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Top 10 Couples Board Games

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Hello, everyone! It’s Brad and Aura. Join us as we sit down and debate our top 10 couples games (at least, as we see it)! Same 10 games but seeing how we rate them.

Every couple is different and has different tastes, but these are winners for us. We hope you like these as well.

Some of these are two player only games, others will play at a higher player count, however these are good games for 2 players, as well, so get to the table and have some fun!

What do you think? Which games do you prefer?

For now, enjoy these top games. Check out your friendly local gaming store to play or purchase copies of your own. Let us know what you enjoy playing. Have you played these?

All this and more in this edition of Bad @ Board Games!

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0:00 Intro
01:57 Ranking the same games
02:48 Brad’s #10
04:50 Aura’s #10
06:35 Brad’s #9
07:02 Aura’s #9
07:58 Brad’s #8
09:33 Aura’s #8
10:31 Brad’s #7
13:41 Aura’s #7
15:55 Brad’s #6
16:41 Aura’s # 6
17:09 Brad’s #5
19:31 Aura’s #5
21:31 Brad’s #4
22:02 Aura’s #4
22:14 Easter Egg
24:28 Easter Egg
24:43 Brad’s #3
25:05 Aura’s #3
26:32 Brad’s #2
26:43 Easter Egg
27:59 Oops
28: 10 Aura’s #2
28:18 Easter Egg
28:46 Brad’s #1
30:07 Aura’s #1
32:12 Game Brad Won’t Play
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Caper: Europe Aura & Brad

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  1. Nice variety of games and interesting game selection. My 14yo daughter is also very competitive so I'm going to try to get my hands on Caper: Europe — I think that she will love it. Our favourite games that we play at 2-players are these: Sagrada, Azul, Botanik, Jaipur, Lost Cities, Love Letter, Monty Python Fluxx, Patchwork, Schotten Totten, Sea Salt and Paper, Timeline, and Dice Throne. These are all simple to learn, with interesting strategy and decisions, and are usually fairly quick to play.

  2. Good should re: everdell. My other half prefers playing cascadia at the moment

  3. It's always interesting to see which gamesseem to be on everyone's top 10 couples games******** .. and which ones I've never heard of!Everdell ********ParksCastles of Burgundy ********Caper EuropeAzul ********TrailsSuper Mega Lucky BoxTimelinesIsle of CatsCaper EuropeEverdell ********Hadrian's WallParksCastles of Burgundy ********Isle of CatsAzul ********TrailsSuper Mega Lucky BoxTimelinesDoomtown ReloadedWir Sind Das VolkKlask (Dexterity Game)Star Wars RebellionSekigaharaNeuroshima Hex 3rd edTash-Kalar1960 Making Of The President7 Wonders Duel ********Raptor ********Tides of Time Onitama Santorini ********Azul ********Tatsu The Fox in the Forest Kingdomino Raptor ********Codenames Duet ********Holmes: Sherlock & Mycroft 7 Wonders Duel ********Paperback Adventure Land Onitama Santorini ********The Duke Nations: The Dice Game Raptor ********Tiny Epic Quest Pyramid Poker Onitama Dragon Castle Hanamikoji Sola Fide Raptor ********InBetween Tao Long: The Way of the Dragon Shadows in Kyoto Risk: Star Wars Edition Santorini ********That Time You Killed MeTargi *************Memoir 44JaipurWarhammer UnderworldsLost Cities ********Space HulkMythic MischiefUndaunted Normandy ********Caper Europe ********Spirit Island ********535AnkhSleeping GodsWorld Breakers / Magic The GatheringLacunaTargiAir Land & SeaDice Thrown / Battle Yahtzee ********Everdell ********Wingspan ********Plunder A Pirate's LifeMiller ZooCDSK7 Wonders Duel ********Res Arcana ********Twilight StruggleLord of the RingsAgricolaInnovation UnmatchedUndaunted Normandy ********Shores of TripoliRadlandsStardew Valley (Digital)The Initiative ********Unmatched ********Dice Thrown ********FortRadlandsAshes RebornInnovation (maybe works good as 3 player)Castles of Burgurndy (digital good too) ********Lord Of the RingsCritters at War / Air Land And SeaUndaunted NormandyAndroid Netrunner ********Neuroshima Hex 3Silver BulletFortSeasonsRoll PlayerFox In the ForestSantorini ********HiveAzul ********Chai Tea for 2BoonLakeGrand Austria HotelArc NovaQuest for El DoradoEmpires of The NorthDice MinerFive TribesTerracotta ArmyGreat Western Trail – Argentina ********UnmatchedLost Cities ********Onitama Patchwork ********Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective ********Watergate ********Arboretum *********Caesar – Schotten Totten – Fungi – Sobek: 2 Players – HorrifiedBrass Birmingham ********Spirit Island ********7 Wonders – Duel ********Twilight Struggle ********Beer and BreadCastles of Burgundy ********Santorini ********Azul ********Res Arcana ********Patchwork ********BoopSobekQawale

