car Wars Steve Jackson Games fan way back in the 80s.

  13. Summoner Wars is very underrated..
    Summoner wars is way better than Unmatched and Dice Throne

  14. Now this is something I appreciate – I do not know even one game of that list. I’m a simple man – my top 10 games of 2023 are limited to only two titles – HexploreIt and AT:O 😉

  15. Chris, finally got ISS vanguard single wave shipment.

  16. I also got/backed Nekojima because of you and both me and the kids love it.

  17. I've been wondering if I should get the original Dune Imperium or go with Uprising. I guess this answers my question.

  18. Uprising has dominated my table since it came out. The rival system is excellent and gave the 2P experience the slight bump it needed to see regular play time. Haven't played the team game (and probably never will), but it basically doesn't matter – the tweaks to the spaces, the dynamics of the worms and shield wall, and the general escalation as you hit the level 3 conflict cards puts this over the top for us. I admit I was skeptical when it was announced – and I wouldn't want every publisher to go this route – but they certainly proved me wrong here.

    Will they try this again when the 3rd movie comes around? Will we buy it?…ugh. Probably both.

  19. Loving GOSU X in BGA definitely; it will be years until my son can play.

  20. If reprints are included then surprised Castles of Burgundy is not on the list. Have to keep watching for 11-20.

  21. All great picks and I'm so glad to see a reviewer put a dexterity game in their top 10!

  22. btw get yourself Unmatched Battle of Legends 2 – you will love this set.

  23. Zoo Vadis has the player count I need, so I will see about picking up a copy down the road.

  24. This is definitely different from all the other lists out there (as expected). Usually I have one or two of the games on these lists. This time it's zero. Makes things interesting.

  25. Hey Chris.
    Love your channel and your special view to games.

    Could you please integrate more pictures from the games so you can get a feeling from the settings and artwork. This is so important I think.

  26. Voidfall
    City of the Great Machine

    my top 3 of 2023 easily. we play very different games

  27. Let’s go! I would still love to see a top 5 of all time in each category; co-operative,campaign, trick taking, abstract… I feel this would be fantastic for people to see the best of their niche.

  28. Finally someone put Gosu X on one of these lists. Seriously one of the best two player card games that isn’t a derivative of Magic.

  29. Some great games on our list. You and many other Vloggers have peaked my interest in Dune Uprising.
    We really enjoy Ra. Backed the Deluxe version and love the tactile play of the game. Nothing like an 11 or 92 year old shouting Ra across the table!

  30. You might have just sold me on Thunder Road by describing it as "Wiz War with cars".

  31. How does Dune Imperium Uprising scale at 2p? You mentioned you liked it solo, so wondering if you share the same sentiment at 2p

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