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Top 10 Board Games of the Year

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I share my Top 10 Board Games of the Year
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🔟Trekking Through History –
9️⃣Sea Salt and Paper –
8️⃣Cat in the Box –
7️⃣Long Shot: The Dice Game –
6️⃣Mists over Carcassonne –
5️⃣Caesar –
4️⃣Foundations of Rome –
3️⃣HEAT: Pedal to the Metal –
2️⃣Sniper Elite –
1️⃣Libertalia: Winds of Galecrest –
🛒 Zatu (UK):
🔟Trekking Through History –
9️⃣Sea Salt and Paper –
8️⃣Cat in the Box –
7️⃣Long Shot: The Dice Game –
6️⃣Mists over Carcassonne –
5️⃣Caesar –
4️⃣Foundations of Rome –
3️⃣HEAT: Pedal to the Metal –
2️⃣Sniper Elite –
1️⃣Libertalia: Winds of Galecrest –
Sniper Elite Review –
Libertalia: Winds of Galecrest –
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  1. Great video! Foundations of Rome exceeded all of my expectations. I hear you when you talk about it being overproduced. I, like the next person, am not a huge fan of these outrageous price tags and struggle with what games I'll support. However, I always come back to the table presence. When I pull a group together I want to get away from reality and immerse them in an incredible world whether that be trains, mechs, Mars, Rome, etc. Foundations of Rome gives that to me and my crew, sucking us into an amazing experience. Keep up the great work and thanks!

  2. How many games of Dune Imperium do I have to play before I'll stop thinking it's overrated?

  3. Dang, I need to unsubscribe from your channel, you get me excited about too many new games… 💸 Seriously though, I'm continously impressed how you uncover gems that the rest of the reviewing landscape seem to miss. 🚀

  4. My favorite top 10 video of the year!
    Amazing how well you can explainn the gist of a game in a consice and clear way.

  5. You should definitely watch Everything Everywhere All At Once, it’s great and no that’s not the message

  6. You keep boardgame reviews fresh, funny and down to earth at the same time. Happy to have watched this!

  7. I'm in shambles at 8😱😤😤😤

  8. I don't know why, but I am ignoring some games just because of their visual look. I am not dislike this look or hate it, I just ignore everything about it after first look. Until Actualol takes my head and pokes my face into a box "This game is nice, have a close look". And day after Trekking Through History travelling to my home from amazon. Thank You!

  9. Great video, as always. I'm a new fan, and really enjoying your take on gaming.

    Just wanted to point out that Go Stop is a Korean gambling game using the hanafuda cards. It has the "stop when you win enough points but you can keep going for more points" mechanism. It's actually the whole point of that game as the name implies. Maybe not widespread in board gaming, but "double or nothing" kinds of concepts seem to be prevalent in gambling games.

  10. I was about to say that Heat was a lot like Flamme Rouge when I realized that it's from the same designers! Flamme Rouge is a great game!

  11. I agree 2022 was a great year for board games and a testament to that is we would have very different top 10 lists. But I think our tastes have always been different.

  12. Arcane wonders is splitting foundations of Rome into two spin-off series one smaller box and a large box. I believe the next big one is going to be called Foundations of Giza.

  13. Actualol 10 board games of the year bingo chart:

    Random reference of Everything Everywhere All at Once – Check!

  14. Daaaaaamn, the nurses are greedy aren’t they? Loved to see it.

  15. Love the mystery box joke 😂😂😂 ‘it could even be a boat!’

  16. You could make a top ten worker placement games video. Instead of just rating them 1-10, also rate them on ease of accessibility (both easy to learn and easy to play), table presence (eg fits on 'breakfast nook table' or 'setup the TV trays and card table'), how well they play at different player counts (including solo), length of time to play and how it scales with player count, and player interaction (from 'you won't notice the other players until the game is over' to 'constant contact and worry about what they are doing'). Hmm, I guess that's a big ask, so maybe just do the 5-10 worker placement games you're most familiar with. (And you could slip in some comments how a game to you isn't the 12th best game ever, which makes it literally overrated, but can still be a good game.)

  17. Thank you so much Jon. I especially like how you summarize the rules. Great job!

  18. I've been saying for years how the Kickstarter culture around tabletop games is not healthy for the hobby. Capitalism at its worst.

