Top 10 Board Games Released Pre 2010 -

Top 10 Board Games Released Pre 2010

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Top 10 Board Games Released Pre 2010

A very “anti cult of the new” video! We’re talking about games that were released before 2010, ok not super old, but older than most games that get talked about these days!

And yes it’s on Streamyard! I had to put something out to bridge the gap between my family trip last week and the upcoming collaboration this Saturday! All is explained at the start of the video!

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One single batchelor from the UK talking about his passion for board games and the people who play them! I support small content creators, board game cafes and go against the status quo when it comes to the board game industry. I give my honest opinions without bias towards any publishers or designers and will not hold back if I don’t like a game.

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00:00 – Introduction
02:47 – #10
05:08 – #9
08:33 – #8
12:47 – #7
15:32 – #6
18:40 – #5
21:52 – #4
24:19 – #3
28:00 – #2
32:00 – #1
35:55 – Honorable Mentions

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  1. I realised how few games pre-2010 that I have played and the games I have played are mostly on the lighter end anyway. 22 and 12 are honorable mentions. 12. For Sale11. Hive10. Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers ( I prefer it to the original and I feel a Carcassone deserves to be on the list but I think I prefer Hive)9. Cockroach Poker8. Tobago7. Pandemic6. No Thanks5. Alhambra4. Stone Age3. 6 Nimmt2. Lost Cities – (Jaipur would have made my top 10 somewhere but I prefer Lost Cities and they fit the same niche to me)1. Ticket To Ride : Europe – (I really like Elfenland and Thurn and Taxis but they fill as similar niche and Ticket to Ride is the best one)Stone Age

  2. Forgot about Acquire? Fun game!My wife hates Citadels after a good deal of games. Perhaps I should give Snowtails a chance? 🤔Cheers

  3. Just saw this and found that your selections matched none of mine which I found to be fascinatingUsing the same time periodI would have gone with 10) Hive9) Eurorails 8) Race for the galaxy * would be higher I am sure if I weren't color blind7)At the Gates of Loyang6) Carcassonne the Castle5) Tigris and Euphrates4) Puerto Rico3) Jaipur2) Stone Age1) Small World

  4. Format is fine, I wonder why I missed this list 😮

  5. Pitchcar, catan, robo rally, mtg, carcassone, crokinole/sjoelen/carrum, etc…Some of these are far bigger names.

  6. I LOVE Snow Tails. Am I right in thinking this game is bigger in the UK than in the US? I seem to feel it gets alot of love on Board Game Trading and Chat UK for example but maybe I'm making this up. Either way – great to see it so high up the list! For me For Sale, Lost Cities and Small World would go on my list. MAYBE Bohnanza. Can't beleive Hanabi is that old! I think it must have been a reprint that saw it take off.

  7. I need to go check out Snow Tails. Great list Luke!

  8. You play Dixit where you only allow one word clues? That sounds too restrictive for that game.

  9. Everything you said about ticket to ride should apply to Catan. Although I never played the base game much. Always with Sea + C&K expansions. Not saying that TTR doesn’t earn a similar place, but I mean, that was at a time modern board gaming already took off. Which Catan mostly created. I like the new top 10 setup with BGG, kutgw! Cheerio.

  10. Isn't chess a board game? My list'd be:
    1. Go
    2. Puerto Rico
    3. Shogi
    4. Chess (only rapid)
    5. Agricola (until here all are 10s)
    6. Jaipur
    7. Dixit
    8. Poker
    9. Galaxy trucker
    10. Cyclades

  11. Come on, now. Yinsh in a Top 10? Your title is a bit misleading. Should be "my favorite games before 2010". I don't doubt that your choices are fun… I've played Dixit, Dominion, Citadels, love them all. But if you're going to do a REAL pre-2010 top 10, as far as impact goes, you can't leave out Puerto Rico, Catan, Power Grid, Pandemic….

  12. Some you missed include Tobago (my #1), Alhambra, el Grande, Pandemic, Carcassonne, Stone Age, Qwirkle, Puerto Rico, Thebes, and Tikal.

  13. I know…dry, and I might be in the minority, but I really like and have a good time with others playing 2009's Hansa Teutonica.

  14. I like the live top 10 format!, specially if it is to get more content from your channel.

  15. I thought the video worked out very well! Still high quality. If this is easier on you, go for it. You gotta do what is best for you… Great list, I'd probably add in Ra as well. I know you aren't big on classic auction games, but I think it is the best of them.

