Top 10 Board Games to Start Your Collection -

Top 10 Board Games to Start Your Collection

The Brothers Murph
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Today we talk about the 10 games that we think you should start your collection with!

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  1. Just a shout out for a game that has worked for us, that hasn't been mentioned, is Colt Express. Hilarious mayhem. Also one night ultimate werewolf.

  2. I nominate Parks for a great accessible game. The art is beautiful and the rules are easy to teach and quick to learn.

  3. Fun video. I would say The Crew, Just One, and dice thrown are great options

  4. If you like old school horror films i really recommend Final Girl. It is small, highly thematic, mix and matchy and a ton of fun! Yes it is a solo game, but you can take turns and work on it cooperatively as well.

  5. Frosthaven is not on this list? invalid.


    but i would like to add horrified as a good game to start your collection

  6. Splendor was my first board game love. it stays one of my favorites. I've also gotten several other people into the hobby with it.

  7. Love the Cartographers example map. Quite "colorful".

  8. Light worker placement: Agricola: All Creatures Big & Small Big Box (2-player only)

    Medium worker placement: Lords of Waterdeep

    Trick-taking: The Fox in the Forest (2-players) or Skull King (3+ players)

    Dexterity: Rhino Hero

    Deckbuilding: Star Realms (best at 2-player)

    Push your luck: Port Royal

    Abstract: Azul

    Tetris-like: Patchwork (2-player only)

    Set collection: Ticket to Ride

    Area control: The King is Dead

    A warm welcome to new gamers! Happy gaming! There's never been a better time to get into games. Games have never been more varied, more pretty, or more expensive. Shoot, forget that last bit. There are still some great cheap games too.

  9. Get 'On Mars'. If you can dodge a brick, you can dodge a ball.

  10. I found out that if you host a game night with not really versed players, a short game in a small box can help to break the ice. Most people don't like learning rules and the longer the teach the less people want to play a game. This shows them that learning the rules payed off in having fun. So they are more willing to listen to 5-10 minutes of rules for a bigger game.
    I recommend Zombie Dice or Sushi Go! type games for this

  11. 1: Ticket to Ride (gateway, drafting and routing intro)
    2: Cascadia (gateway, drafting and tile placement intro)
    3: Just One (Party, Gateway, Co-op, Creative)
    4: Dorf Romantik (Intro to co-op, strategy discussion and unlocking new content)
    5: Parks (Intro to resource management and placement)
    6: Takenoko (Combines multiple gateway elements)
    7: Pandemic (Grow into quickly, more advanced co-op)
    When Ready to go deeper 8-10
    8: Planet Unknown (Intro to tech trees, asymmetric & simultaneous play)
    9: Wingspan (Dive into Pure Engine Building and action selection)
    10: Honey Buzz (Deeper strategy intro with action chaining, worker placement and timing)

  12. Some of my faves that i dont think would be bad to start with would be ; King Of Tokyo, Mysterium, Betrayal At House On The Hill, and definitely Horrified Universal Monsters and/or Horrified American Monsters!!

  13. No PWH?! Who are you guys?! Haha, just kidding, great list!

    I think my list would vary greatly depending on who it’s for. My collection is for my family which includes two kids (ages 9 and 14,) so these are my top 10 games for a family collection, in no particular order: Kingdomino Origins OR Moonriver, Cascadia, Trekking the World, Century Golem Edition, Horrified, Gizmos, The Quest for El Dorado, Funfair, Honey Buzz, and for grown-ups, Viticulture and Rajas of the Ganges. 🥰

  14. Here’s some games that work: Terra Mystica, Gaia Project, Teotihuacan. If you can’t get with these then GTFO my hobby…

    Totally jk btw lol. I’d say get the Carc, Patchwork, Ticket to Ride, Pictomania.

  15. I love Cartographers. I would love get That's not my hat, Cascadia, and painting the roses.

  16. I would add galaxy trucker. Fun, easy game, fast also at 4.

  17. I would say King Toyko. Just one. King dimono. Stella. Codenames. Cartographers. Love letter infinity gauntlet. Parks. Wingspan. Ticket to ride. Clank. New York zoo. Barenpark. Horrified. Ice cool. Rhino Hero. Fireball Island. World's fair. New York 1901. Stop the Theif. Spots. My shelfie. Sushi go. Boop. Decorum. Marvel United. Trailblazers. Thunder Road Vendetta. Cora Quest. Zombie kids. Minecraft portal dash. Scooby Doo game. Wizard of Oz story book. Microcity crime game?

