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Top 10 Dice Games | Best Board Games That Use Dice in Fun Ways

Totally Tabled
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These are my favorite board games that use dice as their central mechanism. If you would like to support the channel, you can give me a nice tip here:

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00:00 Intro
00:54 10. Nautilion
02:18 9. Stone Age
03:46 8. Dice Throne
05:29 7. Voyages of Marco Polo
07:02 6. Steampunk Rally Fusion
08:29 5. Rajas of the Ganges
09:59 4. Macao/Amsterdam
12:20 3. Castles of Burgundy
14:11 2. Grand Austria Hotel
16:26 1. Troyes
18:36 Outro

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  1. my list would definitely have Teotihuacan, Magnificent, Pandemic the Cure, Merchants of the Dark Road, Euphoria, Perseverance, but the only game on that list ive played is Dice Throne and im not really a fan. i can see merchants of the dark road possibly not being on this list. while you power your actions with dice, the dice to me still dont feel like the meat of the game necessarily. still really like how they work in that though. dice placement/selection might be my favorite mechanic. CoB special edition is currently en route, ill eventually give GAH a shot, and ill need to see the others played.

  2. Good list. I would have placed Pulsar 2849 somewhere. It about dice drafting and placement, but choosing higher dice, which are generally better, means you need to take a penalty too.

  3. My favourite thing in board games is when the dice are used in a clever way! I've played or own multiple entries on the list, Troyes being also my favourite!
    An other game, that is not in this list, is Coimbra, which I really like: it's a dice drafting game, where the value on the dice you take will dictate the order they are resolved, but it will also dictate how much it costs. Taking a value 6-die to ensure that you have the first pick on that trade row will make all cards expensive to you (costs 6), and maybe you will not be able to afford something else later that round because of it. Taking a value 1-die will mean your purchase will be cheap, but you will have to pick from the leftover cards (if there are any). Balancing between the costs vs order in a dice drafting is an interesting concept for me.

    (Also, the color of the dice you take also count, later in the round will give you income based on the corresponding track – and the die value does not matter)

  4. I love dice games so much. Aerion is my favourite Oniverse game. Love the riff on yahtzee.

  5. ❤ Rajas and Steampunk Rally Fusion. Surprise to see those, I have them and love playing those. I live in Macau, didn't know Macao has reprinted/ reskinned as Amsterdam! Shoutout to Sagrada, Dice Town, Volt, Wurfel Bohnaza, Professor Evil Citadel of time, King of New York and Rattlebones ❤ Lovely to see Nautilion in your top 10 too.🎉 Troyes is amazing indeed

  6. Awesome choices and very well done video!! Looking forward to seeing more of your stuff now 🙂

  7. Great list. Gave me a few games to think about. Id probably have Castles of Burgundy at the top spot. 2nd place Shadow Kingdoms of Valeria, great game definitely should get more attention. Troyes is on my shelf but so far not played but it looks interesting.

  8. I paused the video on castles of burgundy to go play a game of grand austria hotel, then came right back to the video after. Coincidence.
    Also, give coimbra a try.

  9. I think "one deck dungeon" and the classic PnP "Bargain Basement Bathysphere of Beachside Bay" are my fave dice focused games. Love this list though, going to have to check some of these out CoB is already on my list to get 🙂

  10. Me and the wife like Taverns of tiefenthal which has Dice drafting and Dice placement. Really fun especially when using all modules

  11. So excited to see Steampunk Rally Fusion!!! That game is a hidden gem. It ought to have more attention.

  12. Two other games I'd add are Sagrada and Lords of Vegas. In Sagrada you draft dice and have to make a vitreaux but you can't have two adjacent dice of the same number or the same color, and your personal board also has some restrictions. In Lords of Vegas any casino tile of the same color as an adjacent tile forms a bigger casino but each tile has a die showing its owner, the person with the highest die is the boss of the casino, and you can pay to reorganize, you reroll all the dice in a casino trying to become the boss

  13. Castles of burgundy and grand austria hotel are 2 of our favorites!

  14. Euro Dice should this be called. It was nice, but I expected something… different.

  15. Would recommend: Pulsar 2849, Tiny Epic Galaxies and Tiny Epic Quest. a lot of re-playability 😉 Dice Throne looks amazing, added to list 🙂

  16. Great video as always, Shaggy. Totally agree about GAH, brilliant game! My favourites that you haven’t put on your list are Nemo’s War 2nd Ed, closely followed by Pandemic The Cure.