  19. Sniper Elite is very good 👍 Very good list, thanks 😊

  20. "What's the point of even being alive if you don't finish your degree in media studies?"
    Hitting below the belt there… yes, I did complete my degree in media studies and am able to stay alive, but only to be forced to work to pay off student loans. PARADOX!

    Great video and great list!

  21. Your Family Guy joke earned you a like, congrats.

  22. Foundations of Rome reminds me of Suburbia and Heat reminds me of Formula D

  23. John I love your work. The only thing I would ask is you say if you are sponsored by the game or if they sent you a free copy.

  24. Most resturants use white pepper in their mash potato🙃

  25. Salt and Sea and Paper is quite literally Bruno Cathala's Kanagawa copypasted lol, how is it a unique mechanism?

  26. Mists Over Carcassonne rule: you don't just take off 3 ghosts instead of scoring, you can take off up to 3 ghosts from a single tile. Huge difference and adds a lot dilemma!

  27. Have you played Her Story yet? Its by the people who made trekking in time. I havent seen any reviews on it so i dont know if it hold up or not

  28. Foundation of rome looks like it might be the lords of vegas killer. I need to find a copy and try it out.

  29. Man I love your videos. I am in total agreement with you about Foundations of Rome—it could 100% be done (and done well) with punch board. I wished that the miniature version was a deluxe version, because between the size and cost, it'll likely never be in my library. But I do understand the appeal of over-produced games, especially with Kickstarters, because they so many of them aren't able to benefit from economies of scale (I playtest for what I call a "luxury brand" boardgame creator/producer, and I'm very involved in the great community they've created through Discord). I also understand the frustration with the cost of overproduced (albeit beautiful) games though. Do you have a video discussing your thoughts on over-produced games? If you don't, I'd love to see it made!

  30. I'll still say it, not the biggest fan of Dune Imperium yet. It feels real samey and it doesn't feel complex to me. Yet

  31. Thanks alot for this video. I had a good idea about every game that you talked about in a very short time.
    Helped me alot to choose which game to add to my collection and which not.

  32. Man there's so much for me to pick apart, in a good way!

    Foundations of Rome: I was sold by so many YT reviewers that this game was going to be the absolute game of the year. Boy was I damn marketed and bamboozled. That isn't to say the game is bad. Neither am I going to say the game is a trailblazer for a new era of board gaming. It is a solid game. The review in this list is spot on. It is magnificent even but nothing you couldn't experience for way less. X4 the price of Ticket to Ride? Try x6 these days for the Emperor Pledge. My biggest gripe isn't even the price, because it is a luxury game. What bothers me is balancing. The population/residential scoring is over powered when it comes to bonuses. Points compound over eras and nothing compounds more than Population. For a game that is +$400 Canadian, you can't have such an imbalance. I've played multiple times now and one that stood out to me was the game where my opponent went full Population and I tried a very commercial/civic approach. I killed it money wise and had a strong control of the center map. There was even a point in time my opponent basically idled for multiple turns in a row. Taking scraps of income but no good plays. Meanwhile I had no chance of keeping with his established population so just dominate with Civic buildings and rely on that last era Commercial bonus right? Nope. Opponent won, by how much? By exactly the bonus points won per era for having the most damn Population. That ruins a near half a grand game for me ..

    Ho ho, Libertalia… What a way to ruin friendships! 😂

  33. Great video. You need to watch everything everwhere all at once tho

  34. that foundations of rome reminds me of an older game called lords of vegas…hard to get thou…got it on my shelf.

  35. Hey, I would like to be the first to celebrate you for hitting the 100K milestone on YouTube! Well, not yet, but it's just a matter of time at this point, so… 🙂

  36. SO much intersting games! grat top-10? I`ll definitly pick up some, just wish I have more time to play them!

  37. I pre ordered Salt and Paper from Zatu but still have no idea when it's releasing in the UK

  38. Where can i download an android version of STAY ALIVE MARBLE BOARD GAME? Thanks.

  39. Bro made a Family Guy reference lmaooooo

  40. I agree that there aren't enough city building games that have you building the same city. The criminally underrated Urban Sprawl does this very well and I can't recommend it enough.

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