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Top 10 Cooperative Board Games | Best Co-op Tabletop Games

Totally Tabled
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This is a list of the top 10 best cooperative board games, one of my favorite gaming genres. If you would like to support the channel, you can give me a nice tip here:


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  1. How would you progress to Gloomhaven Jaws of a Lion from a casual player? I want to play a game ideal for 2 people that evolves with a story and your characters (like D&D), but my partner needs to be eased into it. I just got TIME Stories, so that might be a good start. What are good gateway games to whatever genre Gloomhaven is?

  2. The production quality and b-roll shots of each of the games make this video epic!!! Loved watching it and looking forward to more!!!!

  3. I've got number 10 and number 1. And I like them both equally XD

  4. Nice list. I've just finished the RC expansion, Voyage of the Beagle, and am writing a BGG review about it. A great game, but as you say, it's hard and awkward.

  5. I can't find this video useful. Every is vaguely described and most of it is based on me having previous knowledge of the game or its predecessors, which I don't (otherwise I wouldn't be here looking games).It's like you're telling me they're good, but not giving me any details on how the game works. Just saying "it's pretty fun and got a mechanic where you throw cubes.". That doesn't tell me anything.Maybe in your future videos you could try and describe the game's details and gameplay a little better?

  6. Vídeo incrível, abraço do seu inscrito aqui do Brasil!!!

  7. Too Many Bones, Robinson Crusoe and Spirit Island are by far and away my the favorites.

  8. Out of interest, if you’ve played it, what do you think of First Martians?

  9. I got Robinson Crusoe based on your playhthrough and your high praise on this list and others and boy, was it worth the effort to learn the rules. Actually, once I played it a few times, the rules and process just makes sense. Such a great game. Thanks!

  10. Great game! I totally fall in love with board games again after several years. Really dont know why I lost it in the first place.. I think robinson crusoe is the game for me! Great video.A question btw… were dus you het that “dice boxes” and “card sleeves”?

  11. Robinson Crusoe, Spirit Island and Arkham Horror the card game are great coop games. I love this three really, but I missed Eldritch Horror, Paleo, Tainted Grail, Elder Sign and my all time favorit board game Kingdom Death : Monster. Kingdom Death : Monster is my choice for the best coop and solo game of all times.

  12. I think Onirim is better as 2p co-op. The shared set of cards on the table and limited communication makes it a great experience.

  13. Interesting list. I love Forgotten Waters, too. My top fav coop games are the West Kingdom series with the Tomesaga expansion which allows you to play all three game coop, Robin Hood and the Merry-men (I play using the solo villain cards for more of a challenge), Atlantis Rising is a blast, Professor Evil is accessible and fun (love the steam punk theme), Roll Camera is so fun and you race against time and money to complete a brand new movie each time (can't wait for expansion coming soon). I own many more with coop modes like Andor, Adventures of Robin Hood, Terraforming Mars Ares, Chronicles of Crime, etc. I'd like to put Merchant's Cove as a 'semi-coop' if you want to play it like we do (we discuss where would be best for the drawn meeples to go instead of just undercutting each other all the time, so when possible, we try to please both players so we don't do huge 'take that' turns and really enjoy it).

  14. I just bought Spirit Island(still wrapped) and hope to like it for solo as much as a lot of players. I did play it at 3 but it was a boring experience.
    I played Pandemic World of Warcraft at 2 player and it was fantastic!
    I also played Marvel champions at 3 player and it was good but too long for me. This is a game I only play solo but would definitely play it at 2 only.
    Marvel United coop is very good as well.
    The Rising franchise by USAOPOLY are pretty good for coop.
    Last but not least, the Forbidden franchise by GameWright. Forbidden Island was my very first game into the hobby and such a wonderful coop game.

  15. Great Video! I have a copy of Last Bastion which is like the one you mentioned. Same great art, same extreme difficulty (though maybe not as difficult).

    My top 5 cooperative games:
    1. Yedo (master set)
    2. Arkham Horror 2ed. (Same reasons you like the LCG).
    3. Marvel United (all of it)
    4. Massive Darkness 2
    5. World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King. (My pandemic). Could be swapped for Return to Dark Tower. Hey you cheated so I can too! Both pandemic like.

  16. For me it definitely depends on the group I am playing with. For a more light, family game I have really enjoyed Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle. With my gaming group, we have really enjoyed the Pandemic Legacy series.

  17. I'm not a big fan of coop games unless I'm playing with my daughter. I prefer competitive with adults. BUT one of the ones I did play is Nemesis and it's excellent! I'm also pledged Unsettled all in and early waiting for that.

  18. Looks like I'll have to finally get Robinson Crusoe to the table. Excellent list!

  19. I love ghost stories! Glad to see it here!

  20. Robinson Crusoe is definitely one of those games that every time I play it, I bounce right back off of it super quickly. It's really difficult to learn, the rules are pretty badly written, and the game is punishing as hell. It's just not fun to play whereas with other games on this list like Spirit Island and Gloomhaven, you actually have a genuinely interesting puzzle that can be punishing, but isn't nearly as difficult to learn or get into and definitely is nowhere near as punishing.

  21. Great video. I play mostly solo games and have Robinson Crusoe on my wish list. I didn't back the last crowd funding…

    I know this is in development but I was looking at getting Halls of Hegra instead of RC. Any thoughts? They seem similar?!?

  22. Given that I agree with basically all of your picks here, it sounds like I'm going to have to check out The Loop!

  23. I just loved yours first and second choices. Please, make more videos about Robinson Crusoe.

  24. A great video and a great list! I felt similarly to you about the base game of Spirit Island, it was… fine. It really needs using one (or even better, both) of the expansions. The event cards and additional tokens they provide really bring the game to life.

    Did you consider Burgle Bros for this list? My all-time favourite game period, not just favourite coop. It is an under-appreciated masterpiece.

  25. Nice list! I recently got The Crew to the table and my group had a blast with it.

  26. I love The LOOP. Even when we lose I still love it. I want to play it again and again. I really appreciate how I'm learning from one game and getting better for the next one. Great fun!

  27. Any list with Robinson Crusoe at the top is good in my book. I do find it interesting that you only like Lost Expedition solo, when it has some coop mechanics that prevent it from being “multiplayer solitaire”, such as limiting communication.

    Have you tried Paleo? It’s kind of like a combination of the two, and definitely in line with the emergent narrative of survival that makes Robinson Crusoe my favorite game.

  28. "Goofy, adventurous ride…" that's 'Eldritch Horror' for me. 😈 Compared to Zombies as a theme?! Blergh. No contest–Cthulhu all the way. We love co-ops, too, and right now the winner at our table is Return to Dark Tower. I'd love to concur with you on 'Robinson Crusoe', but as much as I respect Ignacy and his game's bad-card-comes-back-to-haunt-you-later mechanism, it just fell flat for me. Ditto 'First Martians'. I was so stoked for that game, and I bounced off it immediately. Portal Games and I just don't seem to mix.

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