  16. Would have to have Pandemic (2008) and Acquire (1964) on my list somewhere.

  17. Cthulhu Wars is really fun. I prefer it to Blood Rage by quite a lot. Try the Duel versions for a 30 dollar taste.

  18. Cool list idea.
    10. Notre Dame
    9. Dominion
    8. Alhambra
    7. Pandemic
    6. Jamaica
    5. For Sale
    4. Jaipur
    3. Bohnanza
    2. Small World
    1. Biblios

    You are soooooo right about Michael Menzel. Those sort of top down/side view angles of his boards with the great rich color…mmm chef's kiss.

  19. Mexica, Keythedral, Caylus, Through The Desert, El Grande, Ra, are all still being played in my group (formed in the early 90's). Formula De is still fun too but Puerto Rico has lost it's luster for one of our group. Lost Cities (2 player) is nearly worn to death.

  20. Great list, enjoyed it, thanks. I would add Fury of Dracula and Dungeonquest, both are classics dating back to the eighties I believe.

  21. Nice format !
    Merchant of Venus was a great game too

  22. Guessed 3 titles you'd put there – TTR, Citadel and the Dominion 🙂 I also thought that Pandemic might hit the list. I am relatively new to the list so it's easier for me to guess those "recognizable" titles. Surprisingly, I completely forgot about Catan and Dixit (haven't played either).
    New, still foiled Chaos in the Old World will be given away by one of our board game streamers to the people who voted in his people's top 50 poll. He is streaming that in 10 titles per episode, giving away one title per episode. 3 of them are long out of print here – "Chaos …", Shogun and The Lord of the Ice Garden being on the list.

  23. 1. Agricola

    2. Brass: Lancashire

    3. Pandemic

    4. Battlestar Galactica

    5. Steam

    6. Ticket to Ride: Europe

    7. Age of Empires III: The Age of Discovery

    8. Twilight Imperium: Third Edition

    9. Egizia

    10. Le Havre

    BSG used to be my favorite game, back when I had a regular playing group for it. We used to play one or two games of it each Saturday. The record was 3 games (with Pegasus only I think) in a total 6+ hours. 😀

  24. It's interesting to see how some of these games are so advanced even today

  25. I have lost cities, tzaar, brass Lancashire, agricola and crokinole for pre 2010 games. Also the new wood edition for castle panic coming soon.
    So I guess 90% of the collection is recent games.

  26. I like this format. The extra discussion about which games didn't make the list was fun. One small suggestion-bgg pictures are so unreliable, you could have browser tabs prepared to display for each game in the list. It's not a big deal at all, but it's come up in other videos before.

  27. Good idea for a list. I think that most of my games from the before times are abstract strategies and Knizias – but there’s also Dixit and Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective in there.

  28. I really like the format, more than the lists with guests. Maybe just look up some photos you like in advance?

  29. Great list and I am intrigued by snow tails and might look for that one. That fancy track appears to have a 'loop of death" which looks like it's an expansion to the main game. I was glad to see Settles of Catan on there as I am not a huge fan of that one. War of the Ring is a great game but it takes too long and when I did own it, I had a heck of a time getting it to the table.

  30. Great list Luke, keep up the good work 🙂

  31. Oh, man, Shipyard blows all of those out of the water! 😉 And then there's Le Havre, Railways of Europe, and Peloponnes. Have you played those?

  32. I like the format! Dominion & Ticket to Ride both helped pull me into the hobby and still stand the test of time for us.

  33. Great list and good video format. No complain whatsoever!
    What about Chinatown? That’s a solid game from that period isn’t it?

  34. Great vid…..
    What about Carcassonne? Pandemic?

  35. Great video Luke, I still love and rate Carcassonne way higher than Catan. In fact Carcassonne standard edition WITH the myriad expansions is in my top-10 of all time.

  36. I think this format works just fine. Enjoyed the video. Thanks!

  37. Snow Tails is excellent! Great to see it getting some love. I do find that the more experienced player can occasionally crush the competition, and often that is me. I find I try and rubber band myself to help make it more competitive by trying the risky play. Lots of fun smashing through trees 😀

  38. This format is good. Easy to watch, especially good because it makes your life easier! I'll watch any content you put out 🙂 edited or not

  39. I thought the format was great! Enjoyed this video a lot 😁

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