Top 10 Board Games of All Time - Tablenauts Edition -

Top 10 Board Games of All Time – Tablenauts Edition

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00:00:00 – Tablenauts!
00:02:10 – D10 – Nemesis
00:03:56 – M10 – Skull King
00:06:11 – D9 – Bloodstone
00:08:01 – M9 – Mind MGMT
00:09:42 – D8 – Spirit Island
00:11:52 – M8 – Kingdom Death Monster
00:14:25 – D7 – Azul
00:16:36 – M7 – Monicers
00:18:40 – D6 – Tammany Hall
00:21:35 – M6 – Orleans
00:24:45 – D5 – Mice and Mystics
00:27:28 – M5 – Twilight Imperium 4th
00:30:05 – D4 – Cthulhu Death May Die
00:32:45 – M4 – Fabled Nexus
00:35:25 – D3 – Zombicide – Black Plague
00:39:46 – M3 – Cthulhu Death May Die
00:42:27 – D2 – Sagrada
00:45:53 – M2 – Gloomhaven
00:49:36 – DM1 – Root

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  1. for root i play the otters, and the lizards mainly

  2. I just ordered familiar tales, i really want to play mice and mystics. The way you guys talk about bloodstone i really hope that comes back.

  3. great seeing Tablenauts again, love thier channel

  4. It wouldn't make my top 10, but Bus is a surprisingly good game that I suspect (only played twice) gets better as you dig into it and figure out various strategies. Root is still my #1 modern board game, and Max is 100% right, the app is amazing. I'll always prefer the tabletop version, but it's so easy to play on the app, and you can solo 4 factions in like ~30 minutes or less with the app.

  5. Root is also our best. It allows for anyone to go get the win. It's fun, it as strategy and tactics – an will surprises you along the way. My personal best for sane strategy/tactics is a free mod. I cannot put it on the table so often because my win ratio is too high (it has a high random factor on paper though). It's a game designed by actual ingeneers, it's Blood Rage – The Tavern Edition and it can be find on the file section of Blood Rage on BGG.

  6. I bet they played Root after the camera went off.

  7. Love these guys. Glad you made the rounds to hang out with Max and Doolin again.

  8. Great Video! If you take a look on the shelf behind you, you could guess Root made the list 😀

  9. When are we getting the quackalope/tablenauts/board game co/Devon, live full playthrough of TI4?

  10. Emotional openes and spicy food, a recipe for desaster…..and jolly content

  11. I just got Root…I don't know how often I'll be able to play, but I am excited to do so.

  12. We need more Root gameplays with or without rules 😂

  13. love you guys, just the opposite of what i seek in games. Thx for showing me the games i have to stay away from👍 except spirit island(best coop game to play solo❤)

  14. Root! my favourite, I also found that Fort is quite nice. Leder Games nails it

  15. Great to see Sagrada so high on your list — 92 times!! You guys are too kind 🙂

  16. Very nice to give credits to tablenauts and a very nice top 10 indeed. Root, nests high in my top 5 af all time…

  17. I wonder how many times you’re gonna have to mention kingdom death before I actually buy it

  18. So excited that MIND MGMT made your list!! Wow! Very honoured – thank you!

  19. Have you guys played Cthulu Wars? For me it takes the Root formula and just cleans it so much by giving you you abilities little by little. Makes it a lot easier to teach to other people too.

  20. Great to see Spirit Island on the list! My second favorite of all time!

  21. Loved this video! How fun! There's different games for different people and that's what this hobby is all about.

  22. Mind Mgmt is on the way along with stroganov both in the deluxe version…i can't wait for them to arrive.

  23. I have to give Gloomhaven another fair shake. I got Jaws of the Lion and played the first 4 missions. It really didn't capture me and honestly couldn't see what the hype was about. Granted I played solo and technically only played the "tutorial" missions but meh

  24. Pre-watch comment: I'll piss myself if Keyflower is #1 for either of them

  25. Guess you could say it's the Root of your friendship, eh? 😉

    Also, I already was subbed to both of you. 😌

  26. Woah. Monikers is the exact same game we call “Hats” because you get paper and pencil and write down anything to put into a hat. Then we use any words to describe for round one, charades for round two, and one word for round three. I have never heard of Monikers yet we’ve been playing a version of it for quite some time

  27. Great video! Just getting into Death may die and we are loving it! Never played a zombicide yet, but we backed undead or alive and are excited to hear more about marvel zombies. Might have to take the plunge, especially since getting into painting

  28. Do a lot of people not know "mgmt" is an abbreviation for "management"? I regularly hear reviewers flub the name of the game.

  29. My KDM 1.6 is in FedEx’s hands now. This is the most excited I’ve been for a package in years.

  30. Tablenauts have, hands down, THE most entertaining gameplay content in the community. No contest.

  31. Only played Root a couple times and it is a good game no denying that, but best game of all time? Not for me, it maybe in my top 50, if that.

  32. Its so cool to see Root get such unanimous love. Its a great game that gets better with each expansion.

    Semi-coop is the only way to play Nemesis. Coop is a lot less thematic. The semi-coop mode is one of the few board game experiences that approach a RP like experience with characters each having nuanced goals that may be in conflict with each other.

  33. You guys are really entertaining. Would love to play with you some of those games, esp. KDM!
    Sagrada! Good choice.

  34. I thought I would see Cosmic Frog here 🙂

  35. Doolin for the win.. Team Doolin for the games. His top 10 is closer to mine.

  36. I wish there was an xmen version of CDmD. I just can't bring myself to play anything that is cthulu or lovecraftian themed. Duno why.

  37. Looking forward to see you play 'Rooted' – the root remix

  38. Yes!! House rule Root, Quackalope style!!! With TableNauts.

    Another one you need to play together is Townsfolk Tussle. That gameplay made me back the KS

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