Top 10 BOARDGAMES by GENRE X3 in 2022 -

Top 10 BOARDGAMES by GENRE X3 in 2022

Legendary Tactics
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This succinct video features 3 TOP 10 lists by the creators at Legendary Tactics. These are our favourite BOARD GAMES of all time by GENRE in 2022. Let us know whose list you like the best in the comments, and what games you would replace on our lists. To see out list from 2021, stab this link: . The Timestamps will guide you through each board game genre.






0:00 Introduction
0:27 #1 Area Control or War Games
1:39 #2 Co-op or Solo Board Games
3:10 #3 Card-Driven Board Games
4:52 #4 Dungeon Crawlers
6:41 #5 Euro Games
8:26 #6 Legacy or Campaign Games
10:22 #7 Narrative Games
12:18 #8 Modular Board Games
13:44 #9 Two Player-Only Games
15:14 #10 Abstract Board Games



  1. Thanks guys! A good assortment of titles. Great recommendation video.

  2. Damnit it looks like ive been buying all the wrong games for years!

  3. interesting choices, thanks for the upload!

  4. What is the app that all the digital versions were shown in? Was that tabletop sim?

  5. Cry Havoc is a great pick. I love the way battles are resolced in it.

  6. If you like Thunderbolt Apache Leader do try Corsair Leader. The system is pretty much the same but with a different map system and about 3 times the number of scenarios. Awesome. DVG sells a nice Vassal version that simulates the board and cards on the computer. Just click save and you don't have to set the game up again to continue.

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