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Top 10 Board Games That Should Be In EVERY Home

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The Spring Spectacular continues with Mike, Tom, and Zee discussing the Top 10 Games That Should Be In EVERY Home.

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  1. I haven't finished the episode yet, but I had to come in and say that I very much disagree with Tom and Zee on Dice Thrones. I have introduced many new players to the hobby using DT and it has always been a great time! They have low complexity characters that anyone can use. The cards are written very simply but even if you worried about that you could play a whole game without them and be just fine. Roll dice, match up, bit hits, lots of fun.

  2. The audio of this video is rather low quality and scratchy. Issue with the mics?

  3. 7 Wonders Architects is only $39.99 at GameNerdz.

  4. The low complexity games to appease Timmy and grandma are overdone, yall need more lists of fun high complexity games

  5. Here is my list of 10 games no particular order.
    Just One
    Fore Sale
    Can't Stop
    Project L

  6. This is almost a top 10 games you can buy in a normal shop – not a specialist gaming shop

  7. Love can't stop but it's so hard to get at a reasonable price

  8. Have a brother named Jedidiah. Can confirm.

  9. I like the guys but sometimes: $45 (7 wonders architect (cheaper than 7 wonders)) « not cheap it is a shame» $50(trekking through history) « very fairly priced »

  10. I'd add one of those variety boxes that include boards and pieces for playing checkers and chess and usually at least one more like Chinese checkers or backgammon. They are cheap, and those games are generally known well enough that anyone in the house will find something in there to play.

  11. Good lists! I have two copies of Just One so more people can play!

  12. OMG Zee's "wild-eyed guy" has got to be one of the top 10 funniest things on the internet

  13. Ticket to ride should be number 1 in all 3 lists.

  14. Men At Work trumps Junk Art. I love the junk, but rule changes for every city don't sit well with everyone. Also, Men At Work is much more eye-catching.

  15. "Paddles don't paddle water! People paddle water!" 😂😂

  16. Have you guys done a list like "Games we like but wouldn't recommend"?

  17. Thunder road vendetta will replace Downforce. At least for me on this list.

  18. Great lists all around. Mike probably had my favorite list though. But Tom had the most approachable list. I'm surprised Carcassonne didn't make the cut on any of the lists.

  19. any chance we can get a 5-10 minute stop motion video of board game pieces arranging themselves into numbers to pleasant music 🥹

    for some reason this is my favorite part of these top ten list lol
    though the reviews are good also 🙂

  20. I would really like to see a story-driven game included in this list. Some games that come to mind … Tales of Arabian Nights, Legacy of Dragonholt, Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective … some of the best laugh-out-loud moments have come from Arabian Nights. 🙂

  21. Based on allt he conversations (re accessibility, too geeky, etc), I the title of this video should have been "Top 10 Board Games That COULD Be in EVERY Home*. 'Should' be? Nah. Could be.

  22. bahahahahah ZEE….. people will FOREVER BE ASKING YOU TO DO WILD EYED MAN! 😀

  23. Whew, almost had to turn in my gamer card, I have 11 of the games on all 3 lists.

  24. Before watching:
    My GOAT games that have repeatedly worked with completely different groups of non-gamers are Junk Art, Cockroach Poker, Cheating Moth and Deception: Murder in Hong Kong.

    After watching:
    I very much agree with Tom on Just One!, Zee on Archaeology (and Junk Art obviously) and Mike on For Sale and Dixit — It can be creative, serious and hilarious depending on who you play it with.

    And whether it is geeky or not, Werewolf works very well with large groups (also completely different people of different ages) but you need a strong moderator.

    I've seen Codenames & Ticket to Ride flop with some people . I love King of Tokyo but this doesn't have that universal hook.

  25. Used to love King of Tokyo, but hate the player elimination. Can't stand continuing to play the game while the first time player is standing by watching.

  26. Guys… Its been how many years. Who does your sound? For real? Talking should NOT peak your input meter. Not trying to be a smart alec, just a very frustrated sound engineer over here, lol.

  27. Mike was ON FIRE this top 10! I love this!

  28. You guys are entertaining big time 🙂

  29. Thank you! Here was my top 10 with a variety of difficulties…
    Settlers of Catan
    Quixx (fun roll and write)

    Formula D over Downforce because some people don't like betting, more straightforward than Heat.

    Ticket to Ride (Classic)
    Pandemic Iberia (Cooperative)
    Cascadia (it is just fun)
    Trekking through History over the Crew (you convinced me)

    7 Wonders (you convinced me 7 Wonders Architects)
    Earth (replaces some other games)
    Water Proof Deck of Cards

  30. Can't Stop easy Number 1 choice from Mike
    Just One another great Number 1 choice, Tom

  31. I know 2 jedidahs, they're only in their late 20s

  32. Just One is the absolute #1 choice. Always goes down well with anyone.

    Other ones I thought of (before I watched the video):
    Can’t Stop
    Cursed Court
    Catan (I don’t even love the game, but it belongs here)
    6 Nimmt

  33. Here is mine:

    1-7 pool your money and get a good Crokinole board. It will last forever and everyone will love it.

    8 Horrified for coop play
    9 Survive Escape from Atlantis
    10 Ticket to Ride

  34. This is why I love this hobby: I've been at it for 12 years, amassed a collection of 500+ games, played almost 1500 different titles, and I still find games on people's top 10 lists that I've never even heard of. In this list, it's "Can't Stop." I consider myself fairly familiar with Sid Sackson. I own Acquire and I'm The Boss, and I've played Samarkand twice. Yet "Can't Stop" — a game from 1980 and apparently one of Sid Sackson's most notable games — didn't exist in my world until April 2023. It's definitely being added to my collection. I can already tell it's a winner!

  35. @Zee: so happy you mentioned Archeology. Such a great game that nobody in my circle seem to know or appreciate enough. Another pick that would have fitted you list is Latice. I distinctly remember your review of it after which I purchased it. Still a good breezy game for a Sunday afternoon.

  36. 1. Ticket To Ride
    2. Carcassonne
    3. Jamaica
    4. Azul
    5. Las Vegas
    6. Megaland
    7. Horrified
    8. For Sale
    9. Point Salad
    10. Sushi Go

  37. As someone who was new to board games and really didn’t even know I liked them werewords was one of the first a friend showed me definitely not to geeky

  38. In 10 years everybody will have Heat in their homes

  39. We play Quest for Eldorado with our two kids, ages 5 and 7. No issues learning the game or understanding the strategy at all! But maybe I'm just bad at boardgames…

  40. I like Tom's comparison of Monopoly and disease

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