Top 10 Board Games - Target Edition -

Top 10 Board Games – Target Edition

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00:00:00 – Hello, Hello
00:01:47 – Arboretum
00:02:35 – Azul
00:03:37 – Terraforming Mars: AE
00:05:14 – Villainous
00:06:07 – Wingspan
00:08:20 – Trial by Trolly
00:09:44 – Mancala
00:10:28 – Mysterium
00:11:28 – Codenames
00:12:25 – Only Pick 3?


  1. Wait none of these are kickstarter editions!?!

  2. No Parks in the Top Ten? What about Trails?

  3. Make a video without "*** is going to be" challenge :p

  4. You're so lucky! It's a surprise if we see a non-party game from after the year 2000 in our targets and walmarts here :'( Monopoly, Clue, Risk… I feel sad for the kids growing up with only these board games because that's what target sells 🙁

  5. Waiting to see you in Kentucky! I own the only coffee shop in Hazard. Swing by if it takes you this way!

  6. Barnes & Noble would be another cool chain-store to do a board game roundup on. They've got some great exclusives (Dune Imperium) and generally a solid lineup of games.

  7. Other great titles at target include: Pan Am (Prospero Hall/Funko), Apollo (Buffalo Games), Alien (Ravensberger) & Jaws (Ravensberger). Having a blast with Alien!

  8. Just One! It's not visible on the shelf behind you, but I've seen plenty of copies at my local Targets.

  9. Mad respect for listing mancala. We play it a lot. Surprised you didn't select jaws or the lion

  10. I'm surprised that Santorini didn't make the cut. Simple rules but it can make you think and if you lose, you have lots of time for a rematch. The only strike against it is that it costs almost $40; people who are used to buying games like [email protected]@[email protected] might balk at the price.

  11. My target just got Isle of Cats and Raccoon Tycoon, kind of crazy

  12. D&D Starter Set? No Board Game, but a very good introduction to RPG.

  13. I’ve never seen Wingspan in a big box store before. Heck, even my local target doesn’t have Ares Expedition yet. Id definitely supplement Pandemic on that list. Fantastic introduction to coop games.

  14. Oof, seeing that Ares recommendation when I'm still waiting for my copy 🙁

  15. Mancala is good but I would recommend Cribbage. Cribbage, Azul, Codenames top 3 to recommend from me.

  16. Drinking game: take a shot each time Jessie says you do your (very) best

  17. great job! i'm surprised to see all those in Target.

  18. I just picked up Alien: Fate of the Nostromo from my local target. It's a great thematic and fairly light co op (similar to Horrified). Highly recommend!

  19. Okay now I need to see your top ten of all time regardless of store :p

  20. Did they have Marvel United? There is a Target Exclusive version.

  21. I keep seeing wingspan everywhere. Idk why I keep resisting getting it. I'm so interested in it, but I think the fact that I have Everdell coming keeps holding me back.

  22. But does Wingspan contain ducks?

  23. Love that you did this. My big issue with your channel has been the disconnect between what you review and what is actually available. I often watch your videos and want to go get games, but finding them isn't actually possible. No matter if I'm late to the game and the kickstarter is over, it's not currently in stock in my area, etc. there just always seems to be a disconnect. This video is a great idea. It would be cool to partner with some local game stores too, especially in KY.

  24. Pan am is a great game. I can see it there in the background and you didn't speak about it 🙁

  25. The new hair and bear look great. Hope you're happy with it.

  26. Hell yeah man I dig it I love mysterium I need parks soon!

  27. The Marvel game sounded bad when u explained it, i dont want disney characters in Marvel games, something better would be with witchblade or spawn, to get as far away from the disney brand.

  28. You really did Catan dirty by putting it in frame and not on the list lol. Its definitely over-rated by casual players and those just dipping their toes into the space, but out of all the games at my Target (which notably lacks a lot of your 10) its definitely one of the ten best.

  29. Villainous is a really good intro to asymmetric player powers, or that players are player together but are playing different games

  30. I’m with you, parks is my favorite from that 10

  31. So jealous, I live in Canada and we don't have Target. We have Wal-Mart but they don't have a very good selection at all.

  32. I've been really impressed by some of the available games at Target lately, they're nothing SUPER amazing but considering the location. A couple of solid choices that can be found at Target are Fox in the Forest, Machi Koro, and Parks.

    Haha I see you hid Parks in the middle of the video.

  33. Great video
    My "if you can only pick 3". Azul, Wingspan, Terraforming Mars: AE

  34. 1:50 Really?! My Target doesn't have Arboretum… That is so unfair (another game).

  35. Great list and I am surprised at some you chose. Surprisely there are tons of board games at Target now beyond the kid ones. I know Targets are often set up alike but looked like you might be at the Hamburg Target in Lexington.

  36. Big thumbs up to you Jesse on doing a coverage at a public place and massive thumbs up to you for your courage and charisma. It's no simple feat, can be very distracting and stage frighty. Nevertheless, I really appreciate you going out and trying something new as a content creator especially covering this hobby at a local store or shopping mall. Keep up the great work and keep spreading the love of board gaming, Jesse. Respect all the way from Malaysia.

  37. Target just came out with a "Goonies" game by funko that's kinda a gateway to D&D style. Definitely recommend, if only for nostalgia sake. Loved every playthrough so far.

  38. Honestly, Amazing Video! From root entry videos to this high production quality review of top 10 target game. Your attention to quality and clear enjoyment of what your doing is apparent. A continued like and now as always I will wait for your next video. Good work Sir.

  39. I was getting into this video and then you had Arboretum on your list, HOLY MOLY that game is HORRIBLE. If youre gonna get it but it on Amazon so you can return it.

  40. Is that a Shut Up and Sit Down logo on the Arboretum box? 🙂

  41. One of the things I have noticed about board games is the physicality. I love the cinematic and immersion of video games but there is something really nice about unplugging from the screen and holding wooden meeples and cards.

  42. I’m convinced that this is filmed at my local Target…

  43. Agricola, Robinson Crusoe, Twilight Imperium and Spirit Island. Arkham Horror with every expansion. Existential horror, you know, for kids. 'Mummy, what do you mean human existence has no meaning to the greater universe?' But in all seriousness, Carcassone is pretty good, Horrified is perfectly fine level of horror that isn't too scary for children. Smash Up seems fine with just the original set or even the new Avengers set.

  44. im sure you got a lot of weird looks man haha appreciate taking one for the team ")

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