Top 10 Games at Essen 2023 -

Top 10 Games at Essen 2023

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Its time for another top 10 list!

Essen 2023 is right around the corner and David and Ryan are about to break down their top 10 (or so!) picks for what you should be looking for at or around Essen!

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Hosted by David & Ryan


  1. You get a thumbs down for spinning things i need to look at. Pan, zoom ok, rotate makes me want to barf.

  2. What’s the orange box to the far bottom right? They are blocking the title… something "ceiros”

  3. I'm also looking forward to checking out Evenfall at the show, Portals is another one that looks really interesting.

  4. Yes! To almost all those games. Except the Ark Nova expansion; the shine on that game wore off for me. I also didn't love Cascadia. But overall great picks!

  5. Time and name stamps please. Many of these games suck so just let us peruse stamp to stamp

  6. 0:38 hmm, what game has a purple tiles and features mechanisms about "music and building effects"… hmm….

  7. Could you ask Jeremy to bring me back Dracula vs Van Helsing, Rebel Princess, and The Vale of Eternity??

  8. Pili: The new challengers is one I am most intrigued by. It's a resource mgmt game that has a 2nd phase with a new board and skirmish fight. Sounds awesome for a kung fu game.

    I wish lists that YTers are preparing would be more creative. The biggest titles (the one with highest investment in advertising) already get a ton of exposure. I am more about the hidden gems.

  9. Already have Nucleum, Kutna Hora, Rats of Wistar, Pirates of Maracaibo and Planta Nubo pre-ordered for Essen (and all the mentioned expansions aside from the Concordia one, but seeing as it sounds like more than just a new map, I might pick that one up now) and will definitely grab Evacuation. Just a week to go now, so excited! Been 5 years since my last Essen trip (my group and I planned to just take a break for 2019…)

  10. Many thanks for the informative video guys!

    I have been playing games for a few years now and most of the new big euros that come out each year are definitely good games 7-8/10. But…
    I do think that this is mainly due to their increased complexity ie rules upon rules and combination of more than one mechanisms, they do come short though in depth, ie the thinking process the player needs to apply to solve the puzzle apart from memorising the different resource management ways.
    What are your thoughts?

  11. Top 5 Essen releases (all already pre-ordered through online retailers):

    5. Ark Nova: Marine Worlds
    4. Amritsar: The Golden Temple
    3. Sky Team
    2. The White Castle
    1. Nucleum

    But you guys have put some other intriguing ones on my radar like Kutna Hora and Evenfall. Great video and list! Also, Ryan, really enjoyed your appearance on the BGG podcast! Loved the love for Weather Machine and Barcelona. Seeing how our tastes aligned on those games has definitely made me more inclined to come check out the Man vs Meeple channel.

  12. My wallet is thrilled that so many new games have artwork and themes that do not speak to me at all.
    Evacuation and Everfall on the other hand, oh my!

  13. That jekyl hyde game is not available at Essen 😢 I emailed mandoo games and… won't be there.

  14. TY for the video! We are part of the players who play expert games but in quality not in quantity. We don't like to buy many games but prefer to play a lot of time the games we prefer! So there are many games we don't like and don't buy, even if "famous" (like Ark Nova and many others). So this kind of video is very useful to help us find the very next "once-a-year" big expert game we are gonna love! TY & Keep the faith!

  15. I have looked at a lot of Essen preview posts and videos and this is one of the best. A lot of insight into good games and reasons why we want these games. Thanks!

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