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Top 10 Chill Games

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What’s a game you play when you don’t want to overthing things? You just want something chill to end the night? These are those games for me.

0:00:00 – Introduction
0:00:40 – Parks
0:02:20 – Trailblazers
0:04:10 – Carcassonne
0:05:55 – Kingdom Builder
0:07:35 – Ticket To Ride
0:09:15 – Cascadia
0:10:50 – Barenpark
0:12:55 – Roll to the Top
0:14:30 – Canvas
0:16:50 – Tranquility
0:18:15 – Crokinole
0:19:40 – Wrapping Up

Hadrian’s Wall –
Twilight Inscription –
Next Station –
Roll to the Top! –
Rolling Realms –
On Tour –
The Isle of Cats: Explore & Draw –
Fleet: The Dice Game –
Draft & Write Records –
Three Sisters –
Cartographers –
Railroad Ink –
Welcome to the Moon –
My City: Roll & Build –
That’s Pretty Clever! –

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  1. Top 10 most cutthroat mean and stressful games !

  2. 🙂 i dont think so – kingdom builder is chill game – so many preassure, so many thinking every turn, so many decisions and looking around… uff

  3. Great list. One of my chill games is Tokaido or Namiji.

  4. Canvas is our "zen / chill" game of choice. It's short, you get to assemble paintings no matter what, the art is gorgeous and creative.
    Annnnnnnndddd. it's #3 on the list (I started writing before the end of the video). So yeah… agree with the list!

    Flamecraft wasn't listed, and it's another chill game, aided by positive player interaction. The only issue is the later rounds can get a bit convoluted, so if several players are delaying the end state (by not drawing from the decks), it can be a grind.

  5. The most chill games in my collection (in alphabetical order) are Canvas, First in Flight, Flamecraft, Land vs Sea, P'achakuna, Parks, Planted, Shipwrights of the North Sea Redux, and Tokaido. I think it's interesting how different people have different games, with varying difficulty that they can still find to be a relaxing experience. Sometimes games that are more crunchy are going to be more relaxing for me depending on where my brain is at in any given day.

    As always, thanks for sharing, Alex!

  6. Beacon Patrol and Riverside are probably my favorite chill games and I hope you get to try them out sometime, Alex!

  7. I've completed my board in Patchwork several times! AMA. XD

    Just recently picked of Barenpark. I agree it's very chill. Beyond that, Tokaido, Namiji, as others have named.
    Santa Monica gives me chill vibes, even though it is a bit thinky at times.
    Juicy Fruits, Caesar's Empire, and Through the Desert are pretty chill as well.

  8. I have seven of these that would most likely also be on a top ten chill game list for myself.

  9. trailblazers 😳😳😳

    we're at great start already 🤣🤣🤣

  10. Chill? You clearly have not played Ticket to Ride with my group. A really chill game is two player Tsuro.

  11. I hear Dorfromantik is pretty chill as well.

  12. My 3 favorite chill board games are planted, Cascadia and junk drawer. I would love to see a list of games that surprised you because they were way better than you thought or possibly grew on you after so few plays.

  13. For my group the chill game that isn’t is Raccoon Tycoon. Wow most bloodthirsty auctions ever! I do love Roll to the Too as well. Will never claim it is the best game ever but it is simply fun and well done. So easy to teach and get people to try. I line it so much I have both first and second editions of it. I also found tranquility a few years ago and as soon as happily surprised by it. Great chill game!

  14. My most chill game is definitely Cascadia. It's what I bring out when I want to relax, not use much brain power and be able to have a conversation while playing

  15. "There are so many options to try this game" referencing crokinole. Incorrect. A friend's house, con, or buying it. 1 relies on a friend to have it, the other two require money. And not an insignificant amount. So of all of the games you listed crokinole is the hardest or least likely to be able to try or get hands on it affordably

  16. Starting the video, but guessing number one is crockinole

  17. Carcassonne was my most chill game years ago, until I played it online. Then I saw how cutthroat it could be.

  18. Coffee Roaster is a good chill game. The worst outcome is… a cup of coffee that could have been better. The tactile part of bag building, simple decisions, and fun theme make for lots of chill.

  19. Cascadia and Canvas are the two games that would overlap on my list! Ticket to Ride is cool, but I haven't played it in many years. Crokinole gets me going far to much to be chill for me!!! Very cool idea for a list 🙂

  20. I would reccomend tokaido, sea salt paper and art society

  21. Crokinole, Friday, Rove, Parks, Trailblazers are my 1,2,3,4,5!

  22. I’d put 2-player Tapestry up here as well

  23. Creature Comforts. That game came immediately to my mind when I saw the title. It’s one of those games where winning is not important to me, but building a cozy home. So relaxing and comforting. 😊

    And the second one would be Flamecraft. Such a calm and relaxing atmosphere building up the city and helping cute little dragons.

    Parks is also a favorite of mine. I often play it solo and just try to see some great parks. Winning is not important.

    And lastly, Vindication with Chronicles expansion as solo game. I just play for myself (no automa used) and let myself get immersed into the world.

  24. Am i the only one who read this as Chili instead of Chill? For a second i thought this was about chili themed games

  25. Ok. I love all the games in this list I've played. Now I need to play to other ones. Tks!

  26. awesome list Alex ! … I would just add : Planted, Sunset over Water, Jokkmokk The Winter Market, Land vs Sea and maybe Verdant : ) 👍

  27. button shy games; Grove -9 card solitaire stacking colourful fruits is relaxing 😌 before bedtime

  28. If you think Carcassonne is chill play with an experienced player that is out to win at any costs.

  29. My number one would be either Meadow or Wingspan.

  30. Another pick – Arboretum… Similar to your pick of Parks, the scoring, in this case, is very cutthroat! 😉

  31. 5:59 You mean it is LOWER on the list… Higher # = Lower on a countdown list!

  32. Kingdomino
    Conspiracy: Abyss
    Lost Cities
    Bees: The Secret Kingdom
    Fox in the Forest
    High Society

    Treasure Hunter
    Dream Home
    Winterhaven Woods
    Waffle Time

  33. 14:26 I would argue that it is a lot more than just "trying to get to the top first" – Because you have to be strategic about which numbers to place where!

  34. I know Canvas is a game… You don't have to tell me that it is a game!!!!! 😉

  35. If I had a dollar ($1) for every time you said that word "game" in this video, then I would be a rich man! 😉

  36. My favorite chill game is Tea Dragon Society Specifically Autumn Harvest. It’s so easy to pick up and play and has some strategy but nothing overwhelming that make you lose focus of just relaxing!
    Highly recommend 10/10 card game!

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