Top 10 Essential Games Everyone Should Own! -

Top 10 Essential Games Everyone Should Own!

The Brothers Murph
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Today we are talking about 10 games that we think EVERYONE should own! We love games and we think everyone should play them, and if you’re playing games then you definitely want to check out these ones!

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  1. I love your doggos!! 😊
    I liked and subscribed so give them babies more treats!

  2. Happy to see the dogs! You guys are excellent as always, thanks for the lovely recs

  3. Own: It's a Wonderful world, Ticket to Ride(s)

    Previously owned: Pandemic, Space Base (prefer Valeria: Card Kingdoms), The Castles of Burgundy, Patchwork (but have the app)

    Don't own: Paint the Roses (looks interesting though), Scout, Ra, Green Team Wins

  4. As an ambassador for Merry and Pippin, they get double treats for if we're already subbed. (I don’t make the rules.)

  5. I have still never played ticket to ride 😂

  6. just got here hoping Glow, Plunder and The Real Truth are in this list they are my must own recommendations 🙂

  7. Century Golem or Spice Road is a must own, as well as Skull King. I’ve played those two with so many groups and they always love them

  8. Have 6 of these 10 and Space Base is likely my next purchase. Paint the Roses is another one high on my 'want' list. Love this video, thanks!!!

  9. Hell yeah—Space Base is my go to, especially for people new to board games or coming from only having played Catan 😎

  10. You should put that lamp in MY car! Wait….I don't own a car… 🥸

    Games that come to mind off the top of my head:
    Azul. Cascadia, Circle the Wagons, Final Girl, Horrified, Project L, Railroad Ink, The Red Cathedral, Welcome To, Wingspan

    Honorable mentions (stolen from a list below!): Fleet: The Dice Game, Mysterium Park

  11. I actually unsubscribed so I could subscribe so the puppies get another treat! Please don’t forget! 😁

  12. Patchwork???

    I thought you were going to say Cascadia for #1.

  13. I would like to know more about the friendship bracelets please and thank you

  14. 60+ games into the hobby and only own ticket to ride from this list.

  15. Just wondering is it’s a wonderful world any similar to Terraforming Mars? It’s one of my fav games and I quite like drafting as a mechanic 🙂

  16. There are games that are better alternatives.
    Instead of patchwork – my city or cascadia.
    Instead of green team – pictomania or trap words.
    Instead of Ra – isle of Skye.
    I only agree with Burgundy and Scout.

  17. Please don't use ticket to ride to plan your trip Minnesota. You'll end up about 2 hours or about 155 miles south of Duluth lol.

  18. Merry and Pippin are adorable. Thank you for the kind words and including RA and Green Team Wins. Much appreciated. – chad (also…I'm with you on Yellow)

  19. Number 1? Did you guys buy stock in lookout games or something lol. But yeah, it’s pretty great.

  20. I think Quest for el Dorado should’ve been on this list

  21. Unless game has a Murph, the game is optional. 🥷

  22. My list : Pandemic, 7 wonders duel, Codenames pictures, Abyss, Marvel United, Quacks, Drop It, Hive, Caverna, Cthulhu Death May Die

  23. The Castles of Burgundy is a gimmick and it sucks

  24. Great list! After the umpteenth of you guys mention Paint the Roses I may have to get it. It does look great!

  25. I personally think Horrified is a fantastic substitute for Pandemic. Horrified is on of my favorite games in my collection

  26. Yooooo I’ve been watching you guys since forever, love to see how much this channel has grown!

  27. HEY! you guys reached 40k subscribers, major 🎉 CONGRATS 🎊 ! ! : )

  28. Trio and Trekking through history would be on my list and probably forest shuffle because it’s easy to learn

  29. So not only do I own exactly 0 of the games on this list, but I've only played one of them (Pandemic). 😂

  30. Just played Patchwork with my wife tonight. Ticket to Ride is one of our favorite series. We own almost all of them. We are selling Pandemic. Have not played any of the others.

  31. sees castles of burgundy, smashes mug yeeeeah boooooiii. Painted the roses looked cool!

  32. Of course you were correct with yellow mustard, but that's what you get for playing with a bunch of Canadians:)

  33. the only one on this whole list i own is pandemic. actually i haven't even played 8/10 of these 🤣

  34. 38:58 – Polyobital tiles? I think you meant polyomino…? 😉😄

    Unfortunately, this video didn't get me excited to buy any of these games, other than Green Team Wins and Patchwork. I already have Ra and Pandemic, both of which I agree with being on your list.

  35. Carcassonne for heaven’s sake! Race or Roll for the Galaxy or Jump Drive! TTR and Pandemic and Castles are great 🙂 Worker placement?

  36. I asked my mom to like and subscribe only to feed the doggos.

  37. Obviously Dijon mustard, you weirdos 😉

  38. How dare you say you'd rather be a little bit cold! If you're a little bit hot, all your body needs to do is sweat slightly, which can actually be pleasant vs shivering and rattling your mf'n teeth when you're cold! Nooooooo thank you

  39. As much as I really dislike Pandemic (i.e. coop snoozefests), this list is great. This topic is great. Game reviewers forget how important accessible, casual gateway games are. Most people will never be interested in delving into dozens of highly complex games, no matter how highly rated they are by hobbyists. But most people would be interested in playing games more, if the gamers among friends and family pulled out games like this more often.

  40. I love the arc of Nick wishing for a perfect length engine builder years ago to now pitching It's a Wonderful World in every list. Myself and many others "told you so".

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