Top 10 Board Games That Didn't Need A 2nd Edition -

Top 10 Board Games That Didn’t Need A 2nd Edition

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Join us as we run through our top 10 board games that didnt need a 2nd edition.


  1. its all about cute animals in our games now…….

  2. Camel up, and Sherif of Nottingham should have been here imo in place if fireball island and unfathomable.

  3. My top 3 are Rocco, Great Western Trail, and Mombasa

  4. I'd have included Descent: Journeys in the Dark. The first edition was a behemoth on the table, but it was tons of fun. Then they made a second edition and tried to 'streamline' the game by leaving a lot of the game out, changing the way pretty much everything worked, and making it a campaign game from the get-go instead of individual quests meant to be played over an evening. THEN they had to go and make a THIRD version, which they renamed to "Legends of the Dark" because they made it so that you need an app to play and without it you have just a giant box of components that you can't do anything with.

  5. While i do agree on the Castles of Burgundy megadelux ks edition i do not agree on the Castles of Burgundy 20th anniversary edition, which i own, and was a very welcomed reprint with a graphic restyling and some expansions of the original game at a fair cost. That was (and is) a way for some people – me included – of getting a very good classic game which wasnt available otherwise

  6. You steered clear of most Fantasy Flight Games. If anyone can do worse new editions, it's those guys. Runebound 3rd edition (and arguable 2nd edition should have been the original – it was basically 1st edition with playtesting), Arkham Horror 3rd edition, Descent 2nd and 3rd editions (yes, I believe 2nd edition is a significant step down from 1st), Game of Thones 2nd editon (both LCG and board games), Rex (should have stayed as Dune, and Gale Force 9 showed that) and I'm surw there arw many more….

  7. Chinatown really didn’t need to be re-themed and revamped into a gaudy amusement park

  8. great list. I would add Cyclades, Glen More and Dune Imperium

  9. 3:54 It also removed the 2-player game with the 3rd dummy player, as a way to play the game – due to how unpopular it was by most… Therefore, you can no longer play the game with 2 players at all. 😞

  10. Being a linguist I thought this should be about games so f**king awesome, they never got a second edition. Which brings to mind… It would be nice to see ToP 10 games that need a 2nd Edition, but never got one.

  11. 11:39 Age of Innovation completely replaces Terra Mystica… It is a lot deeper and more strategic. There is just no reason to buy Terra Mystica – after you get Age of Innovation. Age of Innovation is just better in every single way…
    That was the problem with introducing it. It basically makes everyone who owed Terra Mystica have to spend more more – just to get the better version of it – which they should have had originally (of course the publisher had benefitted from already having Terra Mystica, I get that). But AoI is the better game!
    BTW, you could also argue that they re-printed Terra Mystica a 3rd time – with Terra Nova (basically Terra Mystica-Lite) – which just doesn't work – because it doesn't streamline the game down enough in order for non-gamers to be able to play it – and also changes some fundamental parts of the system… Yet, you fail to mention anything about Terra Nova.

  12. 12:17 So you call AoI or without even having played it. So you don't even know about the new book mechanism and how they help improve the strategy – simply because you love the original Terra Mystica…
    Age of Innovation may very well have been the original vision design-wise – and then what would you have said? That they are stripping an integral part of the game, the book idea away… and therefore making the game now of a family game (sound familiar? Similar to Terra Nova, right?!)

  13. I agree with Libertalia but the new tiebreaker mechanic is much better. Wish I could incorporate it into the original

  14. I love the Madeline Castles of Burgundy I don't care!

  15. As a huge Lovecraft fan I agree that its so annoyed how its putting into anything.

  16. I was gifted a copy of the new Castles of Burgundy. It was from an unexpected friend and it means the world to me because of that. It's also my favorite game. That being said: I still have my 1st edition copy because the one thing that most gamers haven't tired of, but I have is BIG BOX SYNDROME. They whine about the size on their shelves but for me…the REAL problem is the ability to take it with you, the amount of set up and the amount of space it takes on a table. CoB, again, is my favorite game but I do face hesitation when picking it and I'd almost never throw it in my game bag to take somewhere over the other copy. My goal to saying all this is that it's not all sunshine and roses with these big box deluxe versions and I've never wanted to be someone who glosses over the negatives of even things I love. 😀

    Also…for Spartacus…I also have the full game and I highly suggest keeping an eye out for the deluxe version of a game called "Flow of History" people will sell it for cheap and it has the PERFECT small metal coins that are thick like Roman coins would have been. Get a few sets of those and it helps not have sweat infused cardboard coins! HAHAHA!

