Top 10 Board Games That Should Have Been MEGA HITS - Chairman of the Board -

Top 10 Board Games That Should Have Been MEGA HITS – Chairman of the Board

Chairman of the Board
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I talk about ten board games that should have been blockbuster hits. These games have all of the qualities needed to be successful but for some reason failed to catch on.

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  1. For me Cosmic Colonies is very underrated and I consider it a very family friendly yet crunchy experience. The farm shop art comment cheap phone app that can give a virus was pure gold 😂👏.

  2. Great topic! Agree there is a disconnect between My Farm Shop box art/illustrations & gameplay/target audience. It doesn't bother me….I don't purchase board games to hang them on the wall! But point well taken 🙂

  3. We love Miyabi! Probably one of our most played games.

  4. I personally won't buy or play My Farm Shop, as I'm not a fan of animal exploitation simulators. The board game world has finally started to move away from exploitive colonialism, hopefully it won't take as long to realize that animal exploitation isn't something that should be glorified or promoted either.

  5. Thanks for an interesting list. We seem to have similar tastes in games so I always like to hear your thoughts.

  6. I’d really like to get miyabi now thanks for highlighting this.

  7. I expected this list to be of games that I've heard of that maybe just weren't popular, but I've honestly not even heard of most of these! 🤯 I've seen Miyabi in the children's section of my FLGS, looks like I'm going to have to take a closer look.

    I am a little surprised about My Farm Shop, though I bet that art does play a part. It got a great run-through from Rahdo who said it replaces both Machi Koro and Space Base for him, it got an episode of BGG's Game Night, it got so much publicity. I personally love it.

  8. amazing video. I want to buy every one of them! All going on my wishlist. Many thanks

  9. I don’t think I’ve played any of these. I’ll have to go check them out if they are secretly this amazing!

  10. Thanks for the list. I checked before Juicy Fruits and Farm Shop, but wasn’t interested. The other recommendations sound interesting.

  11. Have you thought that game can be not popular because of distribution issues? I would like to buy Free ride, no shop has it 🙂

  12. I still don't know how, but one day I'll get my hands on a copy of Rumble Nation

  13. I have 3 of these games (Miyabi, My Farm Shop & Juicy Fruits) and I have to admit, we don’t play the often. I want to get them out and play them more now; thanks for the motivation!

  14. Great idea for a list – I love Miyabi, Good Critters and Cross Clues

  15. I like Xi'an, I bought it after I saw it listed in one of your top games a few years ago. Glad I picked it up. Juicy Fruits, Rumble Nation and Miyabi are very appealing to me. Thanks for the great list.

  16. Great topic for a video! Excellent pick with Good Critters, I was quite surprised that even as a Dice Tower Essential it didn't take off.

  17. Free Ride isn't widely available in the UK yet. It can be bought from Europe at the minute and I think its set to hit distribution soon-ish. I can see it taking off when people can pick it up from local shops.

  18. I have owned Juicy Fruits and Miyabi. Both have great productions but I got tired of the constant scoring in Miyabi and Juicy Fruits was a bit boring, it just didn't grab me.
    My pick would be Kohaku, it's like Quadropolis but with fish. 🙂

  19. Xi'an is one of our favorites, and I'm always surprised that most people have never heard of it.

  20. How do you think My Farm Shop compares to Valeria: Card Kingdoms (which has been, arguably, the superior game when compared against Space Base or Machi Koro), or even the newer Bad Company?

  21. The #1 reason games don't become mega hits when they legitimately could have is availability. If the first printing sells out quickly and the publisher can't get it back in stock, or loses tons of momentum

  22. Great video 😉 would love to see a part two of this list

  23. I backed Tumble Town through Kickstarter and was not disappointed. My wife really enjoyed the puzzle type aspect of it and the many different ways of scoring your town at the end. Also has a solo mode so you can try and beat your previous scores.

  24. I think there are a few reasons for Cross Clues not being that popular.

    – Nothing new, Codenames did the same thing years ago
    – Co-op aspect is less appealing than team vs team
    – You’re often stuck with ‘impossible’ pairs of words in Cross Clues. In Codenames, you can give clues for just one word, or your team can accidentally guess your words.
    – You can only give clues for 2 words in Cross Clues, resulting in much fewer memorable risky / skillful clues compared to Codenames.
    – Lack of marketing (?)

    I’m sure there’s more, but these are few aspects I like in Codenames more.
    Of course, Cross Clues has the upper hand in downtime.

  25. Random algorithm suggestion strikes again.

    Great topic. Tumble town and ship shape look great.

  26. Super interesting list! Might have to do my own at some point

  27. I know some people don't like GoodCritters if they didn't get a chance to be The Boss . Which can easily happen with large player counts.

  28. I loved this video. I'm going to dig in and try some of these. Thanks for sharing.

  29. The good critters need to be played with the sort of people who needs to put their feelings in the game only. I saw some couples escalate fights over this game. otherwise its super fun, never been so angry with my friends who I love very much before.

  30. Love the list. You really sold the games, especially for My Farm Shop, cos the very look of the box puts me off ever even considering to watch any reviews on it. Rumble Nation looks cool too.

  31. I have two mid to heavy games that definitely should be mega hits. Trismegistus and Terramara.

  32. Great games to keep an eye out for!
    I picked up a game called "Overseers" last year, mainly because the art was so interesting and its a bit of a deduction game, which I didn't already own. It is a really good game that I am sure nobody knows of. I love the pokerbluffing element to the game and the voting mechanism works really well. I would recommend this for anyone looking for something a little out of the ordinary.

  33. I picked up Miyabi for a very good price after watching your review and agree it is a fantastic game.

  34. What a great topic, really enjoyed hearing your picks and shining some light on these underappreciated games!

  35. I am going to refer to this list in the future when I go for another purchase.

  36. My farmshop! 👏🏻 great game With an idea as simple as it is difficult to maneuver: the constant disappearance and replacement of cards. I think the same of Miyabi. A Perfect game, even more so than Azul. If I had to choose a game that should have had a better run, it would be Hadara. A high point in the Hans im Gluck catalogue.

  37. Kind of crazy how many of these games I own, and pretty sure I own ShipShape thanks to you! Miyabi is fantastic and everyone I have taught it to liked it a lot.

    You’ve put Xi’an on the radar now. I’d heard of it but knew nothing about it.

  38. Great picks. Big fan of Rumble Nation and Free Ride.

    “..geography is popular.”

  39. codenames is much better than cross clues. The reason codenames is as fun as it is, is you can chain 4-6 words together. The satisfaction of not just figuring out a clever association with SIX other words but having your team connect and pick them is sublime. Cross clues is just associating two words. Its closer to so clover which I prefer over cross clues as well.

  40. I only have My Farm Shop, and I had my eye on Miyabi for a loong time, but box size (due to my shelf space) pulled me away from getting this 🙁
    I'll check a few titles here, great suggestions, thanks!

    PS one suggestion that I can think of is Mare Nostrum. This game is in our group right up there with Cyclades and Eclipse

  41. 18:50 I lol’d at your complaint. Sad though considering Rudiger Dorn is one of my fave designers.

  42. I agree with codenames. I think that is only fun with 6 players. Codenames duet is nice with 2 or 4. I own Miyabi and I don’t know if I have to own much more polyomino games (I own patchwork and we finished my city). Nice list to put some games on my whishlist.

  43. GoodCritters is pure chaos. Nobody in our group is able to keep their head in the game. Also each round is basically the same and the loot cash is only in 3 different amounts and the amounts are more or less the same if I remember well? 3000/4000/5000? Which makes it not really tight at all.

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