Top 10 Board Games of All Time! (2021 Top 50 list) -

Top 10 Board Games of All Time! (2021 Top 50 list)

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– 2021 Version. Time stamps and spoilers below…

0:00 – Intro

10) Glen More II: Chronicles – 02:20
9) Everdell – 06:49
8) Ginkgopolis – 12:37
7) Mansions of Madness – 15:32
6) The Castles of Burgundy – 19:47
5) Tapestry – 23:53
4) Baseball Highlights 2045 – 29:20
3) Scythe – 35:09
2) Root – 41:01
1) Blood Rage – 47:00

10) Concordia – 04:00
9) Terra Mystica – 09:54
8) Great Western Trail – 13:13
7) Trajan – 17:46
6) Teotihuacan – 21:33
5) Anachrony – 26:15
4) Glen More II: Chronicles – 31:41
3) Le Havre – 37:30
2) Ginkgopolis – 43:24
1) A Feast for Odin- 49:23



  1. Carson City is coming back into print. Would love to see what you guys think of it.

  2. Thanks guys. Love your honest approach,Hey Dean, will you recommend any of the expansions of Castles of Burgundy (or even the Anniversary edition) or the base game is more than enough?

  3. I love how we have to say "BLOOD RAGE!" in a certain fashion. We do as well in my group.

  4. Great lists, definitely more in tune with Jon's. Underwater Cities and Glen More are in my Top 10. Others include Grand Austria Hotel, Aliens Legendary Encounters, Kashgar Merchants of the Silkroad and New Frontiers.

  5. Dudes, where is Inis for you guys? It’s in my top 5. I feel like it’s underrated, but I also haven’t played a ton of games

  6. I need to play Anachrony, Glenmore 2, and Gincopolis.

  7. Ok you all convinced me. I bought
    Ginkgopolis. I trust your taste and it seems unique enough to add to my collection. It may be lower ranked because it was out of print before enough people had a chance to buy it. Now that its back in print years later were in weird times and it's harder get things played therefore less buzz.

  8. Awesome!! Just played Glen Moore 2 for the first time last week. Very good. We played it 5 times before putting it away. We only played the first 2 chronicles. Which chronicle is your favorite ?

  9. Mansions of Madness is a very good board game. I personally enjoy JiME and Descent much more but Mansions is still great. I’ve never played Everdell but it has always interested me.

  10. FYI I was dancing the whole list, mostly Eurodisco of course, but I put in some Concordia Salsa as well.

  11. Yeah, A Feast for Odin is my #3 of all time below Terraforming Mars and Arkham Horror LCG.

    That is a master piece of Eurogame.
    Only the ones who dont like any tile placement at all should try it before buying it.

    The needed table space and the amount of components might be overwhelming but due to insert it's quite good to handle.

  12. Dean we have same top 1 and 2 🙂
    Great games in both lists. Love these games. I havent played Gingkopolis yet but seeing it so high in both your lists, I have to play it!!!!
    Keep up and thank you for the video.

  13. Lots of good ones I want to try on this section! Everdell, Ginkgopolis, Tapestry, Baseball Highlights 2045, Root, and of course, Blood Rage. Didn't know that one was by CMON! I bet the Blood Rage guys could absolutely obliterate your Arcadia Quest team 😎😎😎 but not mine

  14. Stellar list! Happy that isn’t tainted by cult of the new. Most of these games have been around for some time now and it’s clear they proven themselves. We all know Arnak won’t ever achieve that (sorry had to throw shade again!)

  15. Excellent lists, guys! I actually just went through and ranked my top 100 games today using the PubMeeple engine and I line up much more closely with Jon's list! I've also got A Feast for Odin at #1 and Glen More II, Anachrony, Teotihuacan, Great Western Trail, Terra Mystica, and Concordia are all within my top 45! I wonder where Jon will end up ranking Endless Winter when it comes out… it's my most anticipated game right now! I'm sure it'll fall easily within my top ten!

  16. Just played Trajan for the first time three weeks ago and still only playing Trajan. What a game. I just wish i could figure out how to use the forum tile bonuses more. Two more games make it to the top of my wishlist: Glen more II and Ginkopolis. Thanks for an amazing top 50 ride. You guys rock the inter net webs.

  17. First time I’ve tuned in to you guys, great choices for your top 10s; I love many of them.
    Have you played A Feast for Odin with the Norwegians expansion- it makes a great game into an even more satisfying experience.
    I need to check out Glen MooreII & Ginkopolis!

  18. This is the first video I’ve seen of yours and I feel like I’ve been missing out. I like your taste and your banter. I’ll be looking out for more content from y’all. Great video!

  19. Your enthusiasm is very inspiring 😃
    I got Spirits of the wild and Ginkgopolis after watching earlier videos on those. And now I got Glen more 2 after watching this list. And I must say, I wasn’t disappointed 😃😃 All great games in their own accord. Keep those videos coming!

  20. Настольные Игры На Русском Языке says:

    Jon, it's mind boggling how similar our tastes are! The only thing that I sort of disagree with is A Feast for Odin. I did enjoy it, but for me Agricola > AFfO any day. Thanks for the video!

  21. Took your recommendation on Ginkopolis. Wow. You guys are right, this game is terrific. Thank you!! Keep up the good work.

  22. I just don't understand why Le Havre gets so much more love than Ora and Labora.

  23. I'm sure I've said this before, but you guys probably have the best taste of any board game review channels I've watched on YouTube 🔥

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