Top 10 Board Games That Require a Lot of Strategy -

Top 10 Board Games That Require a Lot of Strategy
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Top 10 Board Games That Require a Lot of Strategy
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Settle in, we might be here a while. From Sequence, to Cranium, to Monopoly, these board games require more strategy than your typical game night. WatchMojo counts down ten board games that require a lot of strategy.

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#10: Sequence (1982)
#9: Cranium (1998)
#8: Ticket to Ride (2004)
#7: Monopoly (1935)
#6: The Settlers of Catan (1995)
#5: Carcassonne (2000)
#4: Risk (1957)
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. Everyone who thinks monopoly is a good game is dead to me

  2. There are a lot of information that shows that Go has so much strategy than Chess that's not even close. The first and foremost is the fact that a computer won against a human in Chess around 20 years ago and it only just happened with Go a couple of years ago.

  3. I lost it when i saw monopoly. I mean tick tack toe requires more "strategy" xD
    Dont fuckng make a video about stuff you know nothimng about.

  4. Watch mojo, do you want to say some modern games are better than checkers? I dont think so

  5. Mad disrespect on backgammon. The oldest still played game today. 3000+ years old

  6. This is aterrible list. Seriously GO in the same list as Monopoly. Just terrible.

  7. This is is damn near identical to your top 10 board games list. You just added Chess and Go and Trains while removing Battleship. Snakes (Chutes) and ladders and Trivia Persuit

  8. Mancala? in the Philippines its called "Sungka".

  9. For Axis and Allies, they put 1981 in parenthesis and used the 1914 game smh

  10. You missed the most acclaimed game, Puerto Rico!

  11. What can you expect from a list from watchmojo? Pure trash for noobs in the board gaming scene, with some exceptions

  12. Cool video! I also had a lot of fun playing MadMobz. My friends and I played it and had sooo much fun 😄

  13. I do agree that Chess is #1. I believe that Clue should have been on this list and that Monopoly should have made #2. The best non-strategy board game is Aggravation.

  14. 10.Sequence
    8.Ticket to ride
    6.Settlers of catan

    Honarable mentions
    Puerto rico
    Axis and allies


  15. Heres are top 10 picks of games to get at walmart, target and other big box retail. Lets not talk about Fantasy Flight Games, GaleForce9 Stronghold games, and other gaming companies out there that have great games that isn't Monoply or Risk.

    If you want to play risk but feel you want a more thought provoking game. Try Twilight Imperium 4th Edition. You pick it up at your local game store or Amazon. (BUY LOCAL) but this strategy game takes it to next level by having to pick from 17 factions getting 10 victory points and claming to rule a whole galaxy. It takes 4-8 hours to play and has everything risk does just better.

  16. I don't know if they consider shogi to be a version of chess, but I found shogi to be more complex, as any piece captured can be used as a reinforcement. It makes sacrifice a much more dangerous strategy.

  17. Welcome to the World of Othello 🙂 definitely a game that will activate your brain

  18. I play chess everyday and I adected playing it

  19. i know only 3 of those games mentioned here AND i'm a hardcore board games.

  20. Bah, none of the difficult strategy games like Squad Leader or Diplomacy.

  21. Great game! Actually, I've played this too. Speaking of strategy, why not try to check LAGIM card game as well. It's a strategy type of game wherein you need to defend your baryo against evil fiends. Is based on Filipino folklore and myths. Kindly check the FB page and their website for more info. The game will soon be launching in Kickstarter.

  22. Number 1 Chess. I would have been disppointed if it was anything else,

  23. I love your lists but you got this one ALL WRONG! Talk about real strategy games…come on, Cranium??? WHAT? Monopoly? WWWWHHHHAAATTTTT???? Most boring game ever yes! Lots of games have surpassed Catan, Scarbble, Risk and Carcassonne. Please reedo this list and make it a real one

  24. Ya lost me when you called monopoly a "heavy strategy" game

  25. Nothing beats chess in strategic planning and gameplay

  26. “10 best strategy games”

    Show Monopoly in thumbnail 😂

  27. This list: e x i s t s
    Me: laughs in eurogames

  28. 6 hours on Risk? That’s cute. Talk to me when it’s an all night campaign after Friday night football and finishing up as mom is finishing her coffee before going to work on Saturday.

  29. Most of the games on this list do not require that much strategy.

  30. Watch mojo narrator: :-Shows pics of Magnus Carlsen world champion playing.
    Me: :-Wanting to become a profesional chess grandmaster but still stuck with only 1200 FIDE after 1.5 years of 4 hours a day.
    Me also: :- consoling myself saying it take 12+years for many people to become grandmaster.
    Mom: Why havent you replaced Magnus carlsen yet. Why do i waste money on your chess coaching?

  31. I have lost faith to this list when it mentioned monopoly, real "strategy"

  32. This title is misleading. "The top 10 well know board games requiring strategy for new players" should have been the title. If you know board games you know how unbalanced and luck driven some of these games are. I will only play 2 out of the 3 board games

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