Top 10 Board Games - Target Edition -

Top 10 Board Games – Target Edition

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00:00:00 – Hello, Hello
00:01:47 – Arboretum
00:02:35 – Azul
00:03:37 – Terraforming Mars: AE
00:05:14 – Villainous
00:06:07 – Wingspan
00:08:20 – Trial by Trolly
00:09:44 – Mancala
00:10:28 – Mysterium
00:11:28 – Codenames
00:12:25 – Only Pick 3?


  1. I’m pumped for Horrified American Monsters being released in October.

    Also, agree that people don’t give mancala or classics any love and that’s too bad!

  2. But Jesse… that's only 9 games!

  3. I luv there are people strolling at the back.

  4. I think you used up your quota of words "hobby" and "space" for the rest of the year at least

  5. Great idea! Amazing the choices available at Target, usually, it's more "common" mass-public games. Did you replace the boxes after? lol 🙂

  6. Such a shame, I love hearing Stevie Wonder in the background, while I understand it will make you no money…..choices. But maybe you can make Target pay you for publicity;-)

  7. I’ve played six of those. Target’s selection is much better lately.

  8. BRO MANCALA!!!!! Classic that just doesn't get as much love as it deserves.

  9. The best game on that list is Parks for sure. I love Villainous too. Me and my 11 year old daughter play Parks with the Nightfall expansion all of the time. It isn’t as cutthroat as you made it seem to be.
    Also I have to ask, “What Target is that?” I’ve worked at two different ones in Connecticut and they never had music playing overhead. Ever. I like your content and I’m glad Sam chills with you. I was missing him over on the Dice Tower. I love Mike and Zee. Tom is ok. I can’t remember the younger dude’s name. They are all cool but Sam Healey is the best!

  10. With almost 30 solo plays of Terraforming Mars: Ares expedition, I definitely recommend this one! Setup and tear down are really fast, and the solo variant is great.

    That being said, I’d also highly suggest Summer Camp, by Phil Walker-Harding, as well as Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion for more experienced gamers!

    Also, is that Red Rising I see in the background?!

  11. I take it that you haven't played Summer Camp.

  12. This is a very cool idea for a video and I'm excited to watch it but, seriously, why are you not wearing a mask?

  13. Excellent video idea.

    I am a bit shocked Pandemic wasn't included just because the idea of a cooperative board game is quite foreign to people not in the hobby and Pandemic still to this day, does what it does extremely well.

    Not a criticism at all! Just a game I would have included.

  14. Low key, I'm pretty sure that's my local target… I know they are all designed to be similar, but the resemblance is uncanny.

  15. Is it me or was it only 9 games?…🤔😅🤷🏻‍♂️

    Edit: I think parks was supposed to be the 10th…😁👍🏼

  16. Yo I swear this looks exactly like my target wtf!

  17. Please wear your mask next time in a crowded place.

  18. My local Target has 7 Wonders and 7 Wonders Duel

  19. I think we also need a solo list from this channel now because covid!

  20. I just so happened to get my copy of Wingspan & PARKS at Target 👍🏻

  21. Are all targets the same, because that looks the same as the Oakland one I visit.

  22. I would opt for Mysterium park over Mysterium, so I would suggest not getting that one.

  23. Pan Am is right next to your head the whole video!

  24. Pandemic got me into the hobby and I bought it from my local Best Buy. I would recommend Pandemic to almost anyone.

  25. Just bought Summer Camp at Target and my fiancée and I are very impressed! (She’s not a heavy gamer yet and I think it’s the perfect weight for her)

  26. My favorite Target game is Qwirkle. I've given 3 of them as gifts to newbie gamer friends. At Christmas one year it was on sale for just $10…! 😱 My family has played this game hundreds of times – and that is NOT an exaggeration.

  27. Have to agree with some other comments below. You forgot the classics like Catan and Ticket to Ride. I would choose those first before wingspan. Other then that get video

  28. They sell JAWS the board game. It's FANTASTIC fun.

  29. You're an asshole if you didn't put those games back where you got them 😆

  30. I'm a little bit disappointed, expected Pan Am to be in the list….basically clicked cause saw it in a frame

  31. Godzilla tokyo clash and gloomhaven jaws of the lion!

  32. Окей, парень
    Не знаю, как ты попал в мои рекомендации, но ты меня заинтересовал!

  33. I'm glad I saw this video before your review and comparison of Ares Expedition and Terraforming Mars. I went out and bought Ares Expedition last weekend, based on the recommendation here, and I've been loving it.

  34. Damn they got the corner on Puzzles 🧩 though…

  35. Great list. I own All Marvelous versions (both Disney and Marvel), Wingspan, and Parks. Terraforming Mars AE is still on my list.
    Parks is outstanding! The art work is beautiful and the game system is completive and challenging enough to keep everyone entertained.
    Wingspan is the winner here. My friends and I have never had a "bad" or same game of Wingspan. It is fun, engaging, easy to learn, the components are amazing, and the Bird cards are beautiful! One never feels defeated after playing Wingspan even without claiming victory.
    One cooperative game I would definitely add is Horrified. The theme is fun and the game is very entertaining. I would highly recommend that one.

  36. Wingspan?!!!! At TARGET?!!!!!! That's just great

  37. How the heck do you have a "Top 10 Board Games" at Target video…and not mention the Starter or Essentials box for Dungeons & Dragons which is clearly visible right behind you?!?!? 🤨 😠 🤔

    If it wasn't for Dungeons & Dragons many of the board games in our hobby space would not even exist today! ☹️

    Anyhoo…good video! I really can't disagree with any of your choices being on the list.

    Trial by Trolley is a great party game! It is a more sophisticated version of Cards Against Humanity.

    And I'll agree that Parks is a great game that is absolutely beautiful…but toward the end when you said that it's a heavy game…what the Hell have you been smoking?!? Parks is not a heavy game at all. At best I would say it's right on the edge between light and medium.

  38. I know Ticket to Ride is at Target. That is a great game and a lot easier to teach to someone!

  39. Maybe all targets shelf their games the same but I swear it looks like my target in Henderson lol

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