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Top 10 Board Games of All Time

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Hey Folks!

Welcome to our TOP 10 Board Games of ALL TIME! This ends our top 20 series which took an unreal amount of effort to make possible, so if you enjoy this video, we would really appreciate a like, subscription, or even a comment!

Thank you for all your support through this past 6 months and here’s to a fantastic 2024! We appreciate each and every one of you and have big plans for the coming year.

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00:00 – Intro
00:25 – Celebration
00:47 – Jeff 10
02:51 – John 10
04:02 – Jeff 9
05:54 – John 9
07:45 – Jeff 8
09:12 – John 8
11:52 – Jeff 7
13:53 – John 7
15:34 – Jeff 6
16:58 – John 6
18:14 – Jeff 5
19:41 – John 5
21:10 – Jeff 4
23:16 – John 4
24:56 – Jeff 3
26:47 – John 3
29:01 – Jeff 2
31:14 – John 2
32:53 – John & Jeff 1


  1. My Top-10 Board Games of All Time:10. Nemesis 10* Nemesis: Lockdown9. Brzdęk! Nie drażnij smoka – pokochałem tą grę od samego początku 9*. Brzdęk! Katakumby 9*. Brzdęk! Raban w próżni – jeszcze bardziej dopracowana wersja Brzdęka 9*. Brzdęk! Legacy8. Diuna: Imperium – ta gra świetnie odzwierciedla klimat Arrakis i całej DIUNY7. Wiedźmin: Stary Świat + dodatki – o jak mi ta gra się spodobała i pozytywnie mnie zaskoczyła, naprawdę czuć w niej KLIMAT Wiedźmina6. Mage Knight – świetny klimat, świetny świat, po prostu Mage Knight !!5. Anachrony – bardzo fajnie pomyślany świat i klimatyczna gra4. Łowcy A. D. 2114 – o jaka ta gra jest klimatyczna i dopracowana…3. Etherfields – klimat tej gry, mechanika i piękne grafiki urzekły mnie…2. Scythe – klimat tej gry jest genialny… Świetnie odzwierciedla klimat konfliktu…1. Bonfire – jak wzajemnie zazębiają się mechaniki w tej grze, to jest po prostu niesamowite !!

  2. Great video, great game choices. I'm in Vancouver but if I ever make it to Toronto for a convention I would totally hit either or both up for a game of Inis or Dune: Imperium.

    I completely agree with you about Immortality and I have yet to play Uprising myself also. I'm not sure if I prefer 3 or 4 players best but I think the game is still extremely good even at 2.

    "Heat is a perfect game."
    What a great way to describe it. The only non solo game I have played was 4 players, one who confused it with Formula D rules and was too far behind to catch up. 3rd finished one space behind the other two in a wild finish. You can't get any better than that.

    Do either of you have an opinion on Seasons of Inis? Another one I'm looking forward to playing some day. Ark Nova is our most played game and the Marine Worlds expansion is fantastic. Lots of little tweaks, improved and extra final scoring cards and the variable action cards are the best addition.

    Thanks for your energy and enthusiasm. Subscribing now, look forward to more videos.

  3. I’m always sad when I see root at the top as it kills my motivation to learn or buy other games now and I’ve played root so much!

  4. Voidfall on the list and Root number 1? My guys you need to play Twilight Imperium 4.

  5. I like a lot of the games you guys like! It's like my top 10 can be made out of the 20 games you choose

  6. Is board game arena newbie friendly? I’m trying to get into board games.

  7. Here’s my current list: 1. Marvel Champions2. Cloudspire 3. Voidfall4. Pax Pamir5. Final Girl 6. Bloodstones

  8. Definitely play On Mars first. It was my first and favorite Lacerda game.

  9. I'm definitely gonna have to try Root tonight. I just have the base game. Going 3 players is in the base game.

  10. Nice list, personally find Root pretty easy to teach! Agreed on 5 player count too!

  11. Only played dune once (I won) but didn't like it at all because just playing cubes and completely forgetting the theme! I was not on Dune at all! Never again!

