Top 10 Board Games That Gave Me A Semi -

Top 10 Board Games That Gave Me A Semi

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Join us as we run through the top 10 board games that promised so much but delivered very little.


  1. Oh man, now I'm really considering you to be nutso, Fortune & Glory is awesome, but hey, your list, lets' move on.

  2. I have learned from all the previous Red Raven games that they are just not for me. I'm tempted by this one, but no, not gonna do it. His games are not for me.

  3. Well, I learned from other dark and slow dungeon crawlers, Omega 7 protocol, claustrophobia etc. that nemesis wouldn't work for me.

  4. Ok for fcks sake, will you just become the best board crap reviewer? This channel gets you a semi. Fantactic time like you've just been let to bada bing for the first time. I love cabaret and eng industrial humour when beer started its existence for simply having less bacteria than water. Insta sub and like for this YT r|_|bbish 🙂

  5. omg man this was super funny and i agree with u about a few games on the list whole heartedly especially ur number 1 mine got culled along with the ryan lauket thingy great video! Stay Hexy!

  6. Came here to say the Pat Butcher comment made me snot lager out of my nose

  7. It's funny, because the things you didn't like about Rebellion are pretty much why I love it! But I also acknowledge that's not for everyone.

    It's so dang stressful to play as either side but for completely different reasons, and that tension sticks with you the whole game. It's also interesting that you found the Empire to be the stronger faction (saying invariably they do end up finding the Rebels), because in my own playing so far, I've found in my own plays that the Empire can do some way overpowered stuff (I once turned Luke into a Jedi and then the Empire immediately invaded, captured, and converted Jedi Luke on the same turn, and it was one of the worst gut punches I've ever felt) but the game will still favor the Rebels thanks to those objectives knocking down the turn timer (a couple turns later I sent a decoy mission to distract Dark Jedi Luke, and then pulled a bunch of daring moves all at once and knocked the turn timer down like 4-5 spaces and set myself up for a timely base evacuation). That tension of overpowered force that you still have a chance to fight back against feels so extremely appropriate and fun.

  8. dude how is this guy not playing a mastermind villain in some triple A movie, I would actually pay to watch it and not pirate it I swear, this guy has the voice the personality and the ice cold piercing eyes of a renown handsome yet homicidal genius

  9. Another brilliant video. Surprised that Reload didnt make it onto your list of boner killers. The game that promised so damn much and delivered so little!

  10. Laughed so much! Keep up the excellent work. Pat Butcher munster! Classic 😆

  11. I thought this was gunna be about good game, I misunderstood getting a semi for a boardgame

  12. I normally love your content and always recommend your videos to people as the only bg YouTubers I find entertaining, but the comment about Gaza was really disappointing

  13. This man is single handedly curing me of getting all the 'hotness'.

    Seriously, i realize i have more games than i need. and am much more frugal these days. So much herd mentality and gatekeeping infested the hobby.

    Refreshing channel here!

  14. I finally picked up a copy of Gloomhaven, I was feeling so pleased with myself 😞😂

  15. Not wrong about the new sleeping gods being sold on the facebook group. Seen about 10 this week 😂

  16. Roasted multiple of my favorite games and still loved it 😂

  17. You never…absolutely never, fail to satisfy. Thank you very much for this video

  18. " is this a bad game? No, I quite enjoy it. Is it a perfect game? No, it's got flaws" – this is every game ever made.

  19. Good to know! I do agree that Eleven is lacking. I feel it needed a few more months of play-testing and development. It just feels like an unfinished product to me.

  20. Might be the best board game review of all time.

  21. Gideons Mob Official Youtube Channel! says:

    OMG agree 100% on this video ESPICALLY Gloomhaven. My buddy has it, i played it once, was bored off my arse. Just boring as fuck. Keep up the videos mate! Best channel on youtube!

  22. Gideons Mob Official Youtube Channel! says:

    ROFLMAO! My pup Emma Peel barked at the ring bell on your video lol

  23. Hey! If you want a full hard-on, you should get Cthulhu Wars!

  24. Gloomhaven is so much better digital… give it a go.

  25. i think this is the best video i have ever watched. this video gave me a boner!

  26. Wow, you simply named an embarassing numbers of my favorite boardgames ever, in the same video. Ahahah

    Gloomhaven we have completed in 4 players the whole campaign (1 year and 7 months), then we completed Jaws of the Lion, and now we are currently on Frosthaven. It's a masterpiece…I cannot see any flaw.

    Sleeping Gods, we enjoy it a lot, in 2 players me and my wife.