  17. I can’t wait to hear your opinion on Cyclades Legendary Edition which is a game that you already own and where things got removed from the original.

  18. I bought the deluxe version of castles of burgundy and it's f@cking awsome!

  19. Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures completely fucked us with their 2nd Edition. Fuckers. You had to upgrade all of your old ships. Motherfuckers. Cunts. Massive money grab. Wankers.

  20. Gaia Project is actually quite a lot different than TM, but unfortunately almost everything that they did to the game made it worse. Terra Mystica is a good example of a game being done right on the first try and all iterations of it being worse.

  21. Love the topic of this video, and generally agree. Kemet would be my #2 unnecessary 2nd edition, and #1 is probably the X-Wing miniatures game. FFG/Asmodee took a brilliant self-contained system, mauled it to shreds and tossed it in a filthy alley to rot in the darkness.

  22. Board game discussion paired with coarse language certainly creates a unique experiential space. This ain't no Dice Tower.

  23. Twilight Imperium comes to mind.
    Container (you pay double the price for plastic heavy ships and plastic containers)
    and the tip of the icberg…. Food Chain Magnate….. plastic ugly looking tokens… a plastic bullshit alltogether.

    Ripoffs all of them.

  24. Age of Innovation is Terra Mystica with a built in expansion. If one does not own Terra Mystica then they should get Age of Innovation. Gaia Project is different enough you could justify having it and TM or AoI but it’s also not that different either that it’s a hard sell to say it is

  25. Can't agree more for 7 wonders. My brother offers me the Armada expansion not knowing this and I couldn't play with it. I found this really mad and got angry against the game I'm not playing it anymore … what a waste seriously.

  26. Man, I wish the world had more people like you. Honest and sincere, telling it how it is. Not doing any real harm, just raw customer feedback. Everyone is so full of shit these days that they don't realize they're lying 24/7.

  27. Right out of the gate, I agree 100% with your number 10. And I'm Puerto Rican.

  28. So wish you would back off on the cursing. Love your reviews and want to see your valuable perspective. But most of the time I stop listening partway through. And my kids cannot be around when I watch. Again. Love your perspective. Not your cursing

  29. When you need a replacement outer box for BSG let me know. I'll include the Broken Token insert. Both on the house. I also have the Exodus Expansion box that I can send along which will double your fight against the ravages of time. I bought the wooden LaserOx insert and outer wooden box so I'm safe for hopefully my lifetime and have stored the extras. My BSG core box isn't Mint but the Exodus box is near mint. That said I suspect my BSG core box may be better off than yours but I would wait until I receive a nice Awaken Realms packaging box and re-use it to ship these off to you. Their packaging is beyond ridiculously good. I guess if anyone local in your area has been storing these empty BSG related boxes it may make more sense for them to pitch in before someone tries to toss these across the seas your way. Just to be clear, this is just an offer to help you with empty boxes and storage inserts not the actual game material. That said you might appreciate doubling the shelf life of your BSG box. Of course if you follow my footsteps and get the LaserOx box…you would be in the same boat I am in. Sorry I tossed Pegasus and Daybreak. Others in my boat may have kept all 4 boxes for display. I'm guessing quite a few people may be out there with extra BSG boxes as a result of Broken Token and LaserOx storage.

  30. Libertalia…..a BIG YEP……what 🐓 sucking, MF designer on their payroll decided to screw up the most epic, most cut-throat, Pirate theamed game ever to hit the Gaming Table?….the new one is a watered down 🐈 of it's former self. They took the F🦆ing Slave out…..the politically correct Slave…..holy 💩… the name of WOKEness…… I'll never buy that watered down piece of 💩. I'll play my original till it disintegrates back into the earth…… BULLOCKS!

  31. Goomhaven 2nd Edition is in the works. I'm still on the fence whether to upgrade my pledge (if they let me). I guess TI missed this list because it was laser focused on "2nd edition" and its already on to its 4th. I guess special editions like TTR 10th and TTR 15th and Cosmic Encounter 42th Anniversary editions also wouldn't make the cut. ok but I just got the Awaken Realms Robinson Crusoe edition too.

