Top 10 Complex Board Games | My Top 10 Heavy Tabletop Games of All Time | Board Game Brain Burners! -

Top 10 Complex Board Games | My Top 10 Heavy Tabletop Games of All Time | Board Game Brain Burners!

Totally Tabled
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This is a list of my favorite heavy/complex board games of all time with plenty of slo-mo beauty shots!

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  1. Thank you for this. You gave me enough information to help me decide on which games are more likely to be for me and which might not be.

  2. Lovely video, your pace and voice, along with all these pictures of the board make it very enjoyable.I want to invest in a crunchy euro and still a bit unsure which to pick. My games must have a theme i connect with, great board presence and player interaction and/or take that, which is important in our cutthroat group 😁I'm contemplating Feudum at the moment, but im also mesmerised by Anachrony, especially since they glammed it up.Thanks for sharing your thoughts in this vid!

  3. Do you have a video about all Vital Lacerda games and how you rank each one? So far, I could not find it but I did find your playthrough of a couple of them.

  4. Hi. I couldn't find your Lacerda ranking.. did you make that video in the end? Thanks

  5. If you enjoy Pax Pamir, you definitely have to check out Pax Renaissance ;). I'm really glad to see Antiquity here, it's a wonderful game, problably my favourite civ game with a map. If you want a great heavy game, try Hands in the Sea ;).

  6. I love how for the whole video you actually show the games instead of you sitting at the table and talking to camera.

  7. So… Where is the separate Vital Lacerda list…?!?

  8. brass birmingham?????????????????????????????????????????

  9. As a heavy board gamer have you tried 18xx type? So far I have tried 18cz and 1846. Both ‘lighter’ versions but I find those two very satisfying, 18cz especially has a decent 2 player version for when players are less available. Once your in them they are pretty straight forward rules wise but not choice wise, good stuff.

  10. Pretty good list!I’m very curious what about 18XX does not work for you? Clearly you don’t mind heavier games, but what about that subgenre doesn’t draw you in?

  11. …ugh… as an amateur writer for 2/3 my life- I've occasionally considered some kind of one-player games at times, with rudimentary enemy, neutral or allied A.I. strategy plausibility formula. Considering how lonely I am, yet actually a pretty nice guy, but also intelligent I am, its ironically embarrassing how outgoing I try to be- but being so poor most of my life is easily makes people like me seem easily: boring, frankly dorky and unappealing. I'm also stuck in a shelter with easily annoying, greatly more dysfunctional people than me. FML…

  12. "I don't play complex games, but these are the most complex games (that I play)." ?

  13. Hi , you sayed you are going to do a seperate Vital Lacerda list but I can not find it , can you please tell me if you already did it and how i can find it ?

  14. Consider Churchill or Power Grid or a ton of 18xx games (I particularly like 1846, the race for the Midwest).

  15. Where is that Lacerda Top 10? I have yet to take the leap into a Lacerda game. I really want to give it a try.

  16. Ooh, 'Pax Pamir' is incredibly good. So good. Really, really good. Wakhan (solo) is good. I'm eagerly anticipating Cole's 'John Company' right now. 'Lisboa' is 100% fantastic–like, few will ever top it fantastic. Challenging to teach, but worth it. I desperately wanted the same from 'On Mars', but… uh… it just didn't land in the same way, even with the brilliant theme. For civilization games, we (two-player) loved 'Clash of Cultures Monumental'. If you haven't tried it, please do!

  17. Thanks for the video, interesting list. I had to google what "grok" meant, first time I ever heard that word 😀

  18. All Lacerda's on two? I do not mind the cheat but it is wrong … On Mars for example is a lot heavier than Gallerist… there is a lot of difference between the Lacerda's. Your list is interesting, but mine is totally different, but that's to be expected, ask a 100 gamers and you'll have a 100 different lists. When it comes to Mindclash I find Trickerion a lot heavier than Anachrony. My list also contains Barrage, Praga Caput Regni, Trismegistus, Imperial Steam, Arkwright, Curious Cargo, and I agree with TTA.

