Top 10 Board Games That Exceeded My Expectations -

Top 10 Board Games That Exceeded My Expectations

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I talk about ten board games that I thought would be good, but turned out to be even better.

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  1. Viceroy is highly underrated. There is an enormous amount of game in that little deck of cards and pile of gems. I think I like it more each time I play it.

  2. Certainly went the opposite way on Caesar, but yeah Long Shot and Air/Land/Sea were better than expected for sure. I already knew Arnak was going to be awesome, no surprise on that one. Still not played Mandala yet, but I'm hearing "hidden gem" vibes a lot.

  3. I feel like investing in better quality audio and some things to deafen echo would make this channel blow up. Content is so so good, and you speak so intelligently about old and new games, but some of people I think switch off because of the audio quality.

  4. Viceroy was my very first KS, and a while back I tracked down the expansion at quite a cost, but I really like it!
    It's still a bit different from all the other games in my collection, however it sin't easy to table. I also still have to play Capital Lux 2, got it a while ago but excited to play it now.

  5. Nice list. I haven’t played half of these games which is refreshing for a top 10. I agree that Nova Luna is a sleeper hit. Surprisingly, I have played this game much more than expected.

  6. My top 5 games are in your list. Mandala, Condottiere, Caesar, Air, Land and Sea and Lost Ruins of Arnak. Seems we have strong similarities towards board games. In my view the list should also include 7 Wonders Duel (with Expansion) and Battle Line

  7. Area control games don’t work with two players ?
    Try Go , Wei-qi, Baduk . Whatever you call it . It’s the best two player game ever

  8. 4k subscribers congratulations. Thanks for the fantastic list. I prefer Sagani to Nova Luna. I just like the art better. Very similar feel.

  9. I see no lies, all brilliant games, except Arnak. it's a mess, and not so challenging in any way

  10. Recently played Royals and it definitely exceeded my expectations. You may want to give it a look

  11. I got 7, 6, 4, 3 and 2. Capital Lux 2… its on my check out list.

  12. Viceroy was my very first boardgame ever. Now I own almost 120 boardgames and I still own it. Is such a hidden gem imo, great video!

  13. Two of the best card games indeed are Condottiere and Capital Lux 2. I recently introduced C.L.2 to a local playing group and was a big hit. I still want to try Mandala. Several reviewers have song their praises of it.

  14. I’ve heard you talk about Mandala enough that I finally ordered it (though I’ll be waiting since it’s in the same order as my Anachrony pre-order). I love Lost Cities and it seems to have some of the same DNA.

  15. I agree with most of your picks but arnak is just a basic resource conversion builder with a tacked on hand management element and beautiful art. I don't understand the love it gets.

  16. Mandala is soo sooo good. If you don’t own it you should. It’s just that good. Maybe one of best card games ever and in my top game to teach

  17. I really enjoy your content and we seem to have some overlap in game mechanism preferences.
    – I recommend checking out "Sagani", which I prefer to Nova Luna, although they share some DNA.
    – I also enjoy Mandala's elegant design (which I play with an easily created DIY version – 2 standard playing card decks, with black & red picture cards as 5th & 6th suits).
    – I want to check out Viceroy and Capital Lux.

  18. I agree, both Air Land and Sea and Mandala are fantastic card games. I’d love to get my hands on Capital Lux 2 as well but no copies are available in Australia at the moment. I enjoyed my first play of Lost ruins of Arnak but thereafter once we realised that the way to win was to max out climbing the track at the side it lost its shine.

  19. Really getting into CL2 from your past recommendation. The pocket edition is great.

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