Top 10 Board Games of All Time | 10-1 | Top 10 Games of All Time -

Top 10 Board Games of All Time | 10-1 | Top 10 Games of All Time

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A board game channel talking what games you should be bringing to the table


  1. Nice list but I wish you actually had the game in front on you and went over each one and opening them maybe show some contents and quick explanation of the gameplay.

  2. You have to give HUNGER a try… I have a feeling you will get hooked

  3. So True about ROOT, all my friends whom I try it with never come back and give it 2nd shot 😢

  4. I can't wrap my head around why Fantasy Flight won't re-release Shadows over Camelot. I wouldn't mind a re-theme either. I prefer Battlestar Galactica, which unfortunately won't come back for sure, but I would love to have Camelot to pull it out with friends who are newish to the hobby.

  5. thrilljammin is the winner with 2 in my top 10 and 4 in my top 40 for the tiebreaker

    Nathanael Ogborne was a close second with 2 in my top 10 and 3 in my top 40

  6. Very nice! I love Root but it is so hard to table. Marvel United would probably jump to my Top
    5 if I had the Kickstarter characters.

  7. Great list, thanks for sharing! I love Near & Far as well, and "experience" based games rather than cube pushing Euros, although I have a few of those. I subscribe to a ton of board game content creators…you have a good knack for conveying your thoughts without rambling, I think you have a bright future! Meanwhile, just have fun and enjoy the ride!

  8. I really thought your #10 was clue! That would have been a great hot take

  9. We have one cross over so far Root! I love the game and all the possibilities that could occurs -Daniel

  10. I typically dislike trick taking but this one was a hit with me BUT only with my family ! Every time I played with my game group it was a flop.

  11. I love Marvel United. Not sure if it’s a top 10 for me but definitely top 50.

  12. Congrats to the winners. I somehow was convinced Zombicide Black Plague qould be up there 😀

  13. Great list ! Me too I love high interaction games, so we have a lot of crossover ! Very happy with that ! If you like Catan, you have to try Chinatown, it is THE game of negotiation, which is also very accessible for everybody. I also recommend Skull King for a great trick taking games with very tense push your luck. Those 2 are my go to for non gamers, always a hit ! I love The Crew, it is a blast at 4 players, I need to give it a try at 2.

  14. Nice list! Definitely great suggestions for people wanting to get into games. They all maximize interaction with limited rule sets.

  15. Shadows Over Camelot was my first boardgame I purchased when I first got into the hobby. Lots of amazing memories, it makes me want to table it again:)

  16. Good list, dude. Near & Far is one I’ve seen, but haven’t considered. Have the Crew in shrink at my house. Trying to convince my wife to give it a go at 2p.

  17. If you like Clue, give Awkward Guests a go. It's definitely multiple levels up.

    Also, chapters would be a huge help. Thanks!

  18. We have 3 same in top 10.
    Root, Marvel United and Crew 2.
    Looking forward to trying/receiving my Sleeping Gods Distant Skies KS in the future.

    Ps. Also try MU Xmen, or even buy the S2 SG box. It is so good!

  19. Wait wait wait!… You don't have Terraforming Mars, Scythe, Blood Rage, Cthulhu Death May Die, or Gloomhaven anywhere in your top 20 ! ? 🧐 I mean to each his own right? You have every right to like what you like, but I just find that VERY odd, like not even Jaws of the Lion – specially given how it is the benchmark of how to make an introductory campaign or a "learn to play a game" right out of the box – I had never seen a content creator that did not include Gloomhaven or Terraforming Mars 0__o

  20. I just purchased sleeping gods.i finished the first campaign without dying and i love the game.Great sense of adventure and feels like a rpg

  21. YESSSS!!! Project Elite is so good. We love a lot of similar games man. Wish you lived closer!!

  22. Bro!! Marvel United is also my #1!!!! I love it so much, glad you do too! I just got my KS pledge recently so I haven't gone though everything yet (+ I've been playing a lot of Marvel Drice Throne lately too…) but everything in this game feels so amazing. Anyway, I haven't played most games from your list but they all look great!

  23. This has got to be the most unique and unusual top 10 list I've seen. Some games on here I've not heard of (Near & Far), some games in my collection I've never played (Marvel United), some games I vehemently disagree with (Cosmic Encounter), and some games I wholeheartedly agree with (Sleeping Gods).

  24. I came to boardgames from playing TCGs. First foray into boardgames was Carcassonne. I've purchased scythe, terraforming mars, wingspan and a few other BGG top 100 games. Look forward to diving into various game designers to see what I like from each. Have definitely been interested in the near and far, above and below designer series, just not sure of the rules teach and time commitment, but perhaps something to tackle in 2023. Great video, definitely some unorthodox picks, which is always great to see. Find a lot of these top 10 lists can be quite samey and yours wasn't.

  25. Hey mate, this is the first time i encounter your channel and i loved it, i am watching many of your videos, i loved your top 20 since they are mostly classical games, loved them alot, keep up this excellent work

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