Top 10 Deck-Building Board Games | Collection Starter -

Top 10 Deck-Building Board Games | Collection Starter

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0:00 #Intro
00:52 #Honourable Mention – Slay The Spire
1:14 #10. Dominion
2:22 #9. Paperback
3:04 #8. Star Realms
4:00 #7. For Glory
5:11 #6. Undaunted – Normandy
6:36 #5. Clank!
7:47 #4. Quest For El Dorado
8:55 #3. Legendary Encounters
10:07 #2. Quacks Of Quedlinberg
11:30 #1. Aeon’s End

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  1. No love for DC ☹ I've noticed that many people like legendary marvel but I just find it so boring though.

  2. I like Flying Frog's "Dark Gothic" based off of their "A Touch of Evil" board game. Players play as one of the game's heroes, each with different starting hands and abilities and try to defeat three of the supernatural menaces threatening the town of Shadowbrooke, with each threat being more dangerous than the previous one. It's cooperative, with the added incentive of the ultimate winner being the one with the most points from the various cards you acquire throughout the game

  3. No mention of ascension, that's a great a deck builder

  4. Dominion: There may be better deckbuilders, but bigger? There are 13 expansions with an average 250 cards in each 🤨

  5. The lack of an Ascension mention feels like a personal attack on me

  6. My man Adam eats dinner on those Dominion cards.

  7. "Aeon's End, not for newcomers." This was actually the first deckbuilder I ever learned.

  8. what if you're fascinated by these games but have never played them before, and want to learn to play them but you're autistic so it's difficult interacting with new people (or the people at the nearest game store aren't receptive to newcomers)?

  9. Have you played the Lord of the Rings deck builder? It's pretty fun and easy to pick up for newer players

  10. For me Thunderquest and legendary encouters

  11. Can't call it a "deck" builder, but Dice Forge is a bunch of fun. Quarriors is also another good one if you like collecting a bunch of dice.

  12. Apart from deck building the deck building game

  13. Dale of Merchants is a great little deck builder, I love the push/pull of building the deck but simultaneously using up those cards permanently to progress, and the art is lovely too, definitely deserving of a mention!

  14. Good list but my faves are Ascension, Star Realms, Shards of Infinity and Quest for El Dorado.

  15. Id rather just toss a coin to see who wins than play Quacks 😂

  16. I bought the Alien: Legendary Encounters based off of your recommendation. Solo, I love it, and I can't wait to test drive it with friends soon.

  17. Valley of the Kings and the rest of the deck-deconstruction subgenre(including Flamme Rouge) also deserve a mention. Especially Flaming Pyramids & Abandon All Artichokes, for being Uno-level accessible, and the latter I think is a better gateway deckbuilder than Dominion(it teaches otherwise unintuitive concepts like deck-pruning), probably even among top 10 gateways of the past & next decade

  18. Just a small rules add-on for Quacks of Quedlinburg:
    Your cauldron only explodes when the number of the cherry bombs EXCEEDS 7. If it’s 7, you’re still safe.

    Great video though, I love deckbuilders and own Star Realms, Clank, Quacks & Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle. I think the nice thing about them is the sense of progression you get over the course of the game as you get more and more powerful – even if you lose in the end.

  19. Adam, have you played "Shadowrun Crossfire"? It's a crazy fun (and also crazy hard) co-op deck builder that's also legacy with you making your own character and buying skills for them using karma you earn from completing missions!

    I love it and I'd highly recommend it to anyone that enjoys the Shadowrun universe!

  20. 0:04 – The real irony of this is that there's actually a deck building board game all about deck building. I'm serious.

  21. I don’t know if it fits this list but boss monster is a hell of a good time with my friends. I bought pretty much everything so it has infinite replay value.

  22. Are there any super simple deck builders appropriate for children age 10 or so?

  23. Did those Dominion cards go through the wash

  24. Star Wars the card game has a stunning design!

  25. Dominion not at rank 1? What is this insanity?

  26. Surprised that dc deck building wasn’t on the list. It has a ton of expansion and is a great time

  27. My favourite deck building game is the DC deck building its so much fun to play especially the forever evil expansion playing hero vs villains

  28. Dominion is still the best deck builder on the market and it keeps getting better with each expansion. Also, how does Ascension miss the top 10 list? That game is so good!!!

  29. Did looking at those Dominion Coppers give anyone else pain in their chest? 🙋🏾‍♂

  30. I just played the DC Deck Building Game for the first time and now I'm obsessed.

  31. One good thing about Quacks that you missed is that you are not waiting for others to take their turns. You all make your potions at the same time. The only waiting is if you are one of the first people to stop pushing your luck and even then it's only normally a minute or so.

  32. Spat my coffee out at the end of El Dorado 🤣🤣🤣

  33. the coolest art is a good sign of a good game!

  34. A Study in Emerald 1st edition is the best deck builder.

  35. Whats a hybride boardgame between tcg and boardgame? Where all the cards come in the box, but you create a deck before the game starts?

  36. Please please bring Aeon’s End to Board Game Club one day. I would love to see you guys play through legacy or one of the other stories. Or even just do some one off Nemesis fights. No matter what, I would watch the shit out of it.

  37. My favorite deck-builder is Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle. It's a co-op game in which you're all put against the expected baddies from the books, and there's various effects that mess with your life total. You then play your turn buying cards, healing your teammates, attacking the baddies. If you ever lose your life points, you are stunned; discard half of your cards and add a death counter to the area you're in, but the next turn you get restored back to full health. Accumulate enough death counters and the baddies win. Oh, and each player assumes a character role, and each one has a unique effect. If you're REALLY into HP, you'll appreciate all of the nuances the makers put into it. So much fun, highly recommend.

  38. Aeons end? You got yourself a like. My wife and i have EVERYTHING there is of Aeons end. Its our #game in general.

  39. Personal List

    Domination – classic/simpler/many expansions
    Star Realms – Cheap/faster only around 30 mins or less/ some expansions/ only 2 player unless buying more decks
    ($59.99) For Glory – Seems awesome/ longer times between fights/ alot of build up throughout the whole game.
    Undaunted – Military Game/ Unforgiving/ Seems really fun though/ A little simpler, despite many steps/ a little tedious sounding
    Legendary Encounters (or other themes) – Looks insanely fun/ seems COMPLECATED/ so many themes, I think that's awesome/ Probably a very long game.
    Quacks Of Quedlinberg – Seems fun, I think it isn't the coolest one but I wouldn't mind playing it.

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