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Top 10 Fantasy Games

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Tom Vasel, Zee Garcia, and Camilla Cleghorn take a look at their top 10 fantasy games. Will there be goblins, dragons, brave warriors, wizards, or even a blanket that warms you up but not too much.

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  1. would rising sun count towards the list.

  2. Was surprised Camilla didn't included Spirit Island.

  3. Top 5 for me:
    5. Adventure Land
    4. Cartographers
    3. Call To Adventure
    2. Oltree
    1. Chronicles of Frost

  4. 😴🥱😶😯😃
    Good morning from Australia…
    Can't wait to watch this later…

    Anyone here a fan of the Terrinoth games?

  5. Star Wars is indisputably cyberpunk Western fantasy.

  6. Zee was Machine Gun Kelly with the speed of the Ascension description. The John Moschitta of board game fast talkers.

  7. So the King's Dilemma is not deserving of being on this list, it is slow, boring and the story was okay at best. By the 4th game my group wished the campaign was over but held out hoping things would get better.

  8. Sorry Tom, Star Wars is 100% fantasy. There is no science in it. Space wizards and magic space ships. The existence of a planet doesn't make it sci fi, lol

  9. Apologies for waving my nerd flag…
    Star Wars is a Space Opera, … but it's not sci-fi.

    Calling it sci-fi is like saying Mad Max is a racing series just because it has cars.

  10. Coff…coff…Tainted Grail…coff…coff…

  11. Wow, I just realised that after being in this hobby for almost a decade and playing thousands of unique titles, I wouldn’t be able to make a top 10 list that is theme based unless that theme is sci fi or horror.

    If I try and do fantasy, I don’t actually like many, and the few I do like are not thematic of might just be horror or monsters.

    Here’s my attempted top 10 fantasy:

    10. Bunny Kingdom

    09. The Others: 7 Sins

    08. Blood Rage

    07. Lost Ruins of Arnak

    06. Rising Sun

    05. Gloomhaven

    04. Caverna with Forgotten Folks expansion

    03. Terra Mystica

    02. Everdell

    01. Kingdom Death: Monsters

  12. I'm a little surprised Clank didn't make an appearance

  13. Hey Tom, JRR Tolkien died on the 2nd September, 1973, so it'll be the fiftieth anniversary of that this year. Any chance of a commemorative list about the best (and maybe worst) Lord Of The Rings/Hobbit/Middle Earth game around that date?

  14. I was expecting Heroes of Land, Air, and Sea on someone’s list.

  15. No Talisman? Lists invalidated, sorry.

  16. Des anyone plays Massive Darkness 2 with house roules ?
    Played it 4-5 tomes a'd found it too easy each time :/

  17. Star Wars is not sci fi. Sci fi doesn’t have magic and wizards. Also, the emphasis is not on the science or the technology.

  18. A little too much nonsense in this episode for me.

  19. Take a shot every time someone says “fantastical”

  20. Heroquest and Advanced Heroquest, Fantasy Realms, Ethnos…..and I'm suprised Clank didn't get a mention! No idea why Tom chose some obscure card game over Clank : 0

  21. “It’s got the juice…that’s my number six.” 🤌🏻

  22. My top 5 most hated companies/orgs:
    1. Wells Fargo
    2. AT&T/Comcast
    3. Nelnet
    4. DMV
    5. Ticketmaster

  23. Going in order from strongest "fantasy" theme to weakest like they did:

    1. Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn
    2. Return to Dark Tower
    3. Gloomhaven
    4. Wildlands
    5. Aeon's End
    6. Call To Adventure
    7. Res Arcana
    8. A Game of Thrones: The Card Game
    9. Arcana Rising
    10. Abyss

  24. I think the versatility of Hero Realms should get more love. Multiplayer head to head, team against one boss, campaign, stand alone vs character progression. Races, roles, etc.

  25. Has DT ever done a mythology based top 10? Greek, Norse, Egyptian, Roman mythology etc. Could make for an interesting list 🙂

  26. Ok, so I truly believe that Star Wars is space fantasy. Space setting, fantasy everything else. With all of the space everything, there is no science. It could be magic space travel for all it is explained. They story’s are completely fantastical. Sci-fi is more than just space ships. I hate to disagree with you all. I love all you do!

  27. Is there a certain criteria to qualify as a fantasy game…asking for a friend.😀

  28. Your pure dislike of Comcast is shared by many. You are not alone my friend.

  29. Regarding the giveaway, out of curiosity, why not South America and the Middle-East?

  30. No tainted Grail? Immersive dark fantasy? Theme is so strong… 😜

  31. Lords of Waterdeep and Defenders of the Realm would be on my list.

  32. There are plenty of good picks here. A couple of my favorites are Dwellings of Eldervale and Chaos in the Old World.

  33. I'm sad I couldn't see this live because now I'm missing the discussions on numbers 10 and 9

  34. Mike absence is definitely noticeable, he has a great way to express himself and brings something unique to the reviews. That said, Camilla brings a great energy to the group.

  35. Nope. Star Wars is fantasy. There's almost no science in the SW universe. It is total fantasy. Help the maker of Star Wars even says it's fantasy.

  36. Science fiction is a cautionary tale meant to warn about the nefarious consequences of scientific advances on our society. Think of Blade Runner and the terminator warning us about the advances of AI and robotics. Star Wars was A LONG TIME AGO IN A GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY, so not our world, not our technology, not in our future. It’s closer to a classic fairy tale than to sci-fi

  37. Need the tom zee mike energy. camila is great, but maybe their synergy will get better with time. feels like there isnt a lot of crosstalk or group discussion its just kinda this is this, ok next, this is that, ok next.

  38. While I love the usual trio, I like getting to see others like Camilla share these top 10 moments. Everyone always has such great chemistry. Great list! Sounds like we really need to try Massive Darkness 2.

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