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Top 10 Board Games of 2023

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The time has come for our Top 10 Games of 2023! Each of us have our personal picks for the top games of the year. We think these are the very best, but please let us know what you think in the comments.

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With: Emily, Jeremy, David and Ryan


  1. If Emily is an big deduction fan she should try Hooky, really great

  2. Omg Emily's shirt is the best thing ever.

  3. guys…guys…I don't need more games, I have too many, stop making me interested in more games…..

  4. Faraway is so good! but technically a 2024 game, no? only released few copies in Essen and not available yet I think
    Thanks for the great list

  5. Huh, surprised none of you mentioned Earth. It seems to be on most people's lists.

  6. What # would [redacted] be if Emily had allowed it on her list?

  7. I am shocked that Earth is not on anyone's list.

  8. Is it just me, the camera angle changing continuously (zooming) was quite distracting. That said, really appreciate the list and content. Nice to see the gang together 🙂 Also, love seeing Raising Robots and Apiary on the list 🙂

  9. Did exactly what Jeremy said about Darwin's Journey – missed the collector's edition so bought all the available modules and upgrades to get close!

  10. Still waiting on my copies of White Castle and Evacuation. Bundled them together when I pre-ordered back in September and Evacuation stock to the US was delayed. My 2023 list:
    10 – Distilled
    9 – Scout
    8 – Earth
    7 – Scholars of the South Tigris
    6 – La Granja Deluxe Master Set
    5 – Darwin's Journey
    4 – Revive (2023 release in the United States)
    3 – GWT: New Zealand
    2 – Nucleum
    1 – Voidfall

  11. Finally a review site that played witcher (seriously why is no major review channels playing this game?). And an added bonus, no overrated Earth!

  12. Definitely want to check out Darwin’s Journey now

  13. The omission that surprised me was Dragonkeepers. Did you guys play it, and what did you think about it if you did?

  14. Surprised Witcher. I passed on that one. Was close on it.

  15. Absolutely thrilled to see Raising Robots make it onto the top 10 games of 2023 list! Such an honor for us, especially since it just hit stores this December. Thanks for the recognition!

  16. Thank you so much for all the kind words about Apiary! I'm so glad to hear that you've been enjoying it – it's so gratifying that the "fun" is coming through so strongly!

  17. Great choices MvM. 2023 was a fantastic year and personally my favorite year for new releases within the last 5 years. Nucleum, The White Castle, Darwin’s Journey, Scholars of the South Tigris, Voidfall, Barcelona, Earthborne Rangers, Horseless Carriage. Absolutely outstanding year for new releases. Personally I have not played a more addicting game than The White Castle in quite some time. A truly elegant design.

  18. Septima, Kutna Hora and Sky Team are my top 3

  19. I just subscribed to your channel because of how much my tastes align with Ryan's. I would definitely take game recommendations from him! Everyone's lists were really good, though. Some gems across each of them and stuff for me to research and learn more about.

    My Top Ten of 2023 is:

    10. Darwin's Journey
    9. Amritsar: The Golden Temple
    8. Sky Team
    7. Expeditions
    6. Barcelona
    5. 3 Ring Circus
    4. Scholars of the South Tigris
    3. Voidfall
    2. Nucleum
    1. The White Castle

    Honourable Mention to For Northwood!

  20. God bless Jeremy for naming Kutna Hora. This game doesn’t get the love it deserves. My personal GOTY. Wonderful list everyone. So many good games this year. EBR and Art Society both made my list too

  21. Nice Bamf! Shirt Jeremy. I have that same shirt and it’s fire!

  22. So is there really no way to obtain Vale of Eternity until March 2024 in the US? I'd love to play it ASAP

  23. Kutna Hora, Darwin's Journey and Nucleum are all bangers. So many tableau builders I need to try. Fantastic lists everyone!

  24. Darwin's Journey, Rats of Wistar, Nucleum (+Anunnaki: Dawn of the Gods) – this was Luciani's big year.

  25. Many great games! And some diversity. More than half of my top 10 of 2023 weren't even mentioned.
    My #1 Ceres isn't that well known yet and might or might not be easily available in the US yet. My #2 is Apiary, I can only agree with what you said about it.
    My #3 is Imperial Miners. Such a great filler game that works well with all player counts (1-5). Quick game that also provides lots of challenges for a heavy euro gamer like me.
    #4 Earth, #5 Expeditions #6 Terraforming Mars the Dice Game #7 Legacy of Yu #8 Evacuation #9 Battle Card #10 Moon

  26. Thanks for the robot love. Hi from Wisconsin!

  27. Vale of Eternity is a really solid game but I wish it had a different theme.

  28. yeessssss!! The video I have been waiting for!

  29. I'm really surprised that you picked so many times Witcher 🙂 I mean I'm glad but still surprised 😉

  30. The Dice Tower crew revisited their top 10 games of 2022 recently. It was interesting to see how things had either changed or stayed the same after a year of catching up on missed games or letting games marinate.

  31. Some of the photos shared are from a prototype of Voidfall that was scraped several years ago.

  32. Hmm clearly I need to try this Witcher old world game. Why is this the first I'm hearing of it?

    "I'm dreaming of a White (Castle) just like the ones I used to…"
    "I'll have a Blue (Moon game) without you…"

  33. The amount of Earth comments is funny. Might have to pin your response at the top.

  34. Probably the most diverse list as a whole. Some crossovers with other channels, but more games here unique to your lists. It would be interesting to get the rankings of all the channels and where they put each game, then like MVP voting for sports if x game gets so many 5 spots they get y points and in the end see which games scored the most points to make the Collective Content Creator’s Top Games of 2023. (Why do I do this to myself?!)

  35. Love the shoutout for Raising Robots. I can’t understand why people sleep on this!

  36. My top games of this year:

    7. Apiary
    6. Voidfall
    5. The Witcher: Old World
    4. Evenfall
    3. Dune Imperium: Uprising
    2. Scholars of the South Tigris
    1. Expeditions

    But I do want to point out that 2022 was for me a better year than 2023.

  37. A day late commenting on this one, but I agree with Jeremy! Darwin's Journey was my number one for the year. It was my most anticipated for 2022 when I thought it might deliver last year. When it didn't it became my most anticipated for this year, and it absolutely delivered. I had zero doubts it would though, as, for me, at least, ThunderGryph Games has a solid track record of putting out well produced games. Darwin's Journey was easily their best game to date though.

    I am excited for whatever new content they have in the works for the game and I am also excited for their next collaboration with Simone Luciani and his next game, Galileo!

    Really Darwin's Journey is just that good. I agree the money is quite tight in that game but you don't know the real squeeze until you've played with the Fireland expansion and the first time penalty adds +2 coins to the cost you have to pay to go where there is already a worker.

    I further agree, that if you don't already have it, do seek out a complete copy though, which isn't hard to do considering the publisher has everything available on their (recently refreshed) website!

  38. Moja topka roku 2023' gdy chodzi polskie wydania gier planszowych to:
    1. Wiedźmin: Stary Świat + dodatki
    2. Frostpunk
    3. dodatki do ETHERFIELDS
    4. dodatek NIEŚMIERTELNOŚĆ do Diuny: Imperium
    5. Northgard: Niezbadane Ziemie
    6. Uśpieni bogowie
    7. Władcy Ziemi 8*.Władcy Oceanów
    8. City of Great Machine
    9. Turbo
    10. Wsiąść do pociągu Legacy 😉

  39. No agreement on what the #1 game is? Hmm…. Tells me there is no singular standout game.

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