Top 10 Board Games of All Time | 1-10 | The 50 Best Tabletop Games | 2022 -

Top 10 Board Games of All Time | 1-10 | The 50 Best Tabletop Games | 2022

Totally Tabled
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These are the 50 best board games of all time! In this video I rundown my number 1-10. If you would like to support the channel, you can give me a nice tip here:


Nite Foul by Noir Et Blanc Vie

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THE GAMES (Spoilers!)
A Feast For Odin, Dungeon Petz, Doomtown Reloaded, Pax Pamir, Kanban EV, Great Western Trail, Galaxy Trucker, Gloomhaven, Robinson Crusoe, Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization

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  1. I'm curious to hear your thoughts on the Gaia project. Terraforming Mars and Xia: Legends of a drift system as a solo?

  2. I think a lot of people would agree that these games************* are best-of category!Through The Ages *************Robinson Crusoe *************Gloomhaven *************Galaxy TruckerGreat Western Trail *************Kanban EV *************Pax Pamir 2nd edDoomtown ReloadedDungeon PetzFeast for Odin *************

  3. Hey Shaggy! How about a two player playthrough of Doomtown Reloaded on your channel? This game deserves some more lovin?

  4. Massive overlap with my list. Through the Ages is #1 for me as well (possibly tied with Spirit Island, depending on if I want a competitive or cooperative epic experience). Great video. Several games I don’t own now on my list. Great to see the Robinson Crusoe appreciation. Great game.

  5. Loved these videos. Thank you for explaining the game so clearly with all the visuals. It helps so much to see if this game is for me or not! Keep up the amazing work!

  6. Thank you for including the name of the game on the screen during your explanation about it.

  7. Great list. Just found your channel and it's excellent. Man…..I really need to get Dungeon Lords and Petz played. Owned for yearrrrrrs, but never played.

  8. Recently found your channel and absolutely love it!

  9. Nice to seeGalaxy Trucker and Dungeon Petz get some love.

  10. What a great series of videos! There are so many top favorites of mine listed in your top 50, so I can take the rest as good recommendations. The only game in your lists I have played and not liked was Sleeping Gods.

  11. I loved your series so much that I watched the whole 5 episodes twice. I don’t know what I loved most … discovering new games or seeing some of my favorite games get some well deserved love.Also you are responsible for me ordering the gallerist and dungeon petz!!!I am curious as to why I didn’t see any Shem Philips games in your top 50 ???

  12. Great games but your number 1 is not for me. The app is best but it doesn't float my boat. Love great Western trail and would like to play Feast for Odin. Thanks for sharing your favourite games 👍

  13. What a wonderful collection of board gaming videos! I just love your enthusiasm and the way your presentation honours the games… truly inspirational… thank you for sharing! 😊

  14. Nice Work! The video all looks really, really good.

  15. Great picks, I enjoy the ones I've played, and yet we wouldn't even have 1 overlap in our top 10s. Shows you how many good games are out there.

  16. I can only agree on Robinson Crusoe, I just love it, especially solo 👍🏼

  17. Some rare love for Dungeon Petz! Yeah! But I have to admit that I find the game quite tense and punishing sometimes. I need to play again soon to find the joy you were talking about. It is an amazing design.

  18. A great list! A big thumbs up for Pax Pamir 2nd Ed! A really unique and unusual game, great solo mode, and the production quality is off the charts. Cole Wehrle and Ricky Royal are collaborating again on John Company 2nd Ed, really looking forward to that going to retail at some point.

  19. You absolutely sold me on Robinson Crusoe and Through The Ages, so Thank You for this video!! 🙂 Especially Robinson Crusoe, which I heard critique that the rules are quite difficult and it is unforgiving! But like you said, We want to play hard games, that's the whole fun of it! The feeling of accomplishment, when you beat a near unbeatable game is just great and when you start to understand how the game works too! 🙂

  20. I'm so glad games like Great Western Trail exists. I could go the rest of my life never seeing another fantasy/dungeon theme and die happy.

  21. Wtf??? My top two are the same! Greetings from europe!

  22. I love some Feast For Odin and I’m happy to see it this high :). Great list and great video!! Thanks for all the hard work.

  23. My Top-10 Board Games:
    11.* Glen More II Kroniki – ta gra jest genialna w swojej prostocie zasad
    10. Pax Pamir – gra trafiła na radar dzięki materiałowi Gambita i jest GENIALNA
    9. 51. Stan – świetny klimat, świetne mechaniki i świetne znaczniki zasobów
    8.Brzdęk! Nie drażnij smoka – pokochałem tą grę od samego początku
    7. Brzdęk! Raban w próżni – jeszcze bardziej dopracowana wersja Brzdęka
    6. Diuna: Imperium – ta gra świetnie odzwierciedla klimat Arrakis i całej DIUNY
    5. Mage Knight – świetny klimat, świetny świat, po prostu Mage Knight !!
    4. Etherfields 0 My Board Games this Year
    3. Anachrony – bardzo fajnie pomyślany świat i klimatyczna gra
    2. Scythe – klimat tej gry jest genialny… Świetnie odzwierciedla klimat konfliktu…
    1. Bonfire – jak wzajemnie zazębiają się mechaniki w tej grze, to jest po prostu niesamowite !! Ta gra to dla NUMBER 1 !!

