Top 10 DC Comics Board Games -

Top 10 DC Comics Board Games

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Tom Vasel takes a look at his Top 10 Board Games from the DC Comics Universe!

00:00 – Introduction
00:59 – Number 10
01:25 – Number 9
01:51 – Number 8
02:22 – Number 7
02:57 – Number 6
03:40 – Number 5
04:12 – Number 4
04:45 – Number 3
05:29 – Number 2
06:01 – Number 1

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  1. brett weaver favourite top board games. Because he realized he is the superman who laughs from dc dark multiverse.

  2. Yes there is a few marvel funko games lol

  3. Good list. Whoa. Am I the first??
    I was wondering if Tom was going to put (1) Batman Talisman or (2) Batman the Animated Series: Rogues Gallery

  4. I would drop the Arkham City Escape game and put Batman: The Animated Series – Gotham City Under Siege on the list. Great cooperative dice placement game with great replayability.

  5. I am waiting for Wonder Woman to come out here, that looked like a game we would enjoy.

  6. In my humble opinion Batman Gotham City Chronicles tops everything on this list. Not even close.

  7. Imma let you finish, but Lovecraft Letter is the greatest version of Love Letter of all time

  8. One correction on Batman:TAS; the villain can be managed by another player, but it doesn't have to be. It can even be played solo (one person controlling four heroes) against the villain.

  9. That is quite the Batman … um DC list. 🙂

  10. You missed Batman The Animated Series Gotham Under Siege which is a great cooperative game! I do enjoy DC Deckbuilder and DC Rebirth but do love my Marvel games more!

  11. Overpower made the Marvel list, but didn’t make the DC list. Odd.

  12. The fact that Monolith's Batman didn't make the list and The Animated Series is #1 makes me happy I didn't go "all in" on the first. Looking forward to receiving my Animated pledge!

  13. I'm watching in 2025…jk. Thanks for the great list Tom. Lots of great options here. I am actually really looking forward to the Batman animated series game. When it arrives i hope to do an unboxing and maybe even a review.

  14. I'm eagerly awaiting my copy of Batman TAS Shadow of the Bat! Great looking game that can be played co-op as well as 1vs all

  15. I'm eagerly awaiting my copy of Batman TAS Shadow of the Bat! Great looking game that can be played co-op as well as 1vs all.

  16. Batman the Animated Series: Gotham City Under Siege is a good one.

  17. thumbs down deserved for not playing BCC by now

  18. For all it's flaws I still quite like Batman the Animated Series: Rogue's Gallery.

  19. No Batman Animated Series: Gotham Under Siege?! ~This is understandable since the new #! does it can & more, but GUS is still a good game & much more affordable!

  20. I own and enjoy Batman Love Letter. It is my 108th favorite game. I love superheroes, but don't enjoy most superhero games, as they are mostly about fighting and am not a battle type player.

  21. I feel like any lists should have an asterisk for games that are out of print. AEG doesn't have the license anymore, so Batman Love Letter is a pain to find, right along with Adventure Time Love Letter, Archer Love Letter, and The Hobbit Love Letter.

  22. DC is far better than Marvel Im sorry if the games dont follow

  23. I know that this was just based on what you have played. I think if you give Batman the animated series: Gotham city under siege a go, you would really like it. I think of it as a light version of the reconers even if it is trying to win the prise for longest name.

  24. Batman Gotham City Chronicles is a great game! Someone needs to teach Tom to avoid reading the rule book .

  25. Was this the top ten batman games? Was there only one game that didn’t feature batman?

  26. At least you have the BGCC dinosaur out. I have backed the new BTAS game, and am hoping the coop rules are good, because otherwise you might as well fight against the BGCC rulebook and play that instead.

  27. Glad you’ve come around a bit on DC deck building game. Agree the theme is totally pasted on, but it’s still a fun quick deck builder.

  28. I was surprised that the VS system(old) wasn't on ether list. Kind of gets lost in time I feel

  29. Happy to see Batman Animated Series adventures at number 1!!

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