Top 10 Board Games of All Time | Top 50 Board Games | The Finale -

Top 10 Board Games of All Time | Top 50 Board Games | The Finale

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00:00 – Intro
01:40 – #10
04:15 – #9
06:02 – #8
07:46 – #7
09:52 – #6
11:55 – #5
14:06 – #4
15:56 – #3
18:46 – #2
21:11 – #1
24:00 – Wrap Up
26:03 – A Little Bit Extra

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  1. I enjoyed all of the countdown videos very much! I just picked up Res Arcana two weeks ago at my FLGS, but haven't had a chance to play it yet. While I was there buying it, I put in a special order for Cubitos; can't wait to try that one out, too!

  2. Sad I can't get my family/friends to enjoy Fort 😔

  3. You guys are making me so happy I got Mansions of Madness for Christmas. Now to get it finally tabled!

  4. I played Mansions once when it first came out… I want to play with the app. Castles of Burgundy has become the dice game for us now. SWIA: I gave it away… seems too lifestyle for me (cult of new). Isle of cats – I have to hate cats cause I'm allergic and don't wanna be sad. I want to play Jaws of the Lion… gloom haven 1 is just a beast. Wingspan with expansions is so much better. Brass Birmingham is really great! Fantasy Realms is a great little game, the expansion is good, not great. Dune Imperium IS AWESOME, even better after the movie. Cubitos… Never played… gotta play it. Gaia Project fell off a few years ago for me, try Beyond the Sun. Fort is a nice deck builder… thematic, simple, and cute. Vast! Wow… ok, I have to play, but this is like Root… nobody wants to teach me. Res Arcana… another I want to learn seems great. Scythe is a solid game, but I never bit hard on this. Overboss… I feel like Cascadia is a killer for this… not solo, though. Root… DANG… man, Root and Vast are now on my must-play… getting app tomorrow 🙂 Villainous… you Disney head… I'll give this to you, but my single play with Eric Summerer and a random person was not very exciting for me, but I did see how much Disney people love it.

    10 – The Taverns of Tiefenthal – This is what a deck builder should be… so much fun!

    9 – Smartphone Inc. – I hope the card game kills this, but for now, I do love the Risk-like map.

    8 – Jump Drive – I love building an engine, and this is a quick game that I could easily play 3 times in a row.

    7 – Dune: Imperium – What mechanic that I love doesn't this game have, deck builder, racing, worker placement, influence tracks, bidding, secret objective, multiuse cards, rule-breaking cards, player powers… and an expansion… tied to a great IP! LOVE!

    6 – Pax Viking – I can't believe how this took my game group by storm, it is messy, and we love it. It always feels epic. I want to play it now!

    5 – Solomon Kane – This is the best story-driven game I have ever played. I love the stories. I love how they make me feel, and the mechanics in this are so crazy good!

    4 – Gugong: Deluxe Big Box – Playing with all of the expansions created an awesome brain melt… like a super warm and gooey grilled cheese. So satisfying.

    3 -Seeland – This has been in my top ten longer than any other game. I love roundels, and the mechanics in this are just perfect.

    2 -Rajas of the Ganges: The Dice Charmers – This has been killing Rajas of the Ganges the Boardgame because it makes me feel the same, and I can be at a Pub while playing it. But if I didn't love the original, I don't think this would be here.

    1 – Neuroshima Hex! 3.0 – Funny how when you play a game every week for a couple of years, it becomes your favorite game. Please let me teach you this game. Every one of the over 20 factions is unique and thematic… is it an abstract two-player game? Yes, but it is also thematic, and you can play with more than two… I swear. The new box puts it all together for me and lets me proudly present the game I can't get enough of… Neuroshima Hex (Steel Police ROCK!)

    Proud of you guys getting through the list… it was fun and a really good and diverse list. THANKS!!!

  5. Due to your #1 I'm curious your thoughts on Oath. I've researched this one into the ground and I still haven't bit the bullet to buy it. Apologies if I missed a video on this. Also, what part of Canada are the two of your from?

  6. Great to see your lists! I feel like Jeff and I have very similar tastes 👍 Scythe, Root, and Dune: Imperium are all in my top 10.

    I've been dying to play Imperial Assault, too!

  7. Weird, I thought Pandemic would be a #1 crossover.


  8. Love the sweater color Jeff! Also, I’d rather play Honey Buzz for an economic game over Brass. Especially with the new seasons expansion. ❤️

  9. Congratulations on hitting the 5K subscribers !!!

  10. Leder games is all over the top of my lists. fort, vast, and root would be in my top five along with super fantasy brawl and probably townsfolk tussle. although rainbow six will probably replace one of those two, when i finally get it ive been really enjoying that on tabletop simulator. I haven't played crystal caverns its hard to find in the US, i mentioned to patrick leder about getting an app for vast. Hopefully you guys have helped generate some buzz for that to happen, i would love to be able to play vast more often. Great lists this was a fun series to watch and see all the board games i need to check out.

  11. Great list! I appreciate the diversity in both your lists. I have always liked board games, and my collection was the typical party games, trivia games and roll and moves. It wasn't until November 2020 that I fell down the rabbit hole and discovered modern day boardgames, this beautiful community, and hobby. It was kicked off with the my purchase of Villainous. Like Jaime, Villainous has a special place in my heart and will always. I love all things disney. I also can't wait for the new expand alone! I am glad to say that the collection has grown quite a bit. I look forward to hopefully playing games with you on BGA. Thanks for sharing your list!