  18. Good idea for a list. I think I’d replace Potato Man with Tricky Time Crisis, which is also must not follow and also pretty basic, but may become a little easier to get than Potato Man.

  19. I started with Azul (loved by everyone) and Codenames. I’ve been steadily growing my collection, but recent favorites have been Just One and Kluster. Loving this hobby thought, and I’ve brought a few people into the hobby with other people’s suggestions. Appreciate you guys, thanks for the content.

  20. Quacks of Quedlinburg
    Burgle Bros
    Quest for El Dorado
    Sheriff of Nottingham
    Men at Work
    Cockroach Poker

    I've never had a single bad experience showing any of these newcomers!

  21. My list:
    1. Cascadia
    2. Patchwork
    3. So Clover
    4. Azul
    5. Planet Unknown
    6. Time’s Up: Title Recall
    7. X-Men: Marvel United
    8. Welcome To The Moon
    9. Concordia
    10. Fuse

  22. My 10 starter games would be:
    Ticket to Ride
    Heat: Pedal to the Metal
    Betrayal at the House on the Hill
    Wave Length
    Thunder Road Vendetta

  23. Great video idea Bros! And a nice list. Like you said at the end, the comments section has been great! Newbies and oldies sharing ideas. Like quite a few people of my vintage (I’m 38) the first “proper games” I played were Settlers of Catan and Ticket To Ride. Boy have things grown from there!

    I love your list. Especially trying to keep it to available and affordable options. For Australia I’d probably say:
    Sushi Go Party
    7 Wonders (oldie but a goodie. The gateway for many ppl)
    Bohnanza (a classic for a reason, I love it)
    Cockroach Poker

    A couple of these can even be bought at Kmart here which makes them DEFINITELY accessible cost and availability-wise. I think also gives a decent spread of types of game, including social deduction, co-op, cards, boards, euro-style etc.

    Obviously a bit weighted toward Phil Walker-Harding cos a) Praise Be b) he was my excuse for meeting Nick at Dice Tower West (delivery!) c) he’s an Aussie designer so frankly shld all be available at Kmart but aren’t (booooo!)

  24. I say buy all available Phil Walker Harding games is a great starting point for new players.

  25. I just played It's A Wonderful World for the first time and could not believe how fast it played at two-players

  26. RA is deceptively heavy for brand new gamers. Its like a party games for heavy gamers.

  27. I’ve had great luck with

    High Society
    Las Vegas
    Cockroach Poker
    Sushi Go
    Camel Up
    Star Realms

    Edit: Added Star Realms. Star Realms and Splendor are the games that got me interested in the hobby.

  28. If you haven't started your board game collection yet, it is like you are only hearing in monotone, but as you start adding your first games, suddenly you will begin to hear in stereo. 10 can provide a decent range of easy, challenging, family, cooperate, classic, new, 2-player, 4-player, 6-player, puzzly, comfy, mega production, travel-friendly, popular, unique, short, or Epic. But play each one as you go, and don't worry about the numbers. Soon you'll be hearing in surround sound.

  29. i just got cascadia yesterday! i mostly play solo modes! but i really like under falling skies! its easy to learn but super fun! and also regicide! is basically a 52 card deck with cool art and easy rules for beginners! to contrast i got marvel champions and still have trouble learning the card mechanics even with videos etc! so wouldnt recomend that one for beginers! i got wingspan and its not super hard but beginers might find it a bit confusing! and unmatched i havent got cause its for 2! so i wouldnt be able to even practice to be able to play with someone eventually! but i feel is much easier than Marvel champions just made for 2 and MC is made for solo basically! nice video! ill have to review it again 😂

  30. Start with something which interest you and you are motivated to learn/play.
    My collection started back in the late 80s with "Empires in Arms". Still playing it today.

    Starter games don't have to be light. It's the motivation which matters.

  31. These two losers gotta shit on classics and try to be elitist.

  32. The Castles of Burgundy is my GF's and my favorite game so far, after a decade of this hobby, and dozens of experiments with different games, starting with Carcassonne, our gateway game. We've played CoB so many times now and still love to play. The competition between us is FIERCE. We played it twice last week. The first time we played I beat her by three points. The second time she absolutely trounced me by like 50 points. We've got the large CoB poster on our wall. That's how much we love it.

