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Top 10 Cooperative Board Games

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We list our Top 10 favourite cooperative board games of all time, plus a couple of honourable mentions. And in true coop game fashion we couldn’t agree on number 10 so there is also a bonus one.

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00:00 – Intro
00:13 – Honourable Mentions
00:59 – 10 Jess
01:19 – 10 Shawn
01:59 – 9
02:49 – 8
03:36 – 7
04:38 – 6
05:42 – 5
07:04 – 4
08:47 – 3
10:15 – 2
11:45 – 1
13:08 – Wrap Up

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  1. Great job on the list. I loved seeing what the two of you enjoyed. Lots of fantastic choices.Your #1 game in particular had me intrigued in that you enjoyed how it was not a stressful experience. Another recent game that has a cozy cooperative experience you might like is Mythwind. I'm not sure if you have tried it but may be worth looking into.

  2. Cool, do you try Beacon Patrol or Mists over Carcassonne?

  3. We've been enjoying the co-operative puzzle of Tesseract. Horrified is also a favorite co-op game.

  4. Great list. We love The Loop, Dead Men Tell No Tales, and Hotshots (unfortunately out of print).

  5. Have you played Return to Dark Tower?

  6. My wife and I play only co-op games, and currently own a couple hundred I think. So our top 10 is actually our overall top 10 also.
    Top 10 (me)
    1. Spirit Island
    2. Marvel Champions
    3. Pandemic (the entire group)
    4. The Crew: Mission Deep Sea
    5. Viticulture World
    6. Last Bastion
    7. Atlantis Rising
    8. Beyond Baker Street
    9. Daybreak
    10. Shipwreck Arcana

    Honorable – For Science!, Dead Men Tell No Tales, Shards of infinity (with Shadows of Salvation), Gloomhaven JOTL, Rush MD

    Top 10 (my wife):
    1. Chronicles of Crime
    2 Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle
    3. Rush MD
    4. The Shipwreck Arcana
    5. Spirit Island
    6. Beyond Baker Street
    7. Exit: the game
    8. MicroMacro
    9. Pandemics
    10. Endangered
    Honorable – Forgotten Waters, 5-Minute Mystery, Now Boarding

  7. Thank you for the fun list 😀 It is right up my/our alley 😀 Only have not yet played Unmatched since we are usually 3+ players.
    I really love Dorfromantik for relaxing evenings. So pretty and so cool they included the mini campaign and unlocks 😀 Hope you have many more enjoyable sessions 😀

    If you ever have a bigger play group you might want to try Mysterium/M.Park, Cthulhu Death May Die or Codenames Duett 😀 All of which really play well at 5 or more and do not overstay their welcome ^^.

    For cute but crunchy fun I can recommend KeepThe Heroes Out and for explorative puzzle scenarios Unsettled 😀 Both take a bit of time though.

    Admittedly since two weeks we have been hooked by Slay the Spire – co-op deck building game fashioned after the solo computer game. This turned out so well I currently think it is among the games with the most/best cooperation while being totally assymmetric. ^^ It scales perfectly for 1-4 players.

  8. Although I haven't played any games as bought them to take with me overseas as I'm moving from Australia to Europe to be with my wife and 8yo granddaughter, some games that have not been mentioned yet from reviews I've watched and am sure they are in your list of 35 are:

    Creature Comforts
    Sleeping Gods
    7th Continent

    I have 95 or so games so going off the top of my head and since I've packed them up, can't get access to them……..

  9. Oh yeah! MC:LCG
    Great list. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Question: have you played Leviathan Wilds?

  11. Dude…off topic question, but are you Film Ranker?

  12. Great video, kids and thanks. I’d suggest Eldritch Horror, particularly if you like GH and Horrified.

    Shawn, please be sure to put up some gameplay footage on “Last Week of Summer” from UKGE. I promise I’ll start a Discord so I can play-test soon. My most anticipated game of 2024! 🤘

  13. Dorfromantik has quickly shot up to our number one co-op. It's so easy to just start playing. Great list as always (except for Spirit Island, that game just fell completely flat for me)

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