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Top 10 Cooperative Board Games

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Cooperative games are some of my favorite games in all the hobby and today I present to you my top 10 games from this genre.

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  1. RUSH n MOM r fun but the setup n clean up are a pain

  2. Liked your video. Thanks! I LOVE co-ops. My favorite game genre and I'm getting into some deck building recently (semi-cooperative). We did the Kickstarter for Marvel United as well as the X-Men version. Very, light and fun game. I'm fairly new to board gaming. Hubby used to do D&D when we were first dating, but got back into gaming during the lockdown. Horrified (the original) was the game that got the ball rolling for me and is still fun. I ADORE Pandemic games. We haven't tried Gloomhaven since it can be so long, but have seen countless reviews on how fun it is. Have you tried Dead Men Tell No Tales? If not, check it out. It's a lot of fun, one of my faves! Happy gaming!

  3. Spirit Island #1 by a lot. Also I prefer Arkham LCG 2 player while Champions I am equally happy solo or 2 player so that one might have missed my list too (same for LotR). I was skeptical about coops until we played Reiner Knizia's LotR boardgame then sceptical about coop LCGs until I actually tried the LotR one – I was very disappointed the Star Wars LC game from FFG was competitive 🙂

    For my Mythos busting I prefer Eldritch Horror to Arkham Horror 2e or 3e or Mansions of Madness, where I feel the "stuff" gets in the way of the app.

  4. Terrific top 3. I’ve only played Atlantis Rising solo, and still haven’t beaten it. 🤣😡. Pandemic probably solidified the hobby’s hold on me. Thanks for the video.

  5. congratulations on 900 subs. I love co-ops ans solo games

  6. Great list got me highly interested in the loop again

  7. My favorite co-op game is Pandemic. But I prefer to play that solo. Some other co-op games that I actually like playing with other people are . . .
    Imperial Assault (with the app)
    Just One
    Red November
    Room 25
    Sentinels of the Multiverse
    The Reckoners

  8. I have no interest in co-ops at all, as I have found them to be a real turn off due to dominant players taking them over. However, I saw a recent Kickstarter called The Spill which I am actually considering trying to get at some point as the theme and the main mechanism really caught my eye.

  9. Letter Jam has been a great favorite of my game group. In one game my word was “moist”. The next day a crossword had a clue that was worst adjective in the English Language- answer was moist. You wouldn’t think the game would be a laugh riot, but we’ve had a lot of fun with it.

  10. Great list and a couple I have never heard of. There are a couple of coop games my group plays that are not on this list. Imperial Assault in coop mode is really cool. Really thematic and fun. The only downside is combat is kind of painful to determine but otherwise the game is really fun. Also Middara is another massive dungeon crawler with all kinds of things going on. And we can't forget about Descent – Legends of the Dark. Thanks for sharing your list and giving me a few more I need to bring to my group.

  11. Great list! Mine would be something like that:
    1. Atlantis Rising: My favorite coop too! The game would have made my top 10 even without V. Dutrait art, but the fact that his drawings are all over the game is undeniably a big reason for it to be in the top spot! (In that regard, I'm dying to try Oltréé)
    2. [kosmopoli:t] (awesome party game but no english version yet)
    3. Paleo (a breath of fresh air in the genre)
    4. Mysterium / Mysterium Park
    5. Unlock (depending on the scenario, it could have been my number 1, or my number 10, so 5th place…)
    6. Ghost Stories / Last Bastion (would be higher if it wasn't so punishing)
    7. The LOOP (2nd crossover !)
    8. Legends of Andor (a great game with a great table presence and a classic feel, but the set-up can be quite a bore)
    9. Dead Men Tell no Tales (the mechanics of this one are not revolutionary, but they're perfectly merged with an awesome story/theme.)
    10. Zombicide: Black Plague
    (11. Horrified ; 12. Menara ; 13. Just one ; 14. Pandemic: Fall of Rome ; 15. Sub Terra ; 16 . The big book of madness ; 17. Samurai Spirit ; 18. …)

    I didn't take into account massive games such as "Gloomhaven JOTL", "Robinson Crusoe", "Aeon's End", "Spirit Island" or "The 7th continent" since they're pretty much solo-only games for me. Nor did I include semi-cooperative games with hidden traitors such as "Shadows over Camelot", "Obscurio" or "Nemesis".
    I've just begun "Sleeping Gods" and "Chronicles of crime", so it wouldn't be fair to include them yet, but they may be on my list in two weeks xD!

  12. LOVE Horrified! Great new fan made monsters on BoardGameGeek files to add to replays.

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