Top 10 Board Games You Should Buy Your Kids For Christmas -

Top 10 Board Games You Should Buy Your Kids For Christmas

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Will and Liam look at 10 SUPER fun family-friendly board games that your kids will love!

Ooops —Jetpack Joyride won’t be available in time for Christmas. Look for it in stores Spring 2019!


  1. Hi, thanks for a cool video. I really like the “kids for kids” approach which is pretty unique and refreshing.I have just two points of feedback. One is that the older guy just straight up cut of the kid several times. I really appreciate his role as a summary guy. But let the younger one talk. Give him more space.The second one is more general. I would appreciate seeing some gameplay footage while you are talking about the game itself so I can see how it looks like to play it. It helps me a lot visualize whether or not it is a good pick for my younger bros.Great content, keep it up!

  2. Loved the review. My kids are 5,9,12 and their favorites are, (in no particular order) takenoko, sushi go, cockroach poker, ticket to ride, fearsome floors, roll for it, mustache smash, camel up, colt express and get bit

  3. Not a bad list. A couple card games my kids love is sleeping queens and cover your assets. They love clank and animal on animal, labyrinth, ticket to ride Europe, King of Tokyo
    Ages are 12,8,7,5

  4. Awesome list. Great video! Thanks for the ideas!

  5. Good list and thanks for the video! Liam, you have a great camera presence. Keep it up!

  6. What online stores do you recommend to buy from?

  7. My kids are gonna have to make up ganes with coal.

  8. Lucky! Wish I had my copy of Jetpack joyride.

  9. Excellent! The family that games together…

  10. This is an awesome list! This will help me out a whole bunch with figuring out what to do get for my extended family. Good job! 🙂

  11. Great list.

    I would also suggest Impact and Drop it.

  12. I play a lot of games with my students (second language learners) and here are some of their favorites. These are all 15-30 minute games

    5 Minute Dungeon (new Marvel version would be even better)
    Exploding Kittens
    Campy Creatures
    Sushi Go
    Zany Penguins
    Spot It
    Mint Works

  13. Really like the channel and great review as well.

  14. Kids favorite at my house is Stuffed Fables. The rest, not in order, are Settlers Of Catan, Sleeping Queens, any of the Fluxx, Volcano from the Pyramid Arcade, Ticket To Ride, Go Nuts For Donuts, and Sushi Go.

  15. I love game’s all lot you guy’s you guy’s are 😎😎😎😎soooo😎 I fall asleep to you guy’s😴

  16. No offense to Liam but he looks like my 1st grade bully. Also great video

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