  12. This was such a great series, loved to see what kind of games you like! It is also interesting that I own and love 6 games from your combined top 10 lists: Mansions, Dune, Scythe, Castles of Burgundy, Cubitos and Fantasy Realms (+3 from last year: Viticulture, Clank! & Quacks). So much has changed from last year's top 10!

  13. Top 50 rocked my socks!! Thank you. I just got into Mansions of Madness and looking to buy expansions. Which are your favorite? Do you have an order of expansions from your favorite/must have to “it can wait”?

  14. Just picked up my copy of Vast: TMM, really excited. Hoping it’s as great of an experience as your game of Vast: TCC!

  15. Great lists! Great series! Also, the rest of the Dune books are disappointments in comparison. 🙂

  16. I want WINGSPAN SOOOOOOOOOOOO bad….i have the app but the costt…

  17. "Go again?" That's a good video idea. I speak as someone who has played Dice Throne Season1 Rerolled with my wife 8 times in the last 24 hours. 🙂

  18. Jeff I like your sweat shirt. Where'd u get it?

  19. With all the great games you played, I was worried Villainous would be dethroned. It doesn’t get talked about enough in the hobby. I am looking forward to Lotso. I love my stuffed Lotso so much!!

  20. You're really making me want to try Overboss lol.

  21. Vast crystal caverns is complete out of print and rare to find, so that would be a HUGE factor as to why no one knows about it/isn't talking about it.

  22. Hi from Ontario 🙂 I just discovered your channel a week ago and I love you guys! Your enthusiasm is contagious and your videos are so well put together. I'm new to the hobby and have already ordered three games solely based on your recommendations. I have a massive wishlist now and I'm really looking forward to your future videos! …PS Please say hi to your majestic floofy cat for me 🙂

  23. Jaws of the Lion also started really high for me. Then it just go down as I play it more.
    By level 7, there is almost no more growth in the characters.

    I guess its really really high in BGG because most people started it and didnt finish it.

  24. With Mansions of Madness, do you keep repeating scenarios that you lose until you eventually win before you move onto the next scenario? How often do you replay the scenarios and if so how when you know all the secrets?

  25. I love assymetric games as well.

    Cant wait for Disney Villainous Orange expansion, and Root Marauders expansion 😁 must buy all!

  26. Have you guys played Spirit Island? It absolutely kicks ass at two player!

  27. Great lists! So many terrific games🔥 I think I'll try to do my list this summer when I have more time to think about it (and to get more classics played).

  28. What a fun time 🙂 sad the list is over, but very intrigued to see Kyle's list!

  29. I’ll play Brass Birmingham with you, Jeff! I’ve got your back. No spoilers, but it may or may not be VERY high up on my Top Games list 😉

  30. I still gotta introduce Alicia to Villianous. Great list, guys! Enjoyed every video!

  31. You have chosen well Jeff. I appreciate you. 🍻 also.. let’s play!?!

  32. Wingspan whooo! I definitely still need to try Fort, Villainous and play more Root 😀

  33. We played 5 games of Mansions of Madness last weekend. It’s topped off our game pile. I just got the last of the expansions today…now to get to painting.

  34. Great lists! From all of the lotr love I’m surprised (unless I missed it) War of the Ring didn’t make the list.

  35. Love the lists guys! ❤️ this series was so fun to watch!

  36. Great List! I really agreed with both of your lists!!!!

  37. Jeff, we gotta get you some pizza so you can get excited about your catch phrase! Board-gamie-things! Woohoo! 🙂

  38. Fort must be AMAZING if Jamie really loves it and doesn't win :D…we found a unicorn people!

  39. I wonder if Jamie would like Stuff of Legends…

  40. Thank you so much for that final slide! So good!

  41. Thanks for the great video guys. I loved being able to compare your ranks from last year to this year at the end. My tastes lean more towards Jeff's. My top 10 would probably be 10 Project Elite 9 Catacombs 8 Scythe 7 Dinosaur World 6 Caverna 5 Star Wars Outer Rim 4 Adventure Tactics 3 Gloomhaven JOTL 2 Champions of Midgard (with the expansions) 1 Gloomhaven. Star Wars Imperial Assault and Dune Imperium would probably be in my top 10, but haven't played them yet (although I do own Imperial Assault). I have to say though I really would like to play Fort at some point.

  42. Great list guys! Loved watching the whole thing.
    And I am SO glad you loved Fantasy Realms so much – thrilled I could be the one to share that one with you.

  43. I was already a fan of this channel before the invite to check this channel out! You guys deserve the love and the growth! Keep killing it this year with the channel! 🐺

  44. Hello Canada, me is watching you from Germany. Great List, havent done my top list yet, but if i do so there would be definetly these games in my top 10:
    La Cosa Nostra, Lewis & Clarke, Alchemists, Deception, Kingsburg, Power Grid, Roll 4 The Galaxy, Blood Rage, Galaxy Trucker, Treasure Island
    I love them all ❤️ If you are on holiday in Germany one day, let me know 😃

  45. Hi guys from a Spaniard in Saudi Arabia! Great, fantastic list I coincide in many cases with your list, and the ones I haven’t played now they are in my wishlist… although this will mean my economic ruin… 😬🤦🏻‍♂️ keep doing these videos!

  46. I loved watching this series unfold! Really great experience and one of my fav list videos ive seen in a long time! I loved watchign you each re-act and respond to the list as they came up. Now i want to play more sycthe!!!

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