  19. I'm of course more into wargames … but I would say that a lot of 18xx games are really not that complicated. A game like 1889 is even in the low end of medium.But in the genre you presented… Barrage would be a good candidate for a spot in the list.

  20. I love all your picks, apart from Gloomhaven. Great choices.

  21. Absolutely no hate for that #2 pick! 😍😍

  22. Once I saw your number 10 I knew I was in for a fantastic list. If you haven't, I'd encourage diving into the pax series with Transhumanity and Renaissance. Arkwright is the only other game that I'd put in my room 10 that you didn't have. Great list and looking forward to checking out the rest of your list!

  23. You obviously don't own High Frontier. Otherwise it'd definitely be on your list! 🙂

  24. What do you think about pax pamir solo?

    Btw putting all lacerdas at 2 should be considered as cheating 😂😂

  25. Great choices.
    The problem I have been s not the complexity of a game but the rule book ! If the rules are logically laid out then a bit of time and effort will suffice. However, if the rule book is badly written ( mainly due to lazy translation ) then it becomes frustrating and eventually boring trying to " decipher" how best do I play this game without cheating !
    Robinson Crusoe: Cursed Island (1at Ed) had my head spinning but I did so want to play it that I started writing notes with lots of ??? Did "this, that it the other make sense " ?……The answer was invariably no ! You may have guessed by now that I started playing a sort of " my own game " version ! Not a good idea at all because it can become a habit and a bad one at that. What helped ? Yes, watching UTube.
    Needless to say, some videos are better than others as are the ones explaining.
    Shaggi, you are calm and collected and that helps so much whearas there are others that talk fast, camera angles and audio problems to boot and " well, that is it ' attitude……I cringe at those.
    Congratulations for being the best.
    BTW: Yes, I lost again playing " This War of Mine " and not due to fighting this time but due to the cold and lack of food. Will try again next week 😊
    Kind regards and more great games.

  26. Interesting list. A lot of games I had never heard of before! Pax Pamir is another game I would love to see a solo playthrough of.

  27. I really like a lot of the games you did playthroughs on. Also love the way you do your playthroughs. I will give these games a closer look since I had a similiar taste in your past playthroughs.

  28. You and Toph will get along ! Hehe great list – Brad

  29. Thinking about getting a Lacerda and/or Mindclash game, but not sure which one.
    Any recommendations?

  30. I have never really been drawn to war games either but I have been looking at the “coin” series games from GMT and they look awesome! They seem to tell a good story about the conflict that they simulate. Very deep and interesting strategy as well. Just a thought.

  31. What a great list. I haven't tried anything Lacerda yet and keep almost getting there but not quite. Super curious about the video you will make about them. Also, I'm curious what you think about Spirit Island. And … if it ever comes up, I'd be so intrigued to see a tutorial playthrough of Pax Pamir because I've tried to wrap my brain around it, it is so elegant and beautiful (visually and game-design), and I'm still like not quite grokking it. Sort of how you described it. Your videos are frickin' awesome! Thanks for all the work you put into them.

  32. Thank you, such a great list, do a pax pamir solo please.

  33. "Through the Ages the number 1 most complex game? Bwahahahaha!", laughs Advanced Squad Leader, whose rulebook comes in a 2" thick binder…🤣🤣🤣

  34. Wow your videos are top notch man! Great job! Perfect amount of time spent giving us a glimpse of these 10 games.

  35. Great video! I'm really looking forward to your Lacerda list. I just haven't quite pulled the trigger on any of them yet but I want to at some point. Would be helpful to hear your opinion.

  36. I love every Lacerda I played so far! Does Madeira have solo? Curious about this game. We have very similar tastes.

  37. Looking forward to your Vital Lacerda ranking! 😀

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