Top 10 Filler Board Games (Less Than 30 Minutes) -

Top 10 Filler Board Games (Less Than 30 Minutes)

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Top 10 Filler Board Games (Less Than 30 Minutes)

What’s wrong with a nice quick game every now and again? And one that can you wrap up in full within 30 minutes even with multiple players? Not everything has to be a giant box with 3-4 hours of content in it for one session. Well I got you covered!



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00:00 – Introduction and KIENDA Promo
01:27 – Opening Thoughts on Filler Games
03:20 – Number 10
05:32 – Number 9
08:04 – Number 8
10:30 – Number 7
12:48 – Number 6
15:16 – Number 5
17:49 – Number 4
20:42 – Number 3
23:07 – Number 2
27:05 – Number 1
30:25 – Closing Thoughts on Filler Games

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  1. Point salad is great but doesn't work with 2. Ohanami is best with 2.

  2. Someone that asks how someone can AP with 3 decisions has never seen someone AP with 2 decisions. AP players will always find a way.

  3. Your fillers are all too nice! Splendor and TtR are borrrringggg. There's one filler game anyone needs: Knizia's amazing High Society. Beyond that, For Sale, Skull, Coloretto, Werewords, and maybe even Bohnanza if you're fast.

  4. Splendor is perfectly portable – just take big enough (but still very small) configurable "screw box" (not sure how this would be properly called in English). Some people simply throw original box away and store it this way, since most of the time they play it only when they are not at their "home table", so it has to be portable.

  5. Great idea to include the teaching time as part of the criteria. 👍🏻

  6. Wait what does he mean they don't have air conditioning like Americans?? Does he live in a third world country ?

  7. I absolutely love Floriferous – easily my favorite shorter game. Like you said – gorgeous and great fun! The other one I play all the time is Enchanted Plumes – also very fun with a beautiful table presence. I like The Whatnot Cabinet as well from Pencil First. I play a lot of Solo so my choices are a bit different than yours. Thanks for the list – hope things cool down for you over there!

  8. I agree with almost everything. I'm not fan of splendor, big fan of alice's garden but both take more than 30min in most circumstances!

  9. I was convinced hanamikoji was going to be in this list 😱

  10. Great Video, I have "Conspiracy Abyss Universe" I love this game. So good to see your list and what I should go check out Thanks 🙂

  11. Great List! I don't remember hearing about Alice's Garden, I will look into that one.

    Regicide, Love Letter (Premium, Marvel or Star Wars), Tranquility, Strike, Ice Cool, Sprawlopolis, and Slide Quest work well for me.

  12. Land air & sea is the go to end of the evening game for me and my mate. It’s two payer only. From a tiny deck of cards it’s amazing the level of game play and strategy.

  13. What happened to Sushi Roll? Thought it was one of your favorites?Such a short and sweet game which everyone can play!

  14. This is a great #11 – #2 filler list. Unfortunately you missed the #1 filler game which is so in-your-face obviously Biblios.

  15. Great list Luke! Man, I couldn't agree more with filler gams being kinda underrated. If you find the right one, they tend to pack quite a punch contained in their boxes. I always find myself looking at the small box games to fill gaps between my boxes of gloomhaven and the complete mansions of madness.

  16. I've been hunting for alice's garden for at least a year!

  17. LOVED this video. Something you don't hear enough about in one big gulp…filler games. Great list, thanks so much! I really liked the look of Conspiracy: Abyss Universe but honestly, it's hard for me to justify a game in my collection that I can't solo. But I still want to play it.

  18. 6 Nimmt is still my most played filler; honorable mentions Braggart, Ramen Fury, Skull and maybe Flick of Faith which is teach and play in 30 but setup, teach and play in 30 – I think so, but it’s close!

  19. Draftsaurus
    Twice as Clever
    Dice Forge
    My favorite one is Counterfeiters

  20. now i really want to try floriferous. i also like some oink games as fillers

  21. I think I'd have to move away if I lived somewhere with no AC and a heat wave came through. Ugh. Ohanami is great and we take it on most trips. Splendor is definitely a good suggestion.

  22. Great list. I absolutely agree with your number 1. Others could be Hues and Cues, Dive, Sushi Go (Party) and Canvas. Project L would be another Polyomino game for this list.

  23. My wife and 7 year old daughter love 7 wonders architects, it's a great game.

  24. 18:23 Call me a party pooper, but I really DISLIKE the small box Ticket To Ride games. To me, they are way too short @ 15-30 minutes, that you cannot get enough done. It is very easy to over-extend yourself, because you pick too many/too long routes and you end up not having enough cars to do what you want. I feel the sweet spot would be 30-45 minutes for a shorter version of Ticket To Ride.

