Top 10 Board Games On Our Minds & Tables! - Games On Our Radar -

Top 10 Board Games On Our Minds & Tables! – Games On Our Radar

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Counting down our Top 10 tabletop, card, and board games that are on OUR radar this month, to help you find some great new games that people are playing, backing on Kickstarter, and talking about – based on our personal picks!

Access+ Dobble, Timeline, and Cortex

Everyone, no matter their condition, should have access to the enjoyment and benefits of board games and the happy moments they create!


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  1. Good day, Sir Chazington! May I call you Sir Chazington? Perhaps Lord Chazbottom the third?Sir *name to be added later*, it is an honor to guard the homestead when the other valiant knights have left on a crusade. Thou art the stalwart champion defending thine castle from maruaders. I commend thee!But prepare thyself good Sir Chaztershire, that creature in the fridge shall soon rise up to escape it's moderately cool prison and it will seek out vengeance!

  2. Congratulations on the 300K! My favorite channel for all things boardgame related!

  3. Oh no, Chaz! Your regular fill-in guy was at PAX with the rest of your team filling in for you! Sorry buddy.

  4. If someone asked me the definition of passive-agressive, I'd link them this video.

  5. I like the wizwar you reviewed anything with mazes I like it

  6. Awww! Poor Chaz here's some 🍰 to cheer you up. I would just got to Airecon next year without the others if I were you 😉

  7. Awesome first sponsor. I love that this Access line is coming.

  8. Nice job holding the fort, Chaz!
    Fun stuff on the horizon.


  10. My Favorite WiP one Man Army Show.

  11. The Patreon Watch it Played group is super rad. Like, you can be a total geek who is completely out of touch with how to be cool and you will be accepted and enjoyed! (I am speaking from personal experience.) If you are thinking about being a Patreon, it is literally the nicest online group I have ever been a part of, and people talk about all kinds of cool stuff with games…..and endure relentless photos of my puppies. Okay, that might be a downside, but overall, it is awesome. Check it out if you are looking for an encouraging place. Also, there are real-life celebrities on there, with Rodney and EVEN CHAZ!!!!!!! swoons 😀 This is a great channel to support because they're very kind to everyone. <3 Okay, shameless plug done now. ^_^

  12. Great video! Seamless segues. Also I had pax unplugged FOMO as well.

  13. We need more good games about football, you Americans have enough games covering hand-egg and smack-ball.

  14. We didn’t actually get to play Boop at Pax lol. You are hilarious, Chaz! Thank you so much for all your work on this video!

  15. I just played boop. Friday soon after purchasing – it's so good! So quick!

  16. Good work, Chaz! Well done holding the fort! Incidentally when are the applications for the Watch It Played intern/patsy for when all the team is busy?

  17. Luna Capital is a sweet little game (also works great solo) to enjoy relaxing afternoons with a candle.

  18. My copy of Wiz War is from 1993! Great game.

  19. Just throwing it out there – if Fire Nation Rising doesn't feature at least a card that mentions cabbages, I'm out.

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