Top 10 Board Games of 2023 (So Far) SideGame LLC -

Top 10 Board Games of 2023 (So Far) SideGame LLC

SideGame LLC
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Best of the year list? In June? What is this!? Join Mackenzie Franklin from SideGame LLC as he goes through his Top 10 Board Game of 2023 so far! These are all titles that have been released in 2023 according to Board Game Geek and are a mix of retail and crowdfunding products. What games from 2023 are your favorite so far? Do you agree with any of our picks? Anything missing we need to try? Any you disagree with? We’d love to hear what you think! SideGame Strong!

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1 Oranienburger Canal
2 The Witcher: Old World:
3 Marvel Zombies:
4 FUSE Countdown:
5 Earth:
6 Hoplomachus: Remastered
7 Darwin’s Journey
8 For Northwood:
9 51st State Ultimate Edition:
10 Motor City:

00:00 Introduction
0:23 Number 10
1:47 Number 9
3:36 Number 8
4:57 Number 7
6:24 Number 6
7:49 I Mean Hoplomachus: Remastered
8:00 Number 5
10:28 Number 4
12:16 Number 3
14:28 Number 2
18:21 Number 1
21:18 Closing


  1. His top 10 are (if you want the quick list):10. Motor City9. 51st State – Ultimate Edition8. For Northwood7. Darwin's Journey6. Hoplomachus5. Earth4. FUSE Countdown3. Marvel Zombies (Zombicide)2. The Witcher: Old World1. Oranienburger Canal… but you'll have to watch to hear all about them, and why they were picked, what kind of games they are, and whether these are your kind of games!

  2. Any thoughts on how to obtain Oranienburger Kanal?

  3. Idk, looks like a lean year so far….only your #1 would I have any interest in at all & it is not even available here in the US so that makes it easy to just say no. Also, Glass Road is a pretty fun game we already own so not sure we need another game w/ the same supply wheel mechanism. And learning a lot of new iconography is generally not my playing partner's idea of a good time so it looks like a year when I can catch up on some titles I missed in prior years!

  4. ooooo I saw Marvel Zombies yesterday at my local BGS, might get it. looks great!

  5. Love your You Tube game page! Makes us laugh. Could you help us with our NEW BOARD GAME on Kick Starter? We have developed a board game and everything is ready for printing – TABERNACLE OF YAHWEH – THE BOARD GAME. We would love your feedback and review and when it is completed, we would love to send you a copy to review. We're more than happy to answer any questions.

  6. Glad to see your enjoying 51st State. Just recently recieved my Galactus for Marvel Zombicide, however still need the game to use it.

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