  17. Great picks! Troyes would be my first pick too. Magnificent would also be on my list somewhere, I love the colored dice building off each other but at a potentially higher cost, and boosting with gems feels good to be able to do more.

  18. Great idea for a list! Surprised to not see Woodcraft; was it disqualified due to not being a “traditional” use of dice, or too new, need to judge staying power, or just didn’t make the cut?

    Similar question for Wayfarers of the South Tigris—too new, disqualified due to lots of cards and worker placement, or just didn’t make the cut?

  19. You did not disappoint with number 1! Great video.

  20. such a good list , u gathered almost all of my favorite games , Lorenzo is also a gem!
    u earned my sub! good job!

  21. If you love dice drafting, have you tried Pulsar 2849. My family love it more than castles of burgundy. 😯 I know right?
    but the top for me would be Voyages of Marco Polo. I still love this game. Both are good but the tightness of the original is my preferred due to the tension it can create. teotihuacan, would round out my top three. But after watching your video, I really wan to try Macao/Amsterdam. That looks really interesting.

  22. My favorite board game channel. Shaggy, thank you for your videos.

  23. Good work as usual Mr Shaggs. All dice should be the same size as the ones from Twilight Inscription…

  24. Have you tried Dice Throne Adventures? add to cart.

  25. roll player with monster & minions expansion its a good game with dice too

  26. Totally agree with Troyes. So good and so fun.
    Also space base is awesome.

  27. I backed the upcoming deluxe version of Castles of Burgundy. Based on its reputation and how gorgeous it looks. I’ve never even played it! Did you back the deluxe?

  28. Try tekhenu 😊. Really tight and cool game!

  29. I've always liked games that use dice in interesting ways, so this was the perfect video for me.

  30. Great list. I would agree with you about Troyes. I feel it doesn't get talked about much. It's one of my favorite games! The Ladies of Troyes expansion also adds a lot of modules as well. Incredible game. Grand Austria Hotel is fantastic as well. Other games not mentioned that I love are La Granja, Lorenzo il Magnifico, Tiletum, and The Red Cathedral. Great channel and thanks for the content!

  31. Pandemic, The Cure. Savage dice rolls. Can be wiped easily. Teotihuacan: City of Gods, awesome worker dice placement game.

  32. Great list! Woodcraft is one that pops up in my mind too. Really cool dice manipulation. Teotihuacan is a great one too. And an upcoming game that from what's I've seen is also pretty interesting with dice is Scholars of the South Tigris.

  33. Really love the list! I think I share many of these. Troyes didn't hit with me (only solo) but the others you mentioned I liked. I also enjoy playing The Artemis Project – which is a dice game. It's not heavy but I tend to play a bunch back and solo mostly. I also love Creature Comforts for the same reason and the plus is my daughter loves it too! Thanks for the great quality content!!

  34. I love Troyes. Great to see it on this list. Black Angel is another one to keep a lookout for.

  35. Dice Miner is a great filler game with lots of set collection, open drafting, and mitigation die. Each character has their own ability to add to set collections. Also a great after work day game.

  36. Another great video, thank you! Any chance you have and want to play Hegemony: Lead your class to victory? 😊

  37. Great List! Castles of Burgundy and Teotihuacan are probably my two favorite dice management games. I have not played Troyes, but I do want to try it. I also want to try out Black Angel at some point to compare it.

  38. Great video as usual. I've been binging Marco Polo on BGA and I'm interested in the sequel bc it's more of the same, but a little looser. What's the game in the intro B-roll?

  39. Love the video. Great quality as always. Definitely one of my favorite board game channels. Also, at the end, you named exactly the two games I wanted to mention so I guess you know your audience, hahahaha

  40. Great list, Kingsburg is an oldie and one of my favorites

  41. Cool list! Madeira is such a forgotten gem, love it! Gotta try some of these I haven't yet.

    For heavy juicy dice drafting definitely look into Tekhenu and Trismegistus.

    Circadians: First Light is the only Garphil I like. Simple medium-weight sci-fi worker placement.

    Rollway Station for totally under the radar roll-n-write mixed with 18xx feel.

  42. Some of my favorites
    Castles of Burgundy
    Roll for the Galaxy
    Alien Frontiers
    Roll Player
    Fantastic Factories
    Steampunk Rally (Fusion)
    Wayfarers of the South Tigris
    Dice Forge
    Istanbul the Dice Game
    Railroad Ink

  43. First video for me. Excellent content. If you haven't tried it, I would suggest Origins: First Builders as an interesting use of dice.

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