  32. Congratulations, you didn't take feedback. I have enjoyed the channel but whatever. So, as someone who didn't have Eclipse, I should have gone and tracked down all of those expansions? Come on. You may not think you need a 2nd edition, but someone who doesn't have the game probably does. And it's not the same exact thing. Have you actually looked at 2nd edition yourself, or are you just guessing at that? Whatever = bollocks.

  33. Five Tribes and the new and improved definitely-not-slave cards is my number 1 by far. It's not a 2nd edition with inferior gameplay, but it's much worse than that. It's a 2nd edition that insults my intelligence. That I just can't handle.

  34. So refreshing to find a boardgame channel that stands apart from the usual bandwagoning nonsense that this hobby has devolved into. While not a 2nd edition, TI4 sucked me dry from ever wanting to play anymore TI. Unless somebody asked me to play TI3, which they don't, because it is against the moral code to play previous editions of anything apparently.

  35. skymine.. hands off… found a dutch edition of Mombassa, printed the rules in french (sorry im french) and fuck the moon

  36. Rex: final days of an empire comes to mind. Luckily that's been fixed

  37. You can add tobthe list the renewed Ethnos
    Also, Tyrants of the Underdark

  38. So on point with most CoB. Why in the world anyone would spend $100+ on the delux edition is beyond me. Someone of FB asked if they should buy it if they has never played CoB. People are crazy out here in these board game streets.

  39. Disagree about Kemet. I don't care about the 20% larger monsters (but many people like that), the change of the map colors is meh to me (not a real improvement, not terrible either), but functionality was slightly improved.

    I don't care much about new assembly pyramids vs old style dice. One gets points for simple practicality, the other for theme.

    All of the above is unimportant to me or just a very small change to slightly better or slightly worse.

    These certainly aren't reasons for a worthwhile second edition.

    But there were improvements that make the second edition objectively better.

    The useless, boring, redundant design mistake Level 3 VP tiles got replacements. Solid improvement.

    Scaling setup by better to number of players is an improvement.

    The tile tablets are a massive improvement for storage and gameplay. The whole box organisation is better now.

    The VP track is a nice enhancement.

    Starting with a lvl 1 tile is a small rules improvement, but still an improvement.

    There's more detail improvements in the tiles, DI cards and rules.

    B&S isn't a must-have replacement over original Kemet. But it's overall a clear improvement and fixes some issues.

    Original Kemet still works fine and nobody who owns it has to run and get it replaced.

    But given the choice I would always opt for B&S because it's better.

  40. So happy I went with the first edition of Kemet! 😀

  41. And now Awaken Realms is doing a new edition of Puerto Rico with disgusting AI generated "art". Just an overall ugly looking edition.

  42. no, no no. the new deluxe version of CoB gets me to play the game. Call me a bloody bastard.

  43. I disagree with you on Eclipse. I for one was glad they made an upgrade to the first edition. I understand your frustration, the first edition will not continue, but the second one is just better in almost every way.
    1. Time to start the game from opening the box was vastly improved. You can start the game within 10 minutes. With the first edition 30 minutes was a minimum, if you knew, what you were doing.
    2. Putting the game in the box is also faster. 10 minutes and it is gone. Perfectly in order. With first edition you had again 30 minutes and some work at home.
    3. It is easier to play; everything is better thought out. (like; you can accidentally bang on your action sheet and not destroy your whole economy record)
    4. Explaining the game is much faster. The rule book has been slightly changed so it is easier to understand and some rules have been changed. The result is, you have to play once to know the game. With the second edition you could get the game on the third play through.
    5. Overall there were mistakes in the game, that needed an overhaul. Second edition had to come. It is a bit sad, you can not use the first edition's material.
    6. The price is high. That is what you pay for all the figs, inserts and the overall quality. I hate what Twilight Imperium comes in. It is just bad; time it takes to set the game up, time to put it away, amount of place it takes on the table (that is rubbish), no insert. Why?!?

  44. One thing is for certain…I'm a fuckin' idiot.

  45. I only have kemet blood and sand, but I think the components are nicer than the original. Miniatures are a little bigger, the trays are nice. I get the hate on the map, but ah well… can’t win out on everything.

  46. 100% agree with you on the BSG reprint of Unfathomable. It may be a faster game, but I have ZERO interest in the Cthulhu theme.

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