Top 10 Board Games to Start Your Collection -

Top 10 Board Games to Start Your Collection

The Brothers Murph
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Today we talk about the 10 games that we think you should start your collection with!

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  1. Great list guys! Can't wait to see 10 more great starter games!

  2. Great list. I would add:

    Quacks of Quidlinburg
    Point City
    Bunny Kingdom
    Welcome to


  3. 10 that I would recommend:
    The Crew
    7 Wonders
    Micromacro Crime City
    Marvel United
    Space Base
    Quacks of Quedlinburg

    Concordia and 7 Wonders are right on the edge of too heavy/abstract for new gamers. I might substitute them for Cat in the Box, Patchwork, or Barenpark

  4. Ra, sweet. Paid for the deluxe. Reluctant to open it haahaahaaaha

  5. His mic decided to mute him, or his Mike decided to mute him… Hmmm 🤔

  6. Great list! One that I always use for newer players is Century: Golem Edition. Visually appealing, simple rules, and quick turns. It usually takes a game to where the hand management/comboing really clicks and they usually want to play a second time to do better.

  7. Thank you for making a list that actually has a good variety of games on it! I’ve watched a lot of other videos like this, but they have all picked games that I honestly don’t think are for beginners. I would be so overwhelmed or bored with a lot of the other suggestions, but I think that you guys did a good job of picking a nice variety of games for different interests and that won’t scare people away!

    The first few games that we bought were:
    Salem: 1692
    Potion Explosion
    Roll For It
    Sushi Go
    Ticket To Ride
    Quacks of Quedlinburg

  8. I'm so glad you've noticed that Paint the Roses is secretly workers rights propaganda 🙏

  9. How about Gloomhaven 😛
    The game that is a collection by itself haha

  10. This is a great list! One of my favorites to teach is The Game. Simple cooperative card game, straightforward rules with one simple twist that introduces some of that decision making you mentioned in the video.

    Space Base is also great. Engine building where you have to pay attention to what's going on other people's turns. Just a super satisfying one, i think.

    To everyone that reads this in the future… welcome to the hobby!

  11. My starting list would looks like this :

    -The Game
    -Alice's garden
    -Just One (or) Detective club
    -Cascadia (or) In the Footsteps of Darwin (or) Kingdomino
    -Little Town
    -Guild of merchant explorers (or) Isle of cat's explore and draw
    -Jaipur (or) Splendor Duel (or) Tokaido duo
    -Mountain Goats
    -Men at Work (or) Flipships

    There you would have a bit of every type, very easy to play with entry level rules and that are not taking too long

  12. Glad to see Unmatched ranked so high!
    Its amazing

  13. Weird to not show any images of the number 1 game when all the others have examples.

  14. I started with Parks and I thought it was a nice beginner game that is still fun even as you learn the hobby more. Just a solid game overall.

  15. Is it just me… or does the dude on the right look like Ryan Reynolds brother? You boys Canadian?!!

  16. Chronologically, my first 10 games into the hobby were: Carcassonne, Ticket to Ride, The Downfall of Pompeii, Survive: escape from Atlantis, Jamaica, Port Royal, Forbidden Desert, Jaipur, Tobago. I am 4 years into the hobby and those still get to the table a bunch with newcomers and they are all greatly appreciated.

  17. Going to thoroughly disagree with Unmatched being best as a 1v1. I think it plays best as a 2v2. That's how we always play it. The character combos are fun and the teamwork makes the game a lot more fun. When one player is low on cards the other can help out.

    I will also add, if you are playing a 1v1, use the small 1v1 maps. It drastically changes the power dynamics.

  18. I’d make this list half eurotrash and half Ameri-awesome. That way people can figure out they don’t like mini cubes and tax forms before they spend too much money 😂

  19. I got my Mom and sister into board games with Flamme Rouge and Parks. They especially love Parks.

  20. I haven't heard of half of these and only own/have played 1.
    But Cascadia is one of my favourite games I own. Very fun, and easy to teach.
    The only game i was able to get my dad to play with me.

  21. Great list – thanks for sharing! And I appreciate the various suggestions in the comments. I’ll have to check out Cartographers (isn’t there a similar game that you just draw lines one turn at a time?). I bought my wife Cascadia last year and it is definitely the one we pull out the most. Simply because it is a quick play, especially for 2-3 players), gives us that “puzzling” that we like to do, and not a game that you need to overthink. I can see why you would consider it a starter game. I also like the suggestions for Ticket to Ride, made by many. Although, I actually prefer that “board game” as an ipad game, now. Still, a good game to start out with. Again, thanks.

  22. I didn’t start into the Euro games until my 21-23year old (at that time) adult kids started introducing them to me in 2010- we started with Catan, Dixit, Ticket to ride, Dominion, 7 wonders.
    A neighbor then introduced me to- Azul, Concordia, Skull, Via Nebula, Kingdom Builders… and for my birthday was given Carcassonne, Parks, King Domino, and Tiny Towns.
    I’d recommend- Catan, Dixit, Dominion, KingDomino, Ticket to Ride, Skull, Splendor, Carcassonne, Azul, Codenames to start off with.
    Though my favorites right now are: Parks, Citadels, Everdell, Flamecraft, Quacks, Azul, Dominion, Carcassonne, Dixit and Codenames in no particular order- or-depending on whom I’m playing with! 😁

  23. Thanks for these suggestions from the Brothers Murph and the comments! Will be looking into several of these and definitely will be hinting for Paint the roses for Christmas! ❤

  24. I personally wouldn’t include Paint the Roses due to its difficulty for some

  25. Hey, Ticket to Ride Europe is a fantastic choice too

  26. Haven’t seen Catan anywhere on here so I’ll include it. By far the board game I’ve spent the most time on. No game is ever the same, not too many rules but in depth strategy and different ways to win

  27. Great list! It’s hard for me to replace one of the games on your list, but I would try to get Tiny Epic Galaxies into my top 10 starters.