  4. What a weird list. How are these in the top 10 if you don't really like them? There's hundreds of great 2 player games. I'm confused.

  5. Why even bother making two separate lists?

  6. Hope you enjoy our list as we rank the ten games we like most. If you do please subscribe and enjoy our YouTube journey.

  7. Awesome video! My (entp) and my gf (infj) we play a lot too. Here in Argentina games are too expensive but we have a little colection. Our favorites are sentinels of the multiverse, pathfinder adventures, blue moon, battle con, elder sign y bunny kingdom

  8. Great video. I love learning about games that work best with significant others. And don't act like I didn't see some sweet editing throughout the video, great touch.

  9. It is very good to have similar favorite games with your SO! The bottom of the top 10 is still top 10 and with how many games you all have played, all these games rise to the top

  10. The waterfall effect on the Parks box was pretty cool!

  11. I REALLY wanna try Caper Europe! Loved hearing yalls thoughts on these games and you gave me some new ones to check out! Excellent video you two. 🙂

  12. Nice list. Have you played mandala the 2 player card game . It’s excellent also witchstone is a good one. They also make a 2 player version of captain sonar called sonar that’s a lot of fun for 2

  13. Great video! Several games on here that I've not tried yet👍 I did recently play Hadrian's Wall & loved it. Some of our favorite couple's games are Targi, Unforgiven & most cooperative games.

  14. Over 1200 views for a small channel, that's pretty good, no? I think you will be growing fast! Thumbs up on the effects 🙂 We own a couple of these games already & I can see us owning a few more. Great job!

  15. There are times I'm 20+ plays into a game before I realize I've been playing it wrong. 😂

  16. If you play Isle of Cats family version, you don't draft and use cards, is that right? It's meatier when you do. Good list!

  17. Very fun video! Burgundy would probably the #1 couples game in our house. Really want to try Caper Europe. Glad I found your channel!

  18. How everyone enjoys our top 10 games we currently play. What do you play ?

  19. Great choices! I would also recommend Mandala, Paris (la cite de la lumiere), Floriferous, Cascadia, Port Royal, 7 wonders duel, Azul Queen's garden, Gizmos, That Time you Killed me, Barenpark. For a heavier experience try Cerebria the inside world, Dungeon Petz, Ark Nova

  20. 5200 views help us grow please consider clicking that subscribe button 😅

  21. I like many of the games you listed. I think my favorite couples games would include Isle of Cats, Stellar, Kingdomino, Parks, Cascadia, Meadow, and Wingspan.

  22. I enjoyed the video. My husband and I have recently started playing board games as a couple and seeking out good couples games so I appreciate your suggestions.

  23. Our game when we can’t decide is Cartographers

  24. My wife and I love The Castles of Burgundy probably our most played game.
    Another favorite is The Rivals for Catan, it is a two player only game, small box, and we take it whenever traveling.
    Other than that we play mostly Co-op games, Eldritch horror, Descent (into Darkness), Gloomhaven etc.
    Fun list.

  25. Why mention so many games that you really don’t enjoy?

  26. My wife's favorite game by far is Carcassonne so we play that a lot, but I'm trying to get her to branch out more. Isle of Cats and Azul are on our list of games to try.

  27. Your special effects on the games are Boss Level 👍🏻

  28. Aquatica, Seasons, 51st State, Castles of Burgundy, Santorini, Hero Realms, Fort, Everdell, Ankh, Lost Ruins of Arnak and Terraforming Mars

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