Top 10 Board Games of the Year -

Top 10 Board Games of the Year

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I share my Top 10 Board Games of the Year. To see my 20-11 picks from 2023 – I’ve made an extra video for my patrons.
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🔟 The Last Kingdom –
9️⃣ Triqueta –
8️⃣ Match of the Century –
7️⃣ Empire’s End –
6️⃣ Orion Duel –
5️⃣ Forbidden Jungle –
4️⃣ Thunder Road: Vendetta –
3️⃣ Zoo Vadis –
2️⃣ Perspectives –
1️⃣ Ra –
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  1. The last kingdom is an amazing game!!!!

  2. "Like having a child who plays Warhammer." I will be stealing this little bon mot, and will not be crediting you.

  3. The last line of the #8 bit caught me so off guard 😅😂

  4. PowerGrid is a 10/10 game, I'm gonna have a look at Ra after this

  5. I would be onboard for a 3 hour video rant on the Anthropomorphic animal themed epidemic! It really gets my goat!

  6. I've never been drawn to that chess game because I only knew one thing : it's by the watergate people. I love watergate, but I thought it was basically a retheme… This video sold me to look into it more!

  7. Taking a stand against furries, then? You can ship all your games with anthropomorphic animal reskins to me if you like, John.

  8. Thanks for telling me about what Match of the Century is about. I heard about it – and of course, I was intrigued because it is a board game about chess – but I had no idea what it was like until now! 😀

  9. You know its a good year if top 10 has 2 old Knizias including one from 25 years ago and a Restoration Games game aka a remake. Its almost as if board gamings Golden era that stsrted when Teuber creatd the heavens and the earth in 1995 ended with Zombicide's success and kickstarter ruined the future of the hobby. Same as with autotune ruining music

    (This is a sarcastic attempt at a conspiracy theory rambling nonsense post. I half believe what I am saying buto nly half. New board games can still be good. 🙂

  10. I got Colt Express on your recommendation and *love it*.
    Welp, off to check out the Thunder Road Kickstarter.🤓

  11. Two theories on the retheming of Zoo Vadis: let's face it, games that feature images of Roman men in togas on the box art give the impression that it's maybe an overly "serious" game with a "dry" historical theme. But it might also help you steer clear of any offense-seekers out there.

  12. You crack me up man, awesome video, informative reviews, great jokes. Btw, in German, "zoo" sounds more like "zoh" and thus rhymes with "quo." 😋

  13. "… if Vincent Dutrait is busy" Shots fired! Genuinely interesting picks, added a few to my 'hunt down and play' list, thanks!

  14. lol no mercy on the zoo vadis theme 💀🤣

  15. Great video, as always.

    You should have upgraded to the Ra Pharaoh edition. Totally worth it.

  16. "They don't make them like Ra anymore" is so painfully true. One of the only games I've ever bought twice, just to have a nicer edition of it.

  17. I thought one reprint of Ra to be awful as I could barely tell what each tile was; the old-school version (of which I have a copy) makes it very easy to tell what's what. I will say that this new version looks nice but functional. I'll keep an eye out if this version appears at WBC in 2024.

  18. All of your stuff is amazing! Thanks for all the ideas!

  19. Check out that platinum on the shelf back there. Looks good on you!

  20. Hello Mr. Actualol. I like your videos a lot, I like board games, but I do not own Adobe Premier. I am also not interested in being an editor or even your editor. I just thought I’d let you know in case you were curious.

  21. Every video you upload makes a dent in my wallet, a dent that brings tons of fun moments and joy to me, my family, and my friends. As much as I like other creators in the industry, your choices suited me best numerous times. Keep up the good work. Just keep in mind that what you do really helps other people connect, bond, maybe even heal and have fun together, as board games are rarely played alone. Games you recommended definitely helped me and my wife get through tough times. Thanks ❤

  22. I can move, I can learn and I don't have much going on in my life. Can I apply?

  23. crushes down on the anthropormorphic trends

    It was at this moment that I knew we weren't board game soul mates. Though, then again, how could I compare to Daniel Radcliffe?

  24. Enjoyed your review and list! An unusual amount of ads that disrupted the flow of the video.

  25. You are really witty and clever so I enjoy the video very much though what I love in board games is very different from the OG style that you favour. I am very happy that new games don’t have that much meanness and threats as many OG games. They may not hit the emotional highs but they also don’t make me feel like I am spending the evening attacking others or being attacked. I do love that you still have Cascadia behind you as that is a game I like a lot! Thanks.
    PS I also hate seeing animals in pants. Let animals be animals!

  26. Great list! Refreshing games aswell 😊

  27. Thanks for the video. There are a few games which caught my eye, which I hadn't been aware of.

  28. "… a disappointment that I love… like having a child who plays Warhammer." LMAO! 😀

  29. The Last Kingdom sounds like my idea of hell.

  30. Zoo Vadis is still good at 3. Felt like less of a race though

  31. Reiner Knizia speaks German, where Zoo does rhyme with Quo. Just saying, the name is still stupid xD

  32. Last Kingdom reminds me of War of Whispers

  33. Damn you Actualol, like half of these sound super interesting and I want them. At least some of them are on BGA..

  34. In roman numerals V means Very good and X means eXtremely good

  35. Is Last Kingdom similar to König von Siam/The King is Dead?

  36. The joke writing on this script is as tight as ever.

  37. …"learn through misery," which was the motto at my school. 😂😂😂

  38. So many great little jokes, it's like being stabbed to death by toothpicks.

  39. Did you saw the Brazilian version from Ra? I don't know why do not use this Egyptian style.

  40. the last kingdom is basically just 'a war of whispers' but possibly better. i agree that its a cool idea but i may not keep it because i dont play it enough

  41. "…it's perfect to fit in my wife's handbag, for when we go to dinner party and I want to take a game that we never end up playing".
    Why did you have to attack me like that?

  42. Forbidden Jungle looks good – might grab it at Airecon

  43. Publishers probably like using animals so they don’t have to deal with the diversity police.

  44. Did The White Castle make your top 20?

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