  24. Somehow had never seen your videos, and I watch a lot of board game videos. Great presentation style! I'd subscribed by the time I'd gotten through the first two games…

    …and unsubscribed once Galaxy Trucker was mentioned.


  25. Whoah no On Mars? I’m really surprised. Great top 50! Love how varied your tastes are

  26. Here solely for the slo-mo throwing of game pieces

  27. Finally someone mentioned Doomtown Reloaded and in a top ten to boot ! I enjoyed these top lists, thank you.

  28. Robinson Crusoe is also in my top ten. I'm so excited for the deluxe edition upgrade to arrive! I'm most excited for the scenario book for the additional narrative variability. It's such a brutal, but enjoyable game.

  29. you almost convinced me to try robinson crusoe, but is it playable with new player who love coop games ? nice serie mate, great job

  30. You make me want to try dungeon pets now 😃 good list !

  31. Your list was great! And I especially love how you present it. While you're narrating you show what the game looks like. You're awesome!!
    (BTW, ur the best at time stamps)

  32. Another great list. I think I've played 2 games on there. I'm going to have to write up a list for the next Dice Tower West and play some of these.
    How is Jaws of the Lion compared to regular Gloomhaven?
    I guess RC is going in the wish list…

  33. amazing list! Really got shocked with #1. I'd bet Robinson Crusoe would be at that spot! Anyways, have you voted for the top 200 solo games of all time on BGG?

  34. One of, if not THE best B-rolls of board gaming videos. I absolutely admire all the effort you've put into these, Shaggy (all 50 with your own B-rolls whaaat?!). I've watched a ton of your videos and am impressed by all of them! The little cuts to slow-mo pan across the placement bits..the superb immersive background audio (love the one used in the sleeping gods playthrough especially!) plus your soothing voice. Love the way you phrase your sentences, guess it's an occupational hazard? Hehehe. Please continue to deliver such amazing content it's always such a joy to watch. Hope it's possible to do a Dungeon Petz playthough one day, I'd love to see your take on it 😀 (hopefully a solo variant ;))

  35. Thanks for this big list. I enjoyed all the videos. 👍

  36. GALAXY TRUCKER!!! YES! I love that game. It deserves to be up there. I also love Vlaada Chvatil's games.
    And I loved your Robinson Crusoe playthrough. Nemesis is also one of my favourites. I wonder if you've played Nemesis Lockdown? It adds some interesting new game mechanics, and way more interesting characters to play with.

  37. Great list and amazing top 5! Outstanding editing as well.
    One thing, what happened with Brass Birmingham and Mage Knight?
    Knowing that you are an eurogamer, a solo player and that Vlaada Chvátil is your favorite designer I really wonder if you have not tried them or you did not like them. Cheers!

  38. Glad to see some older games and some unsung heros. So many top 10 lists are cookie cutter lists!

  39. Robinson Crusoe was the 2nd board game I bought (yea I am not that long into board games). The first one was Fallout, base game, which left me disappointed… Then I got Robinson Crusoe, with its MASSIVE rule book, so it took a while to learn it. But man I love it! I also got the expansions, which give it an extra boost, if you will

  40. Such an enjoyable list! I‘m looking quite a lot board game videos, but your presentation is really outstanding! Thank you!

  41. Through The Ages is my favorite board game I'll probably never own. The digital version is too good! I'm not even sure I could get the physical version to the table with the people I play with. It's a masterpiece for sure but I'm content with getting beat by the AI on my phone or PC.

    Oh, and I'm in the love Galaxy Trucker group. Another one I play mostly digital, but I do own the physical version. I bring it out every game night. "Who wants to play Galaxy Trucker!?"…. but a different game always finds its way to the table.

  42. Amazing top 50, top notch production, game choices and overviews. Well done and thanks so much!

  43. Through the Ages is in my top three favourite's list too, would love to watch you play a multi-handed solo game. 😊

  44. This was a phenomenally well done video! Love the explanations, and the clear reasoning behind why you liked them!

  45. I've enjoyed all your videos, including your top 50 series. I hope you can continue to do this work, you have a knack for bringing a game to life through your dialogue, easy going manner & obv video editing skills. As always, it's much appreciated & thanks once again!

  46. I love Galaxy trucker it’s chaotic strategy at its best🤔

  47. awesome video. Im surprised to not see On Mars or Escape Plan on your top 50, or at least On Mars. Sorry if i missed it. Have you played them?

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