  25. Yes, finally, some love for Conspiracy! It's such a solid actual eurogame in a tiny box with tiny playtime!

  26. I agree with you! It is so much more fulfilling to be able to say that you played: Game 1; Game 2; Game 3; Game 4; and Game 5 at your Game Night, rather than saying that you played Twilight Imperium 😛

  27. Check out the pack o games series, they are the size of a pack of gum. I really like dig, sow and bus

  28. Good list. Conspiracy: Abyss rocks. I'd like to recommend Codex Naturalis and Shifting Stones.

  29. You're right. 30 degrees doesn't sound hot at all to us in the United States.

    30 degrees FAHRENHEIT is actually below freezing. Haha

    But I am sorry that you don't have some cool air conditioning.. climate change sneaked up on some parts of the world, right?

    Thanks for toughing it out for this video. I love meaty, LONG, heavy games. But I do love a strong filler as well.
    Sadly, my main board gaming friend is less fond of those types of games. But if it's a good game, that helps.

  30. We play 5 minute mystery, creature clash, 5 minute dungeon

  31. The crew…. What a disappointment when I play this. It took 20min but it feels like 2hour game! So boring 🥱😴

  32. one suggestion for topic: favourite game character or ”clan”

  33. Great reviews. Great depth. Love fillers. Never heard of Alice's Garden. I will now give it a go. Thx 🙂

  34. The crew is so overrated. I didn't like it a bit.

  35. top 10? rly? there is no such thing as top 10 for fillers. there are 100s of amazing games that fit in the pocket

  36. Ohanami is fantastic. I must find the Alice’s Garden game, never hear of it.

  37. I do need to try most of this list, most excitedly Point Salad. I do wish 'fillers' were talked about more, you can pack great games in these smaller experiences.

    I agree on Floriferous, but it needs more plays before I can say it surpasses Sunset Over Water for me. I do wish it had Beth Sobel on as the artist but Clementine did a great job. Alice's Garden looked interesting, but I am worried about the overall replay with the placement scoring.

    My favorites are:
    Sunset Over Water, Tussie Mussie, Whale Riders (The Card Game), Spirits of the Forest, Silver & Gold, Mint Works, Marrakech

  38. Draftosaurus and Point Salad are my go-to filler games, always fast and fun, and easy to teach and set up.
    Just One or Blank Slate and Dixit are great with the right groups, especially if nobody cares about scoring, and work well if you have people popping in and out.
    I might have to add Splendor to my list, but it is dependent on having no AP sufferers in the group.
    I wouldn't consider The Crew unless everyone is familiar with trick-taking games – for a co-op I have Forbidden Island on my list (if everyone has played before it goes fast).
    I've only just gotten Floriferous so have only played solo, but I could see it working as a filler.
    I would probably add Deep Sea Adventure for a more standard press-your-luck entry.

  39. I call the small box ticket to rides…
    Quick-it to Ride. ☺️🚂🚃🚋

  40. I enjoyed the video. However, there was a disappointment. It's because of the Japanese-style wave behind you. In the background of the painting, a pattern symbolizing Japanese imperialism, in which the red line gradually expands, is painted, and it reminds us of the atrocities of Japanese militarism in the past. You keep hanging it on the wall is akin to hanging a Nazi pattern in Germany on the wall

  41. Some of my go-to fillers: Cabo (& Silver Bullet / Amulett / Dagger), Love Letter, The Crew, Top Ten, Sushi Go, High Society, Double so Clever, Qwixx, Sprawlopolis, Kingdomino Origins, Skyjo, Gang of Four, Bahamas, Twin It, Taco Cat Bouc Cheese Pizza, Tiny Epic Galaxies

  42. Great selections, Luke – I agree, I'd rather play a variety/series of fillers as well, rather than one long game. On my list of fillers, I'd have the following (incl a few older games and excl 2P only) – High Society, Serengeti/Templari, Fantasy Realms, Hey That's My Fish, Bohnanza, Circus Flohcati, Take it Higher, That's Mine and Gargon (I'm dating myself, I know).

  43. I'd say Squire for Hire can be taught and played in 15 min, if you're quick. 😀

  44. Mandala, Condottiere, Lost Cities, Fugitive and Tsuro are great Fillers – all can be done within 20 mins. Mandala is such a super fun filled game with great art work. All are perfectly portable (except Tsuro)… Eagerly awaiting Splendor Duel

  45. As much as I love The Crew (my favorite game in the year it was released), I would not put it in a filler list because every time I play it, I can't stop playing it, so it's like "ok one more game!", and we end up playing it for 2 hours! 😅
    I would not be satisfied to play this for only 15-30min…
    Perfect "filler" for me is a game that I know I will only play for max 15-30min.
    With casual players (non boardgamers), Bandido or Silver and Gold are my go to. With boardgamers, I bet Scout will be the next hit when the preorder arrives!

  46. None of the "splendor killers" are better than splendor. Full stop

  47. I'm likely still wearing a cardigan at 30C. But I reckon I would hate your winters. Anything below 20C is too cold. Sweet spot is 27-32 imo

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