    Nemesis is probably the number one pick when we are 5/6 players, we probably did more than 50 games, and recently picked up Lockdown for a welcome change of variety in the map/setting.

    Hero Quest we play it a lot, but I am the game master (since decades…) creating custom quests, we never play the one of the booklet (too basic!) because this is not a boardgame as much as it is an “editor”, in fact, as “game system” suggests on the cover, this title really shines on custom content. We played one of my new quests just 2 days ago.

    War of the Ring is awesome, a masterpiece, we always play it in 4 people (2v2) and is a cinematic experience everytime. It takes 7 hours, but every minute is so meaningful.

    Merchants and Marauders, we play in 2 people at home, as it's our favorite pick when talking about sandbox games, because it's never “empty” (even with 2 players, you have 8 boats on board) so it's a wonderful sandbox for 2 players really, while others are too long or too empty.

    I think that maybe, because of your profession (you need to play a lot of games, always on a schedule) maybe you don't take enough time to appreciate them enough? Some games really need some commitment to be enjoyed.

    While others takes some experience. One example? Nemesis: you will not die, if you know how to play. We have people die just 10-20 min before game ends, max. No one dies early, because we know the game well.
    Also: player count gone wrong? Merchants and Marauders is stricktly a 2 players game. I will never play it with more! Same exactly with Sleeping Gods, max 2 people.

    Also: Hero Quest with only “basic quests” is quite lame, but used as an editor by a committed gamemaster, it's a marvel.

    Probably you play "too much stuff for too little time", given the profession. Just my view/opinion ofc.

    Still great fun watching you, keep up the boner

  27. I made Sleeping Gods tolerable by ignoring the daily encounters that invariably led to cascading failure, so I could focus on exploration (the reason I was playing the game in the first place) and actually stand a chance during battles (which I generally enjoyed, now that they were winnable). It still suffered from the same failing all narrative campaign games suffer from – it would be better as a video game – but at least it was playable.

  28. In the new dictatorship, the moderators at BGG would be forced to watch these videos, while Doctors looked on, recording how long they could hold on before their hearts gave out. A great website let down by the moderators need for a safe space if their latte is not served in a rainbow cup, with black milk. Any polite, alternative viewpoint to someone posting a very insulting rude, rant, will found out what I mean.

  29. Laughed hard and agree with %80 of it.. Well done you now have me worried about your floppy cock… Do a vid on what surprised you and got you rock hard?

  30. Where am I supposed to put the semi the game gives me? "Semi" in parts of America refers to a tractor trailer/18 Wheeler commercial vehicles.

  31. Flying Frog Productions has also been lying to people about the release of the two expansions for Fortune and Glory. For the past 5 years they’ve been giving dishonest information about them. They all but given up on all their product lines that aren’t Shadows of Brimstone. Even that line seems to take them well over 5 years per KS to deliver with an unacceptable level of minimal communication with their backers.

  32. The antidote to the saccharin world of popular board game reviewers i need.

  33. I assume you’re gonna do a top 10 that do pitch your tent.

  34. Bravo, I am rethinking the hooks on all my content after this one. Love the concept and execution. It definitely gave me a fully. Earned a sub here.

  35. The Gaza hospital line had me in stitches – well played 😂

  36. As a French student of the english language, I must say I enjoy very much all the efforts you deploy to improve my vocabulary. I sure will have some use for these kind words when I'll visit 10 Downing Street next May. And I must confess that I mostly share your opinions about the games you present. For this and all the rest, thank you, Sir. 😉

  37. My biggest disappointment in board games was Super Dungeon Explore. I loved the style, and the game promised dungeons and smashing lots of minions and using fun powers and getting cool loot. In the end it was watching other people roll dice for most of 3 hours, and when it comes back to you the most effective thing you can do is do the same attack a couple of times, then watch other people do the same again.

  38. I'd like someone to watch this and say swearing isn't big or clever

  39. The 2 player thing is the reason i haven't bought SW Rebellion. I really want it, but what the fuck is the point in 2 player only games…. get to fuck, have a game of chess then have a cry wank about not having any friends, you sad cunts.

    Same with Gluehaven to be fair. I want to play it, but the ball ache of setting up and packing away is less appealing than a dose of AIDS to be frank. You also need to employ a fucking hod carrier to get it on and off your shelf every time, as its as heavy as a fucking war diary.

  40. You have outdone yourself with the jokes in this video! “Expected Usain Bolt but got Oscar Pistorius without his legs” got me so hard!

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