  28. Im totally new to board games, like, actual 0 experience, tho i watched James' board james series and I've been looking for a board game to be with actual figurines and 3D layouts and moving parts kinda like tornado rex. Are there any good ones like that that still sell today? Unmatched and project L in this video look cool and sorta like that without the 3D landscape

  29. Splendor was the game that got me into the hobby. I highly recommend it.

  30. Started with 7 wonders architects, simple and addictive
    Continued with Sagrada Paleo empires of the north and beer and bread.
    Recommend all

  31. My first "not monopoly" style games I ever played were Dominion and Agricola with a friend from my wife worked with. To this day Agricola is my favorite game but our closet has expanded exponentially. I'm loving this holiday season seeing videos like this pop up and I'm like, oh here's someones top 100 games ever.. and I've only heard of like 4 of them. Cool time to go shopping.

  32. This is interesting. We have what I consider to be a good collection of games, but not a single one on your list! My 10 recommendations to start a collection (from the ones in my collection) would be in no particular order: Jamaica (for those who like Sorry), Machi Koro (for those who like Monopoly), Web of Spies (for those who like Risk), Quirkle (for those who like themeless/abstract games), Hardback (for those who like Scrabble); Awkward Guests (for those who like Clue); at least one co-op game (Pandemic, Forbidden Island, Pandemic-Reign of Cthulu, Pandemic Iberia, Pandemic Hot Zone, Horrified, are all good choices), a "small"/short in duration game like Ticket to Ride London, or Las Vegas; a push your luck game like Dead Man's Draw or Push; a two player game (Star Realms, which can be played with 4 players if you have two decks, Mr. Jack, 13 Days, are all good choices) and Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle (for those who like Harry Potter)… Is that 10? If not, I'll throw in an honorable mention: Black Fleet. How did I do?

  33. Talisman (1st edition). The only boardgame I played as a kid, and, a few decades later, played with my kids.

  34. Point salad is a good family game and I also really enjoy Arboretum!

  35. Another 2 to 4 player game where you go head to head is called Dice Throne. It’s very fun and the best way to describe it is that it’s basically battle Yahtzee.

  36. Oh no, Mike is rocking the newsie hat; a sure sign he has completely given up on his body. I will pray for you.

  37. In no particular order! I play a lot of games with less experienced games so these do skew towards lighter but I have always foudn these games have always had wide appeal and can be played with a wide age range.

    Ticket to Ride (USA if you like more getting in each others ways, Europe if you like less of that)
    Archaeology: The New Expedition
    Sub Terra – If you've seen a horror movie call The Descent, this is that in board game form.
    Sonar Family – Battleship but there are two submarines and you're trying to ancitipate and hunt each other.
    Potion Explosion
    Colt Express – Embrace the chaos
    Tiny Towns – Like Cascadia, puzzly good, a lot of variability.

    A little bit more challenging but not hard:


  38. I just recently got into board gaming. My introduction was Street Fighter The Miniatures Game. After that I got into Alien: Fate of The Nostromo, then Steam Up. Looking forward to adding more to my collection! 😃

  39. Resistance! But i often have only 4 players and cant play haha.

  40. In this year I got into Azul and Splendor and got totally hooked. I bought the Marvel version of Splendor, and honestly, it's a great way to start. Now we're looking to step up and the videos and comments have been super helpful. Exciteeeed 🎲✨

  41. Settlers of Catan deserves a spot here. Honestly believe it should be the new household staple (as opposed to monopoly, blegh). Other great games I'd add are Dominion, Tokaido, Munchkin, Azul, Acquire, Coup, Quest for El Dorado, Pandemic and something similar to the Resistance or Secret Hitler. All pretty easy to play and teach with different levels of Mastery.

  42. The settlers of Catan. Was the game that started it all for my family and friend group now we play a lot of great games like 7 wonders, Carcassonne, Everdell,The lost ruins of Arnak, the castles of burgundy, azul, wingspan, Ticket to ride, splendor……

  43. Great list and suggestions in the comments, thanks!
    I’ve read well over 50 comments and still haven’t seen any mention or recommendation of the board game I started with: Dixit. As the newbie 4th at a table of hobby gamers I had literally just met for the first time, what really hooked me in with Dixit was that after two games I had acquired several rapport building insights about the other players that no other game has matched ever since. Any ideas for the lack of mention?

  44. cool. Good stuff as usual
    My Top 10 to start with:
    * World Wonders
    * Survive
    * Ticket to Ride
    * Azul Summer Pavilion
    * Settlers of Catan
    * Castles of Burgundy
    * Tobago
    * Raiders of the North Sea
    * Hanimikoji
    * Wingspan

  45. I started with Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, Puerto Rico, Terra Mystica, Tzolkien, Powergrid, Cyclades, Kemet, Nuns on the Run, Pirates Cove! Did I start with too complex games? I thought the ones I was learning were not that hard to pick up….interesting but much different than this list.

  46. Other than dice tower this is my new go to board game channel

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