Top 10 Couples Board Games - The Best Gateway Friendly Options -

Top 10 Couples Board Games – The Best Gateway Friendly Options

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Best Couples Games 2020 –

If you’re looking for some excellent recommendations for games to play with your spouse, this list will get you started with some amazing board game options for you and your other. Or you and your friend too, they’ll work either way.

0:00:00 – Introduction
0:01:53 – Almanac: The Dragon Road
0:03:30 – Spirits of the Wild
0:04:52 – Dice Throne
0:06:53 – Canvas
0:08:32 – Patchwork
0:10:20 – Skulls of Sedlec
0:12:36 – Tranquility
0:15:11 – Cascadia
0:18:03 – Railroad Ink
0:19:50 – Unlock
0:23:23 – Codenames Duet
0:25:25 – Wrapping Up

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  1. lol I read, "couple boardgames, the best gateway to be friendzoned".

  2. Do a heavy/medium list!! Also if Jesse is a duck and Devon is a hamster, what are you?

  3. Hey Alex! I can't find a single video about the top 10 boss battlers out there! Could you help out? 😉

  4. Ark Nova is perfect plays in 1h/1h15 set up included
    And unmatched for 30min

  5. I loved this video! It's not the usual 2p games list…and perfect timing for me. I just introduced a friend to the hobby yesterday with Cascadia. She loved it (and scored a 92 on her first game). These lighter games hit the sweet spot as intro games. At 83, she's still a contender, but I don't want to overwhelm her…yet. 🙂 Patchwork, Canvas, and Unlock are likely next on my list.

  6. Our couple top includes 7wonders Duel, Oltrée and the Hunger. (although our best experience was Oltrée, because we find out we have more fun together in cooperative games… :-p ) please make a top with more medium and heavy games!

  7. Super video !!! I really love to play railroad ink with my wife but we also like Caper Europe. You should give it a try

  8. OK, let's clear this up…
    Alice is in Wonderland,
    Peter Pan is in Neverland,
    and Dorothy was from Kansas but went to the Land of Oz!

  9. Thanks for the update on this topic! Unlock has definitely increased my wife's interest in board games. We appreciate its sustainability more than Exit because it's resuable/tradeable since no components are destroyed. Need to try out Codenames Duet sometime!

  10. I could have used this 2 weeks ago when I celebrated my anniversary.
    That said I agree with Skulls of Sedlac, Patchwork, Codenames, and Canvas. My wife and I regularly play them.
    I would add
    – Six (very simple game but it’s got sentimental connections as the game my wife and I would play most often when we first started dating)
    – Tussie Mussie
    – Crokinole
    – Santorini (looking forward to Ragnarocks)
    – Mountain Goats
    – Azul

  11. Thank you for clarifying the weight on this! So many people do "best couples games" and just disregard heavy gaming couples. We find things like "Food Chain Magnate", "Agricola", "Trickerion", "Lisboa", "Gaia Project", and "Pax Pamir 2e" as some of our favorite 2 player games along with fun light games, so this being explicitly lighter games is really helpful.
    "Targi", "Race for the Galaxy", "Black Angel", and "Roads & Boats" are others we find ourselves coming back to.

  12. Looking forward to the medium video!

  13. Azul is also great for this. Easy to play, looks great, and plays great with 2.

  14. Are you able to use the word cards from regular code names with the duet version?

  15. I wish you included some images of the games you talk about in the video.

  16. “Couples”?!
    I guess this is irrelevant for me then. I just play with a friend or sibling. Too bad. Would have loved a list of 2-player games no matter thei players connection. 😞
    What a narrowminded title. I feel really unwanted as a viewer just because I am not in a relationship. 😢

  17. Even when my wife is not a boardgame player, she likes "Targi" (despite it is more leaning on the heavier side), and "The Lady and the Tiger".

  18. Are you going to back Brethwalda? Looks awesome but I did not find any video that you are excited for this title

  19. cthulhu death may die was one of the only games I got my wife to play with me. and she kinda liked it.

  20. The Railroad Ink app is one of those that I rarely recommend from the board game space. It’s such great implementation of what the actual game does in the physical box and we don’t have to bring anything if we want to be on a phone instead or if we don’t want to add up points. Sometimes we are lazy.

  21. I think a lot of people would be interested in a heavier list. my gf and i game together and play everything from Hive to War of the Ring

  22. I think it is definitely worth doing a heavy group. One of the first games that me and my wife got into was War of the Ring and that later expanded into all the board games we own now. In hindsight, it was definitely a weird one to start with since it has about 5000 edge cases and rules but heavy 2 player games definitely hold a special place for me in my collection. I will be patiently waiting for your WotR review that may or may not ever happen. Best thematic game ever IMO.

  23. My wife and I play a lot of games together, would love to see another video on medium to heavy games

  24. Great list. I definitely agree with Dice Thrones, Tranquility and Cascadia. I still have to try the others.

  25. I would put imperium classic/ legend and parks on the list

  26. I'd put Hanamikoji and Three Sisters on my list.

  27. Caper: Europe has been a delightful 2 player game for my Wife & I. Really engaging game that is quick and different every time. Highly recommend checking out as a 2 player game.

  28. Agree with Codenames Duet and Patchwork. My wife and I also enjoy MicroMacro, Decorum, and Mind MGMT.

  29. Love the list and definitely agree with all of the choices that we currently own! I would definitely love you to do a medium or heavy list as well!

  30. NMBR9, Jaipur, Lost Cities, Mandala, Qwirkle, Royal Visit. All these work decent for couples.

  31. "Alice in Oz" sounds like a great game! 🙂

  32. My Wife's favorite games to play with just us are: Dice Throne, Cthulhu Death May Die, Creature Comforts, Sagrada, Hanamikoji, Atlantis Rising, Destinies, Mission Catastrophe

  33. Yes to the medium/heavy version of this category!

  34. Alice is wonderland like you said at first, Dorothy went to visit the Wizard of Oz. Both of those IPs have been adapted in an Unlock.

  35. So Clover is close to replacing Codenames Duet for us.

  36. can't stress enough if you are going to play codenames duet play it with the codenames pictures cards. it is so great.

  37. I'd line up to see a medium and a heavy list as well 🙂 Great stuff!

  38. General question: Railroad Ink or Cartographers? If you have the ideal play count, which would you prefer to play?

  39. Good list! Cant wait for the next ones, please go with 2nd and 3rd episodes!

  40. I found forbidden island to be a great intro to stuff like pandemic and similar

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