Top 10 games I played in October! | Monthly Board Game Wrap Up -

Top 10 games I played in October! | Monthly Board Game Wrap Up

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Hey friends! Welcome back to another monthly board game wrap up! Today we are chatting about all the games I played in October, my monthly stats, as well as my top 10 favourite games of the month! I hope you all enjoy and be sure to leave a comment down below with some of your October favs!

00:00 intro
01:25 monthly board game stats
07:20 #10
09:28 #9
11:47 #8
13:31 #7
16:26 #6
18:04 #5
20:49 #4
24:08 #3
28:18 #2
31:29 #1
35:09 outro

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  1. Have you ever played Mission Red Planet or BREW?

  2. Bummer – this board game garden show is hosted by a gross weed.

  3. The Bloody Inn is SO GOOD! I'm so glad you got to play it, and hope you're able to track down a copy soon. If you find yourself in a position to pick up The Carnies expansion, definitely grab that, too; took me a couple years waiting for a reprint run to pick up a copy of that to go with my base game.

  4. Is the Wolves in alpha? I don't see it on BGA.

  5. Glad to see The White Castle and Barcelona up there at the top of your list. How appropriate it is all the 'trick' taking games you played in October…he he. I really like this series!

  6. I believe all Solo players agree that the AI for The White Castle is unbalanced 😩 I do enjoy the mechanics and will continue to play it at 2-3 player count. The bloody Inn is so good. I really want to try Furnace so bad. But the the expansion the makes it Solo playable, is almost expensive as the base game!

  7. So many games! Is The Wolves in alpha on BGA? I haven't seen it yet! I played it physically once, it's suuuch a beautiful game! It would be cool to play it again on BGA.

  8. How does Furnace compare with Nocturne, for you?!

  9. Thanks for your video, it's always a pleasure to listen to.
    My favorites in October: Septima, Woodcraft, Ready Set Bet and 5 Towers. My dislike: Challengers – I don’t understand the hype.

  10. 🌚🎃🌚 what was the first game u ever played, my first game was Cluedo and it’s my favourite movie 🥶🌝🥶

  11. Barcelona is an AMAZING game! I've only played it solo twice and I enjoy it immensely. I don't feel like the solo opponent (Gaudi) is too difficult to manage. And Paul Grogan has an excellent solo playthrough if you want to watch that to help better familiarize yourself with the way the solo opponent works. And my copy of White Castle is out for delivery today! Along with two of my other Essen release pre-orders: Amritsar: The Golden Temple and Sky Team.

    My top 3 for October would be:
    3. Lost Ruins of Arnak
    2. Barcelona
    1. 3 Ring Circus

  12. Shamanz is a great game but there is one problem when you're playing the "full" game (points over several rounds) : you may be incentive to make your current side loose so YOU (as an individual) can win later. It does add something fun but still fells a bit weird.

  13. Nice video, as usual 🙂

    The Furnace expansion has an official solo, and the base has an easy, unofficial solo. Do you play with the variant where you can't move cards as you place them? I much prefer this as it helps cut down on AP.

    Also, there is an official Enchanted Plumes solo, but it wasn't published.

  14. Hello my friend! I’m sure there’s more for me to comment on, but as your bird-loving friend, I want to say I love Enchanted Plumes and so glad that you have played it. The solo mode is actually made by the designer Brendan on BGG and I think it’s very clean. You would enjoy.

  15. Barcelona is also my favourite game of October!! Nice video keep up the good work 😊

  16. Yeah played no games in October because I got sick. I have a question, for me their a several times were games take longer then my group has time, and I need to leave them out for the next day or week. For your stats would this still be one play, or two plays because you played it on two different days even though you only played the game once.

  17. I've seen similar feedback on White Castle solo — where the automata gets really high scores. It just unbalanced. My copy is coming soon, but still looking forward to playing solo.

  18. I only played 4 new games in October, and one of those was only solo, so my top 3 new multiplayer games for October were Deep Dive, Leaf, and Wir Sind Das Volk. The solo game was Apiary, and that was my favorite of them all by far, and I finally got to play it multiplayer this past weekend, which was super fun.

  19. 27:46 Yes, I can vouch for you on this one – on your #3 game! The card play is really fun! (However, picking the card you want to play each round is a slow process, especially for someone like me, who: A) Is a slow reader; and B) Is very analytical, so I need to read EACH card – to determine which one makes the MOST sense – and this can lead to a lot of AP.
    Also, the other thing I like about the game is moving around the map – and doing stuff… I like the synergy between your card play and going places to do stuff on the map! 😀

  20. I just bought the expansion for Furnace, I haven’t tried it yet but it has a solo mode and can now play up to five players.

  21. I'm so excited for Barcelona🤩 My copy is arriving this week. I pre-ordered it months ago and it was delayed so many times because of the translation, but I'm finally getting it😊 According to playing board games this month was not so good, we usually play board games on Friday, but we play Horrified and Trekking through history. I also tried both of them solo, and I really enjoyed that as well😊

  22. Furnace is great and it has fun variations to play it.

  23. October was a very slow gaming month for me. Didn't get many plays in at all, but I was able to get Cubitos and Tiny Epic Zombies off my Shelf of Shame. Enjoyed them both quite a bit.

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