  12. 10
    The Quest for El Dorado (Jeffrey), Brass: Birmingham (John)

    Vindication (Jeffrey), On Mars (John)

    Inis (Jeffrey), Pax Pamir (Second Edition) (John)

    Moon Rakers (Jeffrey), Dwellings of Eldervale (John)

    Divided Empire (Jeffrey), Ark Nova (John)

    Nemesis: Lockdown (Jeffrey), Kanban EV (John)

    Dune: Imperium (Jeffrey), Vindication (John)

    Blood on the Clocktower (Jeffrey), Kanban EV (John)

    Dwellings of Eldervale (Jeffrey), Dune: Imperium (John)

    Root (both Jeffrey and John)

  13. Great list but, can we all just stop ripping on all the older classics like Risk , Monopoly, etc. etc. etc.. I would love for one of these list makers to have like, Sorry, in their top ten.They are games handed down from generations and still enjoyed to this day. Anyway, sorry for ranting. Great list.

  14. What is the game that is going to be a legacy version of dwellings of eldervale?

  15. First time seeing you guys, love your top 10 list, lots of great games I love.

  16. Fantastic video. Glad to have found the channel! -abroadgame

  17. We have very different tastes in games, but I enjoyed your positive energy and enthusiasm!

  18. Really great list! Would you be able to share a link to where the “better” combat rules can be found for Dwellings of Eldervale? I’ve been trying to scour bgg but the forum search feature is difficult to find precise answers. Really appreciate the help. Thanks!

  19. A lot of cult of the new here, oldest game is Inis from 2016 and all the rest are 2018 or later

  20. Good list. I like Root, but typically only have two people to play. Recently bought the hirelings and clockwork to see how that will play with two. By the way, you definitely have to play Dune Imperium: Uprising – SO good! Even more fun. You won’t go back to the other.

  21. Hi! Where are those shiny metal coins from in the Brass Birmingham B roll?

  22. Great list! My number 1 is definitely Dune Imperium, other favourites include Brass Birmingham, Inis, Spirit Island.

  23. There are a few on here that I haven't tried yet, but they sound intriguing. Overall, great list!

  24. Excellent picks! Love that Root made your number ones! It means I can confidently check out the other games on your lists knowing you have great tastes 😉 Also love Blood on the Clocktower and Spirit Island. If you've not tried Mythic Mischief I'd give that a go as it feels aligned with what you both might like.

  25. two lacerdas in one list? im glad somebody gets it. subbed.

  26. Nemesis, fun? More like a grueling 6 hours IMHO. I also played Lockdown and it was basically the same thing… 6 hours of getting beat down and then losing. Pass.

  27. Great lists and very fun rapport! You got yourselves a new subscriber 😉👍Here is my top 10:Ark NovaDune: Imperium/UprisingA Feast for OdinArkham Horror: The Living Card GameHeat: Pedal to the MetalDead ReckoningCastles of Mad King LudwigEarthScarface 1920Ra

  28. You should play Kanban EV for your first Vital Lacerda game

  29. Root is amazing but since the android and ios app came out i have found no reason at all to bring it to the table. The digital version solves all movement mistakes and any other small rules that are easily forgotten. Have you played the digital version? If so what do you think?

  30. Just curious… Jeff mentioned that John was going to throw "Blood on the Clocktower," quarterly parties. But it's not on John's list. An oversight, or was any social deduction game going to have a hard time cracking John's top 20 solely due to it's nature? Thanks!

  31. Interesting thoughts on Root player count. I really didn't like adding in Hirelings but did so because playing with 3 without isn't great. I think 4 is the best player count, followed by 5. 5 just makes the game slightly longer for me. Its a shame… Root is my favorite game as well, but just so hard for me to get to the table!

  32. I've always wondered about Vindication. Just received my Unsettled reprint and Orange Nebula are game making geniuses!

  33. I own all but 3 games. Subscribed 😂

  34. Great list, fellas. We accept this call-out, we're going to take some time to think about our actions and the harm we've caused, and then we're gonna put out some even worse takes and stand by them just as fiercely.

  35. Solid list! And I really hope this is the first top 10 board games of all time of many to come. Keep the good work guys!

  36. seeing Inis a lot in pleoples' top 10, love it. Great list guys

  37. For HEAT is there viable come back potential if the lead racer is very far ahead? I despise games that the outcome is inevitable, but you have to go through the motions to just finish it.

  38. Top 20!!! Shouldn't this video be called Top 20 Board Games Of All Time….?!!?

  39. Dune at 2 players sucks IMO. I can see how one could overlook its greatness having never played with 3+ players.

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