Top 10 Euro Board Games Under An Hour -

Top 10 Euro Board Games Under An Hour

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I talk about the best ten Euro strategy board games that can be played in under sixty minutes.




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  1. Yes! Love these lists! I play with my wife during the week, so we don't really want to spend more than one hour playing a game with medium+ rules. Please do another 10!!!

  2. Have you ever tried Milestones? I think you might like it

  3. I’d love to get my hands on Finca and Vikings. Too bad they’re out of print. Another game that could be on this list is Firenze.

  4. Great job, it wasn't indeed an easy choice, thank's to cover this amount of time, precious!

  5. Quest for El Dorado and Imhotep are also both in a similar vein. Any views on those ? Also: Istanbul with the first expansion becomes even better

  6. Good list. I like the way you advertise your preferred number of players.

  7. My game group lacks patience, so I REALLY appreciate the topic of this list. Also, I love that you are able to come up with games that I had given a second thought (Palaces of Carrara), or have never heard of (Pergamon and Peloponnese). It's always nice to learn about new hidden gems. Thanks!

  8. Great list. Got Ra, Istanbul, Vikings & Carrara. Really like the look of Finca but it’s out of print currently.

  9. Sound quality is horrible. Should get a wireless microphone or something.

  10. Very interesting topic and choices ! Because eurogames last rarely under an houre and half.
    I just realized that i haven’t played a lot of euros that are played under this amount of time ! However i still could pick a few of them like :
    1) Glass Road
    2) Five Tribes
    3) Codex Naturalis
    4) Agricola 2 players (big box)
    5) Peloponnes

  11. very good list. Many modern designs don't respect the player's time anymore.
    It's a matter of expertise to design a game that accomplishes more in less time.

  12. Surprised to see Ra at No.1..but it IS a fab game. I splurged out and got the Deluxe KS edition…looks so good on the table.
    Been contemplating Viceroy lately, few good prices on ebay for it but haven't taken the leap yet..have you tried the Times of Darkness expansion with it?

  13. I thought of RA as soon as I saw this pop up on my notifications. Happy to see that it’s the No.1. Of course I believe it’s your all time favourite iirc so it’s no sunrise. Nice video. Thanks.

  14. No Hansa Teutonica? (I mean after everyone knows how to play) 😉

  15. I find all of those games appealing to me – most I have not played and a few I hadn't even heard of. You present each game so succinctly – makes the video so enjoyable!

  16. Great list of games. Though some of them are not easy to find currently. There should be a big warning label or something.

  17. Love Citrus. Such a great game. Played Ra for the first time tonight. I feel like I want to play it more. I just started to grasp the strategy with two plays and think it’ll get more cutthroat and fun with experience.

  18. Finca is currently one of my grail games I’m trying to find. Would love to see a reprint someday.

  19. My picks: Glass Road and Masters of Renaissance.

  20. Great idea for a top 10. So often we are looking for something to play that isn't going to eat up a lot of time. Some of these I have and the others are on my wishlist. Saint Petersburg is probably the most enjoyable/frustrating game I own. I love playing it, even though I rarely win…. that income engine gets me almost every time! 😅

  21. Great review on a topic I don’t think has been done by anyone. I like how you include optimum player counts, really useful. Curious to know how Ra plays at 2 as you have it as ‘best all’? I thought that bidding games are typically better at higher player counts?

  22. Havana is better than 7 games you have in your list. Easy rules, deep in dinamics, less than an hour.

  23. I just recently discovered Il Vecchio. The 2-player game easily plays under 1 hour and it has the quickest player turns imaginable + it oozes with charm. I think you’d like it. Apart from that I’d like to add Wingspan to the list, but I guess it’s not your style? I love German euros and didn’t love Wingspan at first but it has grown on me. I guess that I appreciate its minimalism and that it’s so quick to play.

  24. Some good choices there m8! St Pete, Ra, Istanbul, Palaces of Carrara and Viceroy. CoB with two I would consider as well.

  25. Do you find enjoyoñable Istsmbul at two? Although three might be the best player count..

  26. Vikings and Istanbul are both excellent. Palaces of Carrera is also good. I’m interested in trying Citrus.

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