Top 10 Digital Board games on Steam -

Top 10 Digital Board games on Steam

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Niramas ranks the Top 10 Digital Board games on Steam! Check it out and tell us in the comments, what are your favourite digital Board games?

Spoilers below!

10. Castles of Burgundy

9. Aeons End

8. Through the Ages

7. Spirit Island

6. Lords of Waterdeep

5. Raiders of the North Sea

4. Charterstone

3. Agricola

2. Terraforming Mars

1. Gloomhaven

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  1. The Gloomhaven multiplayer implementation was broken to the point of being unplayable with a friend. I wonder if they ever got around to fixing it.

  2. Happy to se TM on the list! Expansions are coming, should be an announcement from Asmodee Digital soon…

  3. Have been avoiding Steam since it seems to run quite bad on mac and I only have mac´s. But since Gloomhaven is coming to Steam we would want to get a good console just for steam. I would appreciate any tips for a stable console that runs Steam without fans going 100%.

  4. Yes! Gloomhaven! By far my favorite game! I mean, if my channel wasn't obvious, but yes, fantastic list. Thank you!

  5. Thanks for an interesting list a lot of games I had no idea you could get on steam. My favorite steam game is Scythe. Scythe is really good on steam with ranked games and matching so you get to play with people at your skill level and timed session so you can’t have AP.

  6. Going to try terraforming right now! Thank you for all the tips

  7. Nice list!
    I don't play much on Steam, I usually prefer to play turn based games on BGA or Yucata.
    A bit surprised that Scythe didn't make your top 10.

    I have considered getting Gloomhaven, because the physical game is way too big for my shelves and my table. And I think the digital version looks more like a typical computer game than a board game.

  8. Thank you! A bit surprised to not see Scythe on the list though.

  9. AthexTube - Board Games & 3d Printing says:

    Great list, I have heard that the Terraforming Mars Digital is going to have an expansion coming soon, heres hoping its prelude, or the new maps!

  10. Agricola is getting SLAMMED on steam with reviews, you put it at #3 whats the disconnect.

  11. Good list, I was shocked at the omission of Twilight Struggle. The original board game is one of the best of all time, and the PC version is a decent port of it ( from Playdek, the same people who did Lords of Waterdeep ). It is a challenging game, and the AI is good to learn against, but is predictable.

    The Agricola version on Steam always gets awful reviews on Steam. It seems like people really don't like the PC version of it, do you have any idea why?

  12. Very well done. I had zero interest in digital or physical board games until recently when I decided to give Wingspan digital a try. I loved it so here I am 'shopping'. Thank you.

  13. This is a criminaly underrated channel! Thanks for the video 🙂

  14. Great video, liked & Sub'd. I'm a 50 year old diehard board gamer that just started to play video games due to Covid, so I really want to the board game feel and your lists really captures it. So far my top 2 board games are Lords of Waterdeep and Scythe. Scythe really helps you learn the board game.

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