TOP 10 BOARD GAMES Of ALL TIME 2021 from Legendary Tactics / 30 best tabletop games -

TOP 10 BOARD GAMES Of ALL TIME 2021 from Legendary Tactics / 30 best tabletop games

Legendary Tactics
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This video will succinctly share our favourite board games of all time. We’ll each give you our top 10 games X 3. We’ll put timestamps down in the comment section so you can get to the good bits quickly, and please be sure to let us know whose list is the best because we are perennially trying to beat each other at everything we do. Coming up are our favourite 30 board games. Let us know in the comments, whose list is the best and please share your lists with us too.

0:00 Top 10 Intro
1:01 Nato #10
1:33 Cax #10
2:31 Flash #10
2:52 Nato #9
3:28 Cax #9
4:07 Flash #9
4:38 Nato #8
5:34 Cax #8
6:12 Flash #8
6:51 Nato #7
7:43 Cax #7
8:23 Flash #7
9:01 Nato #6
10:06 Cax #6
10:44 Flash #6
11:18 Nato #5
12:20 Cax #5
13:15 Flash #5
14:06 Nato #4
14:52 Cax #4
15:55 Flash #4
16:27 Nato #3
17:33 Cax #3
18:37 Flash #3
19:18 Nato #2
20:28 Cax #2
21:09 Flash #2
21:56 Nato #1
22:54 Cax #1
24:09 Flash #1


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  1. What are you favourite games of ALL time?

  2. Flash has the best list.

    Kemet and Cosmic Encounter are up there for me

  3. Great video here and great tastes!! I really appreciate putting stuff like Axis & Allies and Diplomacy on here. The cult of the new keeps a lot of people away from fun older titles. So far my favorites would have to be….

    01.) Troyes
    02.) Dominant Species
    03.) Terra Mystica
    04.) Tigris & Euphrates
    05.) Root (with the Riverfolk & Underworld expansions)
    06.) Dominion
    07.) Eclipse
    08.) Race for the Galaxy
    09.) The Red Dragon Inn
    10.) King of Tokyo (with the Power Up expansion)

  4. Flash and Cax have 9 games that I like while 6 from Nato… Overall, Flash's list is the best👍

  5. Monopoly and Chess are the two greatest board games of all time. Hands down.

  6. basically whole vid about military games and space games + 1 or 2 others

  7. A 3 man top 10 in 25 minutes? I love it. Subbed for sure 👍🏾.

  8. Great lists! It's really nice to get an idea of your tastes in gaming, and I like the speed with which you went through them. My list has a lot of classics, and also some lighter games to play with none-gamers:
    1. Chess
    2. Go
    3. Spirit Island
    4. Android: Netrunner
    5. Diplomacy
    6. Poker
    7. This war of mine
    8. The Mind
    9. Spyfall
    10. Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective

  9. its very bad not to have the game names in the timestamps, and instead have "dude name nr"

  10. Is it just me or the viticulture male card looks like Loki.

  11. I dont own many games so my top10 is;
    1 Lords of waterdeep
    2 love letter
    3 celestia
    5 spirit island
    6 clank
    7 star realm
    8 quacks of quedlinburg
    9 splendor
    10 legends of drizzt

  12. This is a good list. You guys dont overlook classic games like pueto rico that have longevity and havent been replaced.

  13. Check out Age of Renaissance by the old Avalon Hill from the mid-late 90s right before they died. Amazing game that somehow doesn’t get much attention. It’s much better with the fixes suggested by the designer available online.

  14. It’s shocking to me how close the three of you align with my favorite games as well.

  15. I've never heard in my life 20 of those games. LOL.

  16. I know tabletop simulator isn’t the best way to play a game but at this point with the amount of stuff it has what’s the point of getting real board games

  17. Are all the games 2 players only Bl
    (89 now) in U.K.?

  18. Laskers is a good game Bill(89) in U.K., Not well known but very enjoyable

  19. what program are you using for most of those games

  20. After being a MTG junkie my whole life…I got burnt out on the meta found on Arena. I always knew about NR, but the theme is just super dull for me. Then I heard one person say that Richard Garfield called Netrunner: MTG without all the mistakes (paraphrasing). That immediately got my attention and I paid through the nose for my first base box. Several through the nose purchases later: I really see what a fantastic game it is and while I have much of the stuff: I regret that I won't be able to play it at it's full potential because of a lack of real world opponents (and I feel online with strangers is a bust). But I don't give up hope!

  21. Hi flash, im new to gaming and sadly only heard of Wingspan, pandemic and diplomacy from your lists! Would love your recommendations based on my top 10:

    1. 7 wonders (my beloved game, most balanced game ever)
    2. Wingspan
    3. Citadels
    4. Avalon: the resistance
    5. Codenames
    6. Risk
    7. Articulate
    8. Splendour
    9. Sushi go party
    10. Shadow hunters

    Honorable mention: Catan

  22. You’re talking board game’s so why show the digital games rather that the physical games?

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