  33. A couple other games I'd recommend for beginning collections:

    Targi. Simple rules, deep game. Two players. All-time classic.
    Carcassonne. No need to get into all the expansions of this classic, although some of those are fun. The base game is great. Works just fine at all player counts.

  34. Mike, I love this hat you’ve been rocking recently. You pull it off so well!

  35. Always love y’all’s lists. Ten great and unique recommendations.

  36. Based on your well-curated list, here’s ten alternates I would choose:
    Next Station London
    Res Arcana/Wingspan
    Modern Art

    Cascadia is just the best starter game so I gotta just agree on that lol

  37. Just One always slaps! Great with any group and is a great conversation starter and team builder. Also, Telestrations!

  38. Prob 6 years ago now or so my friends brought over Kingdomino, and I LOVED it (still do honestly). That moved me from party games more toward modern board games.

  39. 1. Roll and write: Rolling Realms
    2.Trick taking: The Crew
    3. Euro: Castles of Burgundy
    4. Party: Just One
    5. Engine/drafting: Splendor
    6. Abstract: Azul
    7. Bidding: For Sale
    8. Skirmish: Unmatched
    9. Polynomial: New York Zoo
    10. Tile laying: Cascadia

  40. Qwirkle is always in my list. Ticket to Ride (Europe), Patchwork, Odin's Ravens (2p only), Fluxx ( pick a theme that suits your audience), Kill Dr Lucky , splendour turn und taxis if they ever reprint it! Gloom (especially for the goths out there or Addams Family fans), Bonanza. Dorf Romantik.

  41. New to board gaming. Started June 2023. Found your April 2020 "10 Games to Start your Collection" recommendations. (have 7 of the 10 😊). Also found your Solo recommendations helpful. Love your channel!!

  42. My first real game was Survive back in 1982. I didn't get into the hobby too much, but I loved that game and dabbled with a few other things over the years. It wasn't until I bought Dungeon Mayhem and Ticket to Ride for my family during the pandemic that I fell in love with what modern gaming had to offer. After that I jumped right into Arkham Horror LCG without a clue as to what I was actually getting into but after three months of grinding on it things began to really click. After that I was jumping into Gloomhaven: JOTL, Pandemic, and Horrified. Now I've got well over 50 solid titles in my collection and I love it!

  43. I started seriously collecting board games when I hunted down the first edition of Sheriff of Nottingham! I think it's a great game to introducing gaming to a group. Other great intro games:
    The Mind
    Mafia de Cuba
    Diamant (now Incan Gold)
    Fun Facts
    Paint the Roses (as featured in the video)
    Detective Club
    Muffin Time
    Forbidden Island (or Forbidden Desert, if you want more challenging)
    Cockroach Poker

  44. I've been a hobby gamer for over 10 years and I still have no idea how to beat Paint the Roses! 😅

  45. I've been a hobby gamer for over 10 years and I still have no idea how to beat Paint the Roses! 😅

  46. Great list! …Mine is:

    1.It's a wonderful world forest
    4.last bastion rising
    7.project L / patchwork
    8.codex naturalis / kingdomino
    9.king of tokyo / celestia /marvel united
    10.ganz schon clever

    And then:

    Dune imperium
    Race for the galaxy
    The white castle
    Air land & sea
    Bang the duel
    Wild space

  47. My first thought was Mista Over Carcassonne- an addictive little cooperative game with a few levels of difficulty to work though (or not, in our case…)

  48. 1) Area Control-The Godfather: Corleone's Empire
    2) Deckbuilder- Toy Story: Obstacles & Adventures & Summer Camp
    3) Cooperative- Flash Point Fire Rescue & Back to the Future: Back in Time
    4) Card Game- The Crew & Sushi Go Party
    5) Abstract- Azul & Tiny Towns
    6) Puzzle- Sagrada & Isle of Cats
    7) Party- Bang the Dice Game & Just One
    8 Worker Placement- Fallout Shelter & Last Will
    9) Roll/Flip & Write- Welcome to & Get on Board
    10) 2 Player- The Fox in the Forest & Moving Pictures

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