Top 10 Board Games of 2023 So far... -

Top 10 Board Games of 2023 So far…

The Brothers Murph
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We’re officially half way through the year! So we thought we’d take a quick look back at the best games to come out so far this year! Let us know what your favorite game was this year!

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  1. I was surprised that The Witch Old World and Distilled was not part of your top ten.
    I have been playing both a lot over the last couple of months. Both I feel are solid games.
    Also thought Legacy of Yu would have been higher.
    Take care

  2. No Distilled???????? This HAS to be the best game of 2023 so far and how can Le Grandjia be on there without Castles of Burgandy deluxe?. Great list though!

  3. Thank you for the video bros!
    Not sure which games I played this year are from 2023 but I liked Earth, Dorf Romantic, Banish the Snakes, and Jerusalem Anno Domini.

  4. Favourite new game this year is Legacy of Yu. I just finished the campaign – it is so challenging, thematic, and memorable, I love it. I sleeved all the cards and am lending it to my brothers next, though I really want to do another playthrough soon, so I hope they will finish it quickly xD.

  5. If you’ve not played it yet you should give, In the footsteps Darwin, a try it’s such a fun little game

  6. Favourite games this year – Tiletum, Lift Off, Lost Ruins of Arnak, Aquasphere, Clinic Deluxe, Ora et Labora.

  7. I haven’t played too many 2023 games yet but I agree about Earth and La Granja Deluxe … excellent games! Was sitting next to a Darwin’s Journey at my Saturday game group and want to give that a go sometime. And I’m also excited for Scholars of the South Tigris because of how much I adore Wayfarers. Thanks for the video, friends!

  8. My current number 1 is either Tribes of the Wind or Revive right now. Can't stop playing those two! 🙂

  9. I bought Earth. Played it twice and saddly I find this game not at all challenging and i think It's boring. I was so hype for it and it's not at all what I was excpeting.

  10. Oh my goodness, "That's Not a Hat" is SOOO HARD. lol! Great list, yall. Thanks for putting some new games on our radar!

  11. 1. City of the Great Machine – this game is criminally underrated
    2. Scarface 1920 – this game is amazing and is being noticed for how great it is more every day
    3. For Glory – the expansion released this year and is my first time playing it and is my favorite 2p game of all time easily
    4. Hegemony – this is one is just special

    ill wait to rank anything else. it would be hard for me to see any other games this year being better than these though. i have plenty of games im looking forward to this year but these games are fantastic and not getting the love they deserve imo

  12. Witcher old world is my favourite so far this year! Love the adventure so much

  13. Wow, most of these look really interesting 😀 I’m trying to get back into the hobby. One year ago I decided not to buy any games until I’ve played all the games on my shelf of shame (unless I already had decided to back them on KS). Unfortunately I lost interest in playing games 😳😳😳 But I’ve saved a lot of money… Still, this is so weird, I never expected to lose interest like that. 😮☹️

  14. Thunder Road is one I am seriously thinking up at this coming Gen Con!

  15. Hmmmm… not a fan of Darwin’s Journey. La Granja Master set looks cool

  16. My nose is pressed up against my window glass waiting for Scholars…to come in. The dice mechanic… pretty cool. Have you looked into El Burro: A La Granja Game? There's a rondel that looks intriguing. Thanks for the list. I will have to look into Thunder Road Vendetta.

  17. I will love watching this over the weekend! <3

  18. Oranienburger Kanal is my clear #1 (gimme that mid-weight Uwe goodness), but I'll also shout out Fuse Countdown, Rolling Heights, and Horseless Carriage (a game I'm sure neither of you will ever play because Splotter)

  19. Nah non of them are worth it
    Another year with suck gamezy

  20. Not overly large, contained, solo…I must have Legacy of Yu.

  21. No Distilled? It is a great game, please check it out.

  22. Nice list. I haven’t played my Darwin’s Journey yet. I can’t wait. Earth is terrific and would be higher on my list. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  23. brothers Murph, do you have a video of like a "top high player interaction board games" ? …if not, could you PLEASE make one 😬🥲 ?

  24. Play the opposite map/Expansion which makes the game great!

  25. Have you guys played "Scarface 1920" ? Any views on that one ?

  26. Kind of surprised that Expeditions and Castles of Burgundy Special Edition didn't make the list.

  27. Right there with you guys on La Granja. Eagerly waiting for it to arrive, wife and I have never played and we are into farming euro's so super excited. Also still waiting on that Clans of Caledonia reprint (never played as well).. Have to jump on the general bandwagon with Earth, deff the best new game I have played this year so far, had 2 great games of it just yesterday.

  28. We played a lot of Thunder road in our gaming group , waiting for the expansion in the coming weeks

  29. I'm really enjoying Legacy of Yu. I also really enjoy Darwin's Journey, but not so much the solo mode on that one. I feel like the rules are a bit too convoluted and will probably reserve that one for playing with others.

  30. La Granja and Thunder Road: Vendetta looks really good. I hope someday I can play them.

  31. Darwin's journey so good. Played it twice on gaming weekend. Wish it was easier to find.

  32. I've been loving Darwin's Journey! I've played six times this month – all solo. And it's just a delight with all the combos that you can pull off and the blending of so many different mechanics.

    My favourite game so far this year is Sabika. It was released late last year and I was just able to obtain and table it this month. I've played six games of that so far and it may be the best solo game in my collection. It has a cool historical theme and elegantly interwoven mechanics with a ton of replayability. The solo mode is probably the best combination of simple AI upkeep with competitive scoring. Four of the six games I've played were decided by six points or fewer (two wins and two losses).

    New to me this month, also, is Obsession. I adore the theme and the gameplay is solid and thematically engaging. After corresponding a little with Dan Hallagan (who is an awesome person) I bought everything available through Kayenta Games' website. I've only played the base game stuff so far and I'm stoked to get some multiplayer games in and start introducing the expansion content, as well.

  33. Is Darwins Journey coming available retail? Coming to retail? Sold out of retail?

  34. My mind IS like a steel trap. Nothing gets in!

  35. Solid list for sure! A bunch I need to get played!

  36. Favorite game of 2023 for me is definitely Legacy of Yu! I'm only 3 games in, but I'm enjoying it so so much.
    I tried Oak a few weeks ago too, it's from last year but it was new to me. One of the most stunning games I've ever tried, put it on my wishlist immediately. Also tried Weather Machine recently, and loved it!
    And the one that's supposed to come out in 2023, and the one I've been anticipating for months and months, is Septima. Such a beautiful game.

  37. I've gotta know your new ranking of "Occupation of the Direction Landmark" games! I've only done Raiders (with both expansions, love it!) and Architects (just base so far, very good).

  38. Darwin's Journey's Fireland expansion needs to be played, gents. It is incredible, and just like you, Darwin's Journey is my #1 of 2023 so far.

  39. Thunder road sounds awesome. Namillia sounds a lot like isle of sky.

  40. Earth…….. 6th……….. below Thunder Road???? REALLY?!?!
    And I thought we understood each other……. heartbroken

    Seriously though, I get your 1-4 just from understanding the gameplay (haven’t had the honor myself) but 5&6 need to switch places.

  41. Series 2 of Final Girl has been my favorite release of 2023. Can't get enough of it! Rolling Heights is a close second.

  42. Legacy of Yu was a fantastic campaign which I reset and will revisit later this year. I also have been loving Distilled and Darwin's Journey.

  43. Specifically of those released so far this year my favorites have been Earth and Steam Up (mostly for the cute dumpling components), but new to me in general include BattleLore Second Edition which is celebrating its 10th anniversary so I figured I should get it off the shelf of opportunity, Mille Fiori, Carnegie, Trekking the National Parks, and Raccoon Tycoon!

  44. Mage Knight, Gaia Project, Marvel Champions, Ra, and Thunder Road Vendetta have all been great games to play for the first time this year.

  45. The flexible resource component you mention on La Granja is the same to Agra

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