Top 10 Board Games That Should Have Been MEGA HITS - Chairman of the Board -

Top 10 Board Games That Should Have Been MEGA HITS – Chairman of the Board

Chairman of the Board
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I talk about ten board games that should have been blockbuster hits. These games have all of the qualities needed to be successful but for some reason failed to catch on.

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  1. Sir, you need to calm down. You talk like you are in a huge rush and viewers have to be worried wether you die by running out of breath or not. whew

  2. I was expecting Rumble Nation and was not disappointed.

  3. I would add The River. Great price point very nice components and an excellent intro worker placement game.

  4. Blokus is a game I fell in love with the first time I saw it. Crush flowers. Nobody has ever heard of it. Forestaurant, same thing. Selling games requires huge marketing…Sorry man but this format just doesn't work. The games you discuss are unknown, and the overview of each is so short I can't get any impression on their gameplay. Might suggest a shorter overview with links to extended playthroughts of each. If they are as great as you say they are I'm sure you won't mind making videos on them?20:45 miyabi is continuously pleasant. Zee talks about it

  5. Definitely 1 game is hand of fate ordeals a deck building adventure game and a sold 1 too and it really should of been a big hit but unfortunately the company went bankrupt and now it's out of print but it really is a great game 1 of my favourite deck building games even

  6. I’ve added Cross Clues to my wishlist and I already own GoodCritters. The rest just don’t look all that interesting.

  7. Juicy Fruits has great art, those amazing chunky wooden fruit, a super pleasing slide mechanism, a nice puzzle and then also something that surprised me — that you control the game end adds an amazing amount of tension and tactics! Also nice interaction in the game overall.

  8. I have Goodcritters and got it to the table once. I think it depends on the group – for more gamer-y people I think it could work better. My one play of it went 'ok'. One guy really enjoyed it. I don't really like the "Zootopia" theme. It seems people would rather play Cash n Guns but I do think that one is a bit more random and basic.

  9. This vid is a great resource. I love hidden gems!

  10. Thanks for the video. From watching your videos it appears our tastes in board games are somewhat different sometimes, but I enjoy hearing your opinions. Thanks for turning me on to Xi'an. It looked cool and I was able to find a copy for $20. I love it. I brought it to my board game meet and a couple of the people were a little apprehensive during the teach(more likely my fault), but everyone ended up really liking it.

  11. I agree with your number 1. Love that game, especially with the many mini expansions. We also played a lot of Cross Clues when we got it. Good choices.

  12. went out last night and bought Juicy Fruits and My Farm Shop on your recco……….love these types of videos and will let you know how I like them……always looking for sleepers…..thanks

  13. Really sucks that Rumble Nation was never picked up by a major publisher. The name however doesn’t make someone jump in my opinion, but the game as an area control mechanism with dice is unique, fresh, and appropriate for just about any gamer. Someone dropped the ball on this regarding distribution big time.

  14. In my experience, Codenames isn't as great as people might think with more than 6-8 players, it's just too noisy, might as well play Two Rooms and a Boom (but I don't like that game either). It seems to me the better game to replace Codenames for me at least, is Just One, even going back to Dixit has been enjoyable. If people want a really "party" style game, my choice is Monikers, or Snake Oil. Pure silliness that I don't mind engaging in.

  15. Goodcritters issue was it's theme, very poor choice in theme IMO

  16. I've only played Tiefe Taschen (predecessor of good critters), but I agree on that one totally, every group I played it with, liked it.

  17. A couple of games that I would consider for this list: World's Fair 1893, Sentient, Lotus, Spirits of the Wild, Sanssouci, Sushi Roll, and Project L.

  18. I love Xi'an: Terracotta Army. It's has so many mechanisms, but they all fit together and play so smoothly. And the theme is great. Kinda of a sucker for games with ancient historical themes.

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