Top 10 Co-operative Board Games for Valentine's Day -

Top 10 Co-operative Board Games for Valentine’s Day

Co-ople of Nerds
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Love requires cooperation. Here are some board game suggestions to help out.


  1. Special thanks for the outro cuts- these are parents who get it !!

  2. Some interesting titles in there! The games that shift from cooperative to competitive (like that Aliens one) sound particularly cool! Neat gameplay element!

  3. Playing the legendary games with Fresh was amazing! One of my favorites!

  4. Good video! I’m drinking, the vibe is good 👍 be well guys!

  5. I could totally see myself playing many of these games and most of them I haven’t even heard of. Pandemic was one of those games that I loved so much I bought two of the expansions. Honestly I think we have so many similarities in our gaming likes that I could probably try any of these games you listed and love them.

  6. Great video I think I may get the Aliens game.

  7. pandemic was one of the first major board games I got into myself! Cool list, interested to try a few others as well!

  8. This was a little bit funny and made me curious about all the board games

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