Top 10 Board Games That Destroy Friendships -

Top 10 Board Games That Destroy Friendships
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Maybe it’s better if you avoid busting out these games at your next board game night. For this list, we’ll be looking at the most frustrating board and tabletop games that typically end in curses and angry huffs. Our countdown includes Scrabble, Risk, Catan, and more! Which of these games do you find the most infuriating? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Do you people not know how to play monopoly? It's such a simple game and so easy to win. I have legitimately taken out for other people and under half an hour. It's all about the houses people

  2. I remember as a teen I played a game of risk with my friend at a lock in and seriously this game last almost 10hrs

  3. they can't ruin friendships if you don't have any friends! 🙂

  4. some of these I actually do enjoy the others I never heard of. knew Monopoly would be number one.

    Im one of those Pictionary people who draws with too much detail. charades too I end up putting on a whole act of a paly.

  5. I was the no.2 in the world in Literati game online and got into fight with my girlfriend, we broke up

  6. I’ve never played RISK, but I was curious to play it some time, but I know now how long it can last .

  7. Monopoly did create one board flip in my family. Hence why I never played it since.

  8. GIVE ME MY MONEY! I love that scene.🤣🤣🤣

  9. Trying playing Risk Online that’s even worst and I should because I made the game longer and pissed off my friend

  10. I used to play Monopoly with my siblings and we never exploded the way The Simpsons did

  11. I just came from an Easter dinner. A few of my family was playing monopoly when I left.

  12. Normally, mojo, i find your lists flawless. As a hobby gamer, i find this one a little off. Diplomacy should be top 3 easily, definitely above codenames. And you missed Intrigue and Lifeboats (not lifeboat), two of the meanest games ever printed. Both should be top 7

  13. I once had the nicest most level headed person I have ever met (and an army doctor) threaten to kill me because I moved the robber too often in Catan.

  14. 8:50. Back in the very early 1990s a blizzard hit Connecticut on Thursday into Friday morning leading to mu university classes being cancelled Friday. THUS began the Tortuous Risk game of Fall 1991–hahaha. The game started at 10AM Friday morning going NON-STOP (with guys on my floor taking "sleep shifts" until the game ended 3:30AM on Sunday morning–hahaha. My "Team"' lost, but it was just one of those memorable college experiences that bonded my Freshman Year dormitory floor. By the end of the game, the floor smelled of sweat, tears, leftover pizza, & leftover onion encrusted subway sandwich wrappers for a week.

  15. Martha Hughes - Martha Runs the World podcast says:

    Sorry!!! I love The Family skits about Sorry, because they are SO TRUE!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

  16. Hardly heard of some of these games, though the rankings and explanations were on point. That said, you'd think there would be honorable mentions such as the Game of Life. THAT game is brutal…

  17. First game came to mind was uno. I get mean looks when that draw 4 card is played lol.

  18. Risk isn't that long of a game. Now Axis and Allies, that's a long game.

  19. Having played so many tabletop games all these years made me realize that these games are 100% always a social game, be it Monopoly, Risk, Catan, Werewolf, UNO etc, it is always the players in an alliance that win. The people that go into it not intending to cooperate with anyone always get taken out quickly first by invisible alliances that know what they are doing, and the real game only starts when the people who worked together to take out all the loners target each other. Some people that I've seen never win these board games no matter how much they try, even though they fully understand the game rules and general strategies to win, as they didn't play socially.

  20. I've had a alot of tension playing Scrabble especially with my vast Vocabulary. This caused other players to throw fits whenever I placed complexed words in strategic places on the board to get high scores.

  21. Yall need a part 2 with Munchkin on that list. Its sooo bad that we refused to play that game ever again

  22. A Angry Man Plays Sorry

    Angry Man: I'm almost to the end. Yes. Yes.

    (Player 1 picks up card. Looks distressed. Looks at Angry Man)

    Player 1: Sorry.

    (Angry man jumps on Player 1 and strangled him. Player 2 tries to stop him, but gets punched in the face.

  23. Ah risk. My friends and I have had quite a few tense moments some involving alcohol. Though the one that pissed me off the most is when there were four of us and one of my friends took out another friend and the three remaining were going to have an all-out war with our armies and our salty friend thought it would be funny to launch a water bottle at the board. It scattered everything on the board and as we couldn't remember where all the pieces went, we decided to put it all away. The three of us were not happy after that. We joke about it now and refer to it as the meteor incident.

  24. Monopoly is really a competition of who can be the biggest a-hole

  25. It's not a game of monopoly unless it's been going two weeks and end with someone flipping the board

  26. It’s all fun and games until I get sloppy drunk, flip over the monopoly board and tell everybody to get THE HELL outta my house. But since I’m sloppy drunk I point at the window by the kitchen Instead

  27. Y'all forgot about Aggravation. You can literally screw people over forever.

  28. Pastafarians, UNITE! (P.U. for short) says:

    No Hungry Hungry Hippos?!? Wtf?

  29. I think Uno and Especially Coup should be on this list idk if alot of people know it but Coup can get Rather messy when it comes to friendships.

  30. Pastafarians, UNITE! (P.U. for short) says:

    Ah, yes.. I knew deep down that Trivial Pursuit would be here.
    These games are exactly why I love Solitaire.
    That way if there is any yelling & fighting, it's just me kicking my own ass.

  31. Pastafarians, UNITE! (P.U. for short) says:

    I can think of a couple PvP video games to list.. Tekken (any of them) had led to several arguments between my husband & I.

  32. One of my roommates refuses to play Risk after I’ve won every game we’ve played. Not my fault I’m good at diplomacy and strategy.

  33. we had the computer version of Risk at my school and one kid got so mad he lost he literally threw the computer.

  34. Ticket to Ride … when you start blocking other people's routes not to complete your routes but to screw them. It's good strategy but nonetheless mean

  35. Playing Jumanji would definitely end a friendship.

  36. Super narrow take on boardgames overall… For example, Codenames is far from being part of this over some other landcontrol -games or social deduction games those rely on messing with other players. Bang, Rising Sun, Smallworld, Eclipse, Game of Thrones, Munchkin, Pax Pamir (and other wargames) those contain much bigger likelyhood to turn provokative experiences between friends.

    But Risk is definitely THE ONE. Sad to see, you ranked it only second most frustrating one. That game is a total mess

  37. The choosing of the tokens is the first argument in Monopoly. It's all downhill from there.

  38. Big business deals have "ben" settled of Cones of Dunshire.

  39. Never heard of ultimate werewolf